Am I A God?

Chapter 889 - Adoption and Completion

Chapter 889: Adoption and Completion

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The moment Matcha crawled onto the bed, he saw Yellow Mud lying on it and an orange little kitten sleeping soundly sprawled all over a small cupboard box on the other side.

Upon seeing Matcha appear, it seems as though several black dots went past Yellow Mud’s head. He looked at the fur Matcha was wearing and thought to himself: “What is this guy doing?”

Matcha went up to the little orange kitten, he first sniffed around, then tried to listen to it and felt that nothing is wrong. He turned around to ask Yellow Mud, “Yellow Mud, is he alright?”

Yellow Mud answered, “Eat and sleep, then sleep and eat. What can be wrong? Anyway, how is this kitten related to you?” He looked at Matcha with a face of suspicion and said, “He looks a bit like you.”

Matcha’s body stiffened up as he immediately said, “What are you talking about? All cats look alike. There’s no such thing as alike or not. I picked this cat up!”

Yellow Mud looked at Matcha with a face of suspicion and thought, “Is this cat be related to Matcha again?”

At this moment, the little orange kitten in the cardboard box woke up, opened his mouth, and started to whine. He had yet to open his eyes and was unable to see anything but only picked up on Matcha’s scent and felt an unexplainable sense of familiarity.

Matcha felt complicated looked at the whining little orange kitten.

These few days he already knew about Doomsday from Ares and Fish Ball.

“Damn it. I can’t believe it is a bloody super power!” Matcha got angrier and angrier at the thought. Why did he even do so many things for? If he knew earlier, he would have told Zhao Yao earlier, let him help to think of solutions and all of this would not have happened.

Now that the little cat was born, what should he do next?

Matcha thought, “It’s just my clone after all. Why should I care about him? I should just simply throw it out.”

Yellow Mud said, “Haiz, without an adult cat to look after them. This kind of little kitten if will only die outside.”

“Ah?” Matcha exclaimed. “That can’t be? I remember when I was mingling on the streets last time. I was well fed and there wasn’t any danger as well.”

Yellow Mud rolled his eyes and thought, “All you knew how to do was wait for me to do the job. I had to go on the streets everyday to look for you. Of course it was fine.”

However, Yellow Mud was embarrassed to say it so he just explained, “You were lucky. The streets are not easy to survive. As a stray cat, the first problem you face is the shortage of food, whatever is available has to be eaten. Even if it is not meant for cats and can result in diarrhea or poisoning.

There is no doctor to treat you, no place for you to rest. Once you have diarrhea or sickness, if it up to your luck whether you can survive.”

Yellow Mud sighed, “Plus a stray cat at his age, without any capabilities, will be bullied by other stray cats, let alone stray cats… I don’t even know how many cases of kittens being eaten up by rats I have seen.

The worst is to meet humans that torture cats. Anything can happen. To be a stray cat is really very miserable.

An ordinary stray cat without wisdom only has an average life span of three to five years. This little kitten has yet to be identified whether he is a supercat. In case he is not, the more miserable it gets.”

While he was saying, Yellow Mud started to smile again. “But fortunately, there is Matcha to take care of him. It will be alright.”

Matcha smiled guiltily and looked at the little cat who had his eyes closed and was sniffing in his direction. He thought. “It seems really miserable to throw him out. Why not hand him over to another person to look after him?”

The little kitten stumbled towards Matcha, hit Matcha on his stomach, and arched towards it.

Yellow Mud said, “Matcha, he seems to really like you. Do you want to give him a name?”

“No,” Matcha said. “I have thought about it, with only two of us, it will be impossible to always take care of him. I have decided to give him away to someone else.”

“Ah?” Yellow Mud said disappointedly. “Then who do we give him to?”

Matcha narrowed his eyes and said, “I still need to confirm this.” While speaking he looked at Yellow Mud and continued, “Yellow Mud, for the next two days I’ll have to trouble you to help me take care of this little kitten. I’ll immediately look for his next home.”

Matcha immediately took off his disguise after he left the area, quietly snuck back into Cat Wonderland and thought, “The first candidate will be Zhao Yao, right? If Zhao Yao takes in the little kitten, I still can see him around anytime.”

Therefore, the moment Matcha returned, he went to wait at Zhao Yao’s office. Zhao Yao finally returned in a hurry after two hours of waiting.

Zhao Yao looked at Matcha and said, “Matcha, your performance is not very good these days. There is a cat that reported you for loafing on the job frequently, is that true?”

“Who went to report me?” Matcha expressed the hatred in his mind and immediately said to Zhao Yao, “Zhao Yao, Zhao Yao, I went onto the streets to promote the courses in our school, not to take a break!”

While speaking, Matcha climbed onto Zhao Yao’s shoulder, rubbed his face against Zhao Yao’s and tried to climb onto Zhao Yao’s chest.

“Zhao Yao, Zhao Yao, while you weren’t here I was very diligent. I am even the first in promoting our school’s courses in month!”

While Matcha was speaking, he tried to crawl into Zhao Yao’s clothes. When he was just about to climb in, he saw Sheriff peek out his head, smiling awkwardly at him, and said, “Hello, Matcha.”

Matcha said unhappily, “Why are you here?”

Sheriff said laughingly. “Why can’t I be here? I have been here these few days collecting meteorite fragments together with Zhao Yao.”

The next moment, Anthony and Divination both peeked out their heads, looked at Matcha and said, “We are here too.”

“These few days were so tiring.”

“But finally the collection is completed.”

Zhao Yao patted their heads and said, “I’ll treat you guys to a big meal for the hard work.”

Looking at Zhao Yao and the three other cats living harmoniously, Matcha pouted, jumped down from Zhao Yao onto the floor and shouted, “I’m leaving!”

Zhao Yao replied, “Close the door.”

Matcha walked out with angry steps but found out that Zhao Yao did not call him back. He pushed open the door angrily while saying, “They are eating good food. Hope they die from eating.”

Leaving the office, he fished out his phone angrily and crossed out Zhao Yao’s name on it.

“Unreliable guy. Bringing stray cats home everyday, how can the little kitten be trusted with you.”

“Zhao Yao! Out!” Matcha looked at the next name on the list and said, “Next, I shall see if Bai Quan can make it.”

In the office, Zhao Yao took out two cans of food from the drawer and placed it in front of Sheriff, Anthony, and Merlin, saying, “I forgot to restock the food in the office. There are only two cans left. The three of you will have to make do with it.”

Three of the cats looked at the cans speechlessly and thought silently, “This is the big meal?”

Meanwhile, Zhao Yao looked at his tasks list excitedly. The collection of Meteorite Fragments had already reached 100%, he not only received several skill points but could also choose to be completed and launch the evolution module.

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