Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 1387 - Four Sacred Creatures Battle Formation

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Bai Wuya was frowning as well. The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor actually used this method, he clearly came prepared. Each of these immortal kings had a different cultivation base, but the positions the four groups were standing at, was clearly in the form of a battle formation.

“They are able to use combination-formations as well.” Bai Wuya spoke in a low voice. Undoubtedly, such a formation will be able to boost their attacking prowess. With 36 immortal kings grouped together, each in one of the four directions, the attacking might would be inconceivably immense. If individual immortal kings were to directly defend against it, for those of the same level, they would only find themselves being slaughtered. Unless of course, their cultivation base was a whole level higher in comparison.

“Saint Lord, we also have a combination-formation technique.” Some of the experts of the Battle Saint Tribe sent a voice transmission to Qin Wentian, their words causing Qin Wentian’s eyes to flicker. He then sent a voice transmission back to Qi Yu, “How many people do you need in your combination-formation?”

“We have a 9 person, 36 person, and even an 81 person battle formation. But this is purely a combination formation made for people of my tribe. Others wouldn’t be able to join in.” Qi Yu explained.

“In that case, fine. Let the 36 of you group into a formation and deal with their Sky Dipper Regiment in one of the directions.” Qin Wentian replied. Although he could split the 36 people up into four groups of nine to a formation, it’s evident that a 9-people formation would clearly be much weaker. If he split them into the four different battlefields, there’s no way he can guarantee that their side would be able to gain victory. In addition, if they lost, the members of the Battle Saint Tribe might even die.”

Qin Wentian, as the Saint Lord of the Battle Saint Tribe, he had a responsibility to these people who willingly chose to follow him. By grouping them into a single formation of 36 people, he was able to guarantee victory in one of the directions.

“We will group into a formation and deal with the enemy in one of the directions.” Qi Yu who was masked, gave a command. The other 35 members of the Battle Saint Tribe were wearing masks as well, with the picture of demonic apes on it. There was no way to differentiate who was who but Qin Wentian also didn’t need others to clearly recognize the Battle Saint Tribe.

“Right, you all will deal with the enemies in that direction.” Bai Wuya pointed to the east. Their opponents there were the ones whose average cultivation bases were the highest, and posed of the most difficulty to deal with. Bai Wuya highly regarded the people Qin Wentian brought with him, he believed that they would be able to obtain victory.

At the same time, Bai Wuya assembled three other groups. Each group had elites in them and the leaders of the groups all had masks on. Clearly, they were people from the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

Bai Wuya’s expression was heavy. The battle had started. The Eastern Sage Immortal Sect was truly prepared extremely well for this, and there were also experts from the other major powers within their ranks. A total of 144 elite immortal kings, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect alone might not be able to produce such numbers.

Very swiftly, the 36 experts of the Battle Saint Tribe encountered one of the Eastern Sage’s regiments. They all then stood in unique positions while releasing their law domains. Because the techniques they cultivated in were similar, their law domains were similar as well. When the 36 of them stood together, their individual strength formed a resonance with each other as startling light erupted forth, causing intense waves of battle might to permeate the area, capable of destroying everything.

Their enemy’s formation was a battle formation named the Azure Dragon Battle Formation. Their aura was extremely vast and the form of a true dragon appeared in the air, wanting to rip apart this entire space.

“RUMBLE~” Fearsome might erupted forth as the immortal kings in the formation all poured their energy into the true dragon manifestation, causing it to turn even more corporeal. Its majestic head, its shining dragon claws, its dragon scales gleaming with a brilliant light…all these were sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of people.

However, at almost the same time, a divine ape manifested from the combat formation of the Battle Saint Tribe. Numerous smaller divine apes joined together, forming a gigantic one. It exuded a sense of violence and brutality, resembling a battle god.

For the other three battlefields, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect had the Vermillion Bird Battle Formation, the White Tiger Formation and the Xuanwu Turtle Formation.

In the area where the vermillion bird formation was, the entire temperature in the area was scorchingly high. When the manifestation formed, the pair of vibrant red wings caused waves of heat to gush forward to those experts of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect.

For the White Tiger Battle Formation, a white tiger manifested, its baleful qi towering up into the sky. It was like a king of slaughter and exuded an intense killing aura.

For the Xuanwu Turtle Battle Formation, the divine turtle shell created an iron fortress that was almost impenetrable.

This particular set of battle formations are known as the four sacred creatures battle formations. Azure dragon, White tiger, Vermillion bird and Xuanwu turtle. Each in one direction, their combined might can be considered boundless and this was one of the most tyrannical combination formations of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. It would be the sharpest weapon, created to pierce the heart of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect.

Even the chessboard manifested into the air. In the four directions, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s pieces were finally in formation, and was slaughtering their way to the side of the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord.

The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord steadily placed down a piece, deciding to use the tyrannical method of force against force, moving against the Azure Dragon Battle Formation.

“Do you think you can break my formation?” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor laughed coldly. He didn’t even glance below and gave his full focus to the chessboard. After placing down one more piece, all four battle formations below started to act.

“It’s a taboo being too full of yourself.” The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord laughed.

Down below, the roars of the Azure dragon could be heard as it lunged towards the experts from the Battle Saint Tribe, the intensity shaking heaven and earth.

However, the divine ape was also roaring back to exert dominance. The two blasts of sound waves clashed in the air, causing the space nearby to rumble. Upon facing the incoming dragon claw, the divine ape lifted its gigantic palm and slammed out. With a thunderous boom, boundless battle saint light gushed forth, transforming into boundless battle saint might.

“RUMBLE!” A fearsome collision resounded out as the dragon claw shattered. The chess piece in the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s hand hadn’t fully landed on the chessboard and he suddenly frowned, finally glancing below.

He only saw 36 beams of light fusing together from the Battle Saint Tribe’s formation. At this moment, an overwhelming pressure crushed down on everything, wanting to cause the Azure dragon to collapse. A moment later, under that indomitable pressure, the Azure dragon’s body shattered bit by bit and the 36 immortal kings in the Azure dragon formation all coughed out blood.

“ROAR!” The divine ape howled, as a giant palm smashed down from the sky. Those enemy immortal kings all had unsightly expressions, they completely had no time to reform a new formation and could only retreat hurriedly, preparing to flee from the battlefield.

The speed of the gigantic palm was extremely ferocious, killing over ten immortal kings in an instant. This was simply complete dominance.

“ROAR!” Another howl filled the air. The divine ape stepped forth, causing the earth to quake. Both its palms once again smashed out, rumbling the surrounding space. Those fleeing figures felt their bodies trembling intensely as a wave of destructive might washed over them.

A moment later, a heaven-blotting palm imprint grabbed towards the fleeing immortal kings.

All of them had ugly looks as they unleashed their most powerful attacks in order to escape. However, without the augmentation effect of the battle formation, how could they withstand it? They were simply ants trying to shake a tree and were destroyed directly. It was useless even when they took out their divine weapons. In fact, there were even several immortal weapons damaged from the impact of the divine ape’s attacks.

The immortal kings of the Azure dragon formation died one after another. In just a few breaths of time, all 36 of time had fallen.

These 36 were all immortal kings, the backbone of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. However, in just a few short seconds, all of them were already wiped out.

The expression on the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor turned gloomy as he asked, “Who are these experts? Which major power are they from?”

“I have no idea.” The Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord laughed. However, at this moment, a subordinate below called out, “Your Majesty, these people are very similar to the immortal-foundation characters around Qin Wentian. They seem to be skilled in the same type of techniques, and have followed Qin Wentian into the sacred academy back then.”

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor rarely paid any attention to immortal-foundation characters but there were still people in the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect who did so. When the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor heard this, his eyes suddenly gleamed with redness.

“Qin Wentian!” The eyes of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor flashed with a terrifying killing intent. The 36 immortal kings actually didn’t even have a chance to flee and were all slaughtered. Even for an immortal emperor character like him, he still felt pain in his heart.

But since they have already died, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor could only depend on the other three battles. For the vermillion bird battlefield, his men had achieved absolute suppression towards their opponents and already killed several immortal kings of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. The people of the vermillion bird battle formation were all immortal kings proficient in fire-attributed energy. By pooling their energies and forming vermillion bird flames, it was enough to destroy their opponents.

The Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect’s forces were no match, and after suffering heavy casualties, they hurriedly retreated.

Turning his gaze around, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor glanced at the battlefield where the White Tiger Battle Formation was deployed. The manifestation of the white tiger was like a god of slaughter. The 36 immortal kings within the formation were all proficient in brutal killing techniques and under the stacking of their strength, this white tiger formation was extremely terrifying to fight against.

However, for this battlefield, there were actually quite a few powerful characters from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. Although they were at a disadvantage, none of them was killed.

The attacks from the white tiger grew even more ferocious as the immortal kings poured in all their energy. Baleful qi swept over everything and at this very moment, a person within the White Tiger Battle Formation suddenly slashed out with his sword, his killing intent engulfing everything around him.

“Chi, chi, chi…” Bursts of sword might ravaged his surroundings as fresh blood splattered about.

“IMPUDENT!” The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor coldly roared, his expression extremely ugly to behold. This immortal king was actually killing his own allies. Those who formed the White Tiger Formation naturally wouldn’t defend against someone in the same formation as them.

Such a powerful strike under such a tense situation was naturally critical. Instantly, four immortal kings from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect were killed and several others were injured. The power of the White Tiger Formation instantly dwindled and before everyone could react, that expert who killed their members had already flown out on a flying sword while the other immortal kings from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect rushed out to attack them!

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