A Valiant Life

Chapter 865 - I assure you I won't run away

Chapter 865: I assure you I won’t run away

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At Cloud Street!

Lin Fan was observing the situation on Weibo and he felt really helpless. Each time something minor happened, it would always become something major. It made him really depressed.

He just wanted a quiet and happy life. Why did he become so famous?

Ding ding!

Wang Ming Yang called again. He probably read the news. When Lin Fan picked up, Wang Ming Yang started shouting.

“D*mn, bro, you’re playing with higher stakes.” Wang Ming Yang was speechless. He was in disbelief after reading the news on Weibo.

She was so badly burned that nobody believed that she regained her looks in just one hour.

Even the ghosts wouldn’t believe it.

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a small problem. Why? Are you going to ask if it’s true after reading the unbelievable news?” Lin Fan smiled and asked.

He knew how impactful the matter was. However, he wasn’t afraid since he felt that he was really awesome and did something law-defying. It really was something to him.

Wang Ming Yang helplessly cursed, “Aren’t you talking rubbish? If I were to believe it, I wouldn’t have called you. What did you put in the medicinal pills? Quick, let’s collaborate. I’m going to be the richest man in the world.”

“You can continue dreaming about becoming the richest man in the word. The medicinal pill is extremely difficult to craft. What do you think it is? Some sort of cabbage?” Lin Fan didn’t want to be involved in the interests of other things.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Wang Ming Yang. If he were to collaborate with Wang Ming Yang, other interests would definitely be involved.

Although he wasn’t afraid, he didn’t want to be collecting Wang Ming Yang’s corpse one day.

If they really succeeded, who knew what horrible things might happen?

In view of Wang Ming Yang’s safety, he had to forget about it.

Wang Ming Yang said, “Bro, let me tell you the truth. You should go out for a holiday or something. I feel like you’d become unstable later. This time, I’m afraid a lot of people would come and look for you.

Lin Fan was stunned, “Don’t scare me, I hate it when people come to disturb me.”

“Haha, I’m not scaring you. If you don’t believe me, continue staying in the shop. You’ll have a headache. I think you don’t know the value of this medicinal pill,” Wang Ming Yang said.

This time, he started to consider going out for a holiday as it seemed like a good choice. He could stop making scallion pancakes every day and could see the beautiful sceneries.

It was a decent suggestion.

“Ming Yang, I think your suggestion is decent. I’ll hang up now. I have to consider it.” Lin Fan didn’t want to talk anymore. He felt that Wang Ming Yang’s suggestion was indeed a good one.

He was getting a little emotional as he thought about it.

When he hung up the phone, he realized that something was wrong.

Fraud Tian glared at him and it was really weird. It was as if he wanted to eat him up.

“Why are you looking at me?” Lin Fan asked.

Fraud Tian replied, “Are you going to leave again?”

Lin Fan immediately looked away and said calmly, “I’m thinking of it but I still have to consider other things.”

Fraud Tian got emotional. He immediately pleaded, “Bro, I’m begging you. Please don’t leave suddenly again. You should know the current situation. There are really a lot of townsfolk trying to buy scallion pancakes. If you were to run away, I really can’t handle it.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t run away,” Lin Fan immediately consoled him. He was afraid that Fraud Tian would end up doing something silly.

“Really?” Fraud Tian trusted Lin Fan a lot and at the moment, it seemed like he couldn’t trust him at all.

“Yeah,” Lin Fan said firmly. He didn’t want to continue talking about this with Fraud Tian. However, as he thought about it, he started to regret. Why did he even decide to sell scallion pancakes? Now that the shop is doing so well, it was difficult to handle the situation.”

Sigh, it was his biggest regret ever.

He shouldn’t have sold scallion pancakes.

Fraud Tian initially didn’t want to believe Lin Fan. But as he saw Lin Fan’s firm expressions, he started to believe him.

“Alright, I trust you.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan nodded. It looked like he still was a trustworthy man after all.

Wu You Lan had been scrolling through Weibo. She was really happy when she read the compliments that Brother Lin was getting. In her eyes, Brother Lin was the best.

When the news broke out.

A lot of investment firms in the country started to look at opportunities in Shanghai.

They knew about Master Lin. After all, he was really popular on Weibo and everyone knew who he was. However, they only knew him as a celebrity. They felt that he wasn’t worth being invested in.

They didn’t have to think about the scallion pancakes either.

They studied the composition of the scallion pancakes and used a lot of high-tech analysis. However, they couldn’t figure out what exactly made these scallion pancakes so delicious.

In the end, they just gave up on it.

If not, they would have started to mass produce these scallion pancakes.

However, things were different now.

A medicinal pill that could cure a severely burned patient and regain her looks. This interested them a lot.

If they could collaborate with him and mass produce the medicinal pills, the amount of wealth they would get was unimaginable.

Furthermore, if they could study the pills and improvise to make other pills, they could make another pot of gold.

Therefore, a lot of investment firms and medical companies started to make their way to Shanghai.

They wanted to discuss with Master Lin about the medicinal pills and start production.

Wang Ming Yang had foreseen it happening. It was impossible for him not to attract any attention. After those news reports, it was bound to create a huge uproar.

Wu Yun Gang called from Beijing.

“Ming Yang, are Master Lin’s medicinal pills really so magical?” Wu Yun Gang asked ecstatically.

“I don’t know but the news articles have already reported it. I think it is really magical.” He didn’t know the actual situation but he was pretty confident of what he said.

“Ming Yang, don’t forget about me. You’re so close to Master Lin. He’ll definitely collaborate with you. Can I become a shareholder too?” Wu Yun Gang knew it was impossible for him to directly collaborate with Master Lin. The close relationship between Wang Ming Yang and Master Lin meant that Wang Ming Yang would definitely get the opportunity instead.

However, he would be happy with being a part of it.

Wang Ming Yang said helplessly, “You must be dreaming. I didn’t even get it. When I read about it, I immediately called him. He said that the medicinal pills cannot be mass produced. Only he could craft them.”

“That…” Wu Yun Gang suddenly felt disinterested. He thought about it and realized that such a magical medicinal pill would probably be highly difficult to craft.

In the end, he hung up.

He felt like it was a wasted opportunity.

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