A Valiant Life

Chapter 974 - I’m really innocent

Chapter 974: I’m really innocent

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Lin Fan’s gaze shifted. He saw Elder Wang sitting there, listening attentively as if he was afraid that he would lose out if he missed out on anything.

Lin Fan felt helpless. A grown man actually still believed in this kind of thing.

Teacher Zhou explained a bunch of theories. Lin Fan didn’t really understand but he realized that these members were really listening with keen interest. Some of them were even writing notes in their notebooks. It was as if they fully understood what she was saying.

Could it be that my IQ is low? Lin Fan was surprised. Other people were so immersed in listening while he still couldn’t understand anything.

“Now, let me recommend a few items that will increase the effectiveness of absorbing mysterious elements,” said Teacher Zhou. Then, she gestured to the assistant to bring the items up.

The first was a flower vase only as big as a palm.

Teacher Zhou explained, “According to scientific theories, this flower vase has a very mystical function of affecting the magnetic fields around it. It can change the magnetic fields around your body. However, its effectiveness is still rather low. Students who have attended two classes can buy it.”

“As for the price, we’ll talk about it later on.”

Then, she took out a Buddha amulet necklace. This Teacher Zhou started to hype it up again and she was exceptional at doing it. This necklace required one to have attended ten lessons in order to buy it.

And the price would be revealed later on as well.

To Lin Fan, these people’s schemes were way too deep.

They were so deep that it was scary.


In a sedan, a middle-aged man with spectacles was seated at the back. The driver at the front handed him a cigarette. “Teacher Ma, it’ll be your turn to lecture soon. I hope that you will be able to make those people become more absorbed in this.”

Teacher Ma lit up the cigarette. Then, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve been doing this for so many years, how could I slip up?”

“Of course you won’t. Teacher Ma has cooperated with us for so long and you’ve managed to shock every crowd.” The driver was sucking up to him. Then, he received a message on his phone. “Teacher Ma, it’s time. You can go up now.”

“Mmm. Wait a while for me to finish this cigarette. Tell those members to wait. If they want to learn the real stuff, they’ll have to wait.” Teacher Ma casually smoked his cigarette. After finishing, he opened the car door and headed inside the hotel.

On site.

The place had gone into a maniacal state again.

The members were following Teacher Zhou and doing some rather difficult actions. For example, taking deep breaths and absorbing the mysterious elements into their bodies.

“Hold your breaths. Can you feel the anxiety in your spirit?”

“Now, start to take in deep breaths. Big breaths. Use all your strength to breathe as deeply as possible. Do you feel the icy sensation in your body? Your spirit has completely relaxed.”

“That’s right. That’s it. That’s because I’ve already made it so that you can easily absorb the mysterious elements. When your spirit completely relaxes, close your eyes and normalize your breathing. Do you feel that a blurred image has appeared in your mind?”

When Lin Fan heard these and looked at the surrounding members, he was stupefied.

Are these people stupid? Anyone would feel these things if they did this.

Soon after, Teacher Zhou said, “Alright, the first lesson ends here. Let us invite Teacher Ma into the room.

At that moment, the members simultaneously looked over at the door as if they were anticipating something.

They already knew that in the afternoon lesson, a teacher would be coming. This was a true teacher who would be able to teach them even more useful knowledge.


The door was pushed open.

Teacher Ma entered. Under Teacher Zhou’s lead, the members started clapping in a frenzy.

“Let’s invite Teacher Ma forward. I’ll be doing a brief introduction of Teacher Ma. He’s a first-class Chinese medicine master from the Chinese Medicine Association. He’s also the Vice-Chairman of the Health Association. More importantly, he is the founder of the Ma Family Breathing Technique…”

After listing a bunch of titles, the members were all dumbfounded. They only felt one thing, which was that this Teacher Ma was really amazing.

Lin Fan looked at the person who had just come in and was a little doubtful. Then, he took out his phone and did a search.

With one look, he was impressed. It turned out that this person was really a veteran. On the Internet, he had many teaching videos. Lin Fan compared the person on his phone to the person in the room and they were indeed the same person. This guy was also really on the name list of the Chinese Medical Association.

“Hello, students,” Teacher Ma said calmly as he stood there.

“Hello, Teacher Ma,” the members replied simultaneously.

Teacher Ma was very pleased with this situation. This was what real students should be like.

“Today, I’m going to talk about the theory of the existence of mysterious elements and the kind of mystical sensation that you should feel when you absorb them.”

“I think everyone has heard about the five elements of the body: Gold, wood, water, fire, and ground. In Chinese medicine, these really exist. Amongst them, the gold refers to real gold and silver, which means fortune. Fortune is everywhere, but where exactly is it? Actually, it is within the mysterious elements. As long as you can absorb these elements effectively, you would possess fortune. When that happens, become millionaires or billionaires will be possible.”

“For example, you all know about the current boss of Yang Tai Insurance Company, right? Perhaps some people may not know, so let me tell you. He’s a senior disciple of yours. He used to be very poor but after he absorbed the mysterious elements around him, he accumulated large amounts of gold energy. That’s how he managed to create such a huge business. Of course, your abilities are not there yet. But with hard work, you will also become like him someday.”

The members’ hearts had started thumping furiously. They hadn’t thought that the boss of Yang Tai Insurance Company had such a backstory.

At that moment, Teacher Ma continued his bragging again, “I’m a first-class master from the Chinese Medical Association. And you all know about Master Lin who has been very popular on the Internet recently, right? He’s from the association too. I once went to have tea with Master Lin and we were chatting about this. He kept on praising this method, saying that whoever thought of this technique must be a genius.”

“He even continued to probe me about this spiritual breathing technique…” Teacher Ma was speaking expressively as if it had really happened.

Looking at all those eager faces below the stage, he felt as if he had taken over the world.

But suddenly, he realized that a certain face was very eye-catching. It kept drawing his attention. When he took a look, his heart started racing.

Lin Fan was standing there as he kept nodding profusely as if to tell Teacher Mu to carry on and that he was speaking very well.

Ma You Min was a member of the Chinese Medical Association. Naturally, he recognized the most famous member of the association, Master Lin. He had always faced obstacles in his profession and hadn’t been able to progress, so he resorted to scamming people with such tricks.

But at that moment, when he saw Master Lin, he suddenly panicked.

In his view, Master Lin kept smiling at him and even nodded at him as if to say ‘Your speech is brilliant. Carry on, I’m listening.’


He started to stutter with his speech.

Teacher Zhou was a little confused as she looked at Ma You Min. What’s going on? You’ve said this speech countless times, how could you stutter?

Then, something that left Teacher Zhou dumbfounded happened.

Ma You Min suddenly changed the direction of his speech. “My dear students, what I’ve just said are all nonsense. Mysterious elements do not exist. We were just scamming you of your money. I, Ma You Min has lied to people for so many years and my heart has been tormented. I do not wish to trick you anymore. This flower vase or whatever is only worth ten dollars. We lied to you. Don’t believe us.”

Teacher Zhou lost her mind when she heard this. “Teacher Ma, what nonsense are you spouting?”

Ma You Min didn’t bother about her. He pointed at her and said, “She’s the mastermind behind this. Every time she invites me over, she says that I get twenty percent of the profits from what I trick you all into buying. This isn’t my fault.”

The members were all stupefied. They felt as if they had misheard him.

Teacher Zhou yelled sharply, “He’s gone mad. Hurry up and kick him out!”

Ma You Min immediately stepped off the stage and went in front of Lin Fan. he said respectfully, “Master Lin, I’m really innocent…”

“Master Lin?”

When the crowd heard this, they all turned over and stared at the person who was standing there.

Elder Wang was even more shocked. “Little Boss, when did you come here?”

Lin Fan said, “Carry on. I feel like your speech was pretty good. The police are outside, waiting for you.”


When Ma You Min heard that, he instantly collapsed to the ground in terror.

That Teacher Zhou panicked as well as she scurried to the door. But when she pushed the door open, she realized that the outside was filled with police officers.

Liu Xiao Tian had been eavesdropping the whole time. Then, he looked at Teacher Zhou and said, “The things you say are really unbelievable. I can’t even understand it. Follow us back to the station and explain to us slowly.”

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