You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 739 (Tremble for this deity!)

Chapter 739 (Tremble for this deity!)

Since they were going back, they needed to make a series of plans.


'What plans? Does this deity need plans? If you dare, let's get started!'

'This deity has so many powerful subordinates, why would they fear those people in the Cangluo Continent?'

Four years later!

In the depths of the Pacific Ocean, Qi Xuewen sat in his Dragon Palace, looking at a jade tablet in his hand...

It was a gift from the system a year ago.

According to the system, this item could take him to a vast world, a world filled with powerful individuals, suitable for cultivation.

After receiving the jade tablet, Qi Xuewen didn't rush to go but spent a year considering the benefits of going and staying here.

Although this place was small, at least he had a foothold here. If he went there, he wouldn't know what the situation would be like and if he would be killed.

However, after a year of consideration, Qi Xuewen decided to go to a broader sky.

Cultivation knows no limits, and the resources here have almost been exhausted, but they are still too scarce...

More importantly, with such powerful individuals appearing in such a small place, the Voidless Realm and the Nanwu Banner are simply no match. It would be better to go to other places and dominate single-handedly!

Looking at the jade tablet in his hand, Qi Xuewen furrowed his brows! He crushed the jade tablet!

Qi Xuewen and the entire Dragon Palace suddenly disappeared from the depths of the sea... as if they had never appeared.

In a mountain village in Thailand, Xin Ba slowly exhaled and opened his eyes.

The changes over the past five years made Xin Ba look more masculine. His muscles were well-proportioned, giving off an explosive effect.

"Master, I think we can go back now." Xin Ba felt that his cultivation was almost complete. They couldn't keep hiding abroad all the time; it wasn't manly enough.

Mad Oldman calmly said, "We are going back, but not to our home country."

"Then where are we going?" Xin Ba asked in confusion.

Mad Oldman said solemnly, "Below the highest Divine Realm, there is a vast land called the Cangluo Continent. The limitations here are still too small. You should go there to develop!"

"The Cangluo Continent? An otherworldly world?" Xin Ba asked curiously, his eyes flashing with excitement. It seemed that Xin Ba was also a strong-willed person.

"You can understand it that way. It's full of danger and opportunities, but you will just be a stepping stone there."

Crazy Oldman's words excited Xin Ba. He wanted to become stronger! At that time, he would not fear anyone or be threatened by anyone!

"Master, I'll follow your instructions!"

"Good! Xin Ba, cultivate well. Your master will protect you!"

"Thank you, Master! Your enemies are my enemies!"

"Not bad for being my crazy old man's disciple. Let's go to the Cangluo Continent and make a breakthrough!"

As soon as Crazy Oldman finished speaking, Xin Ba's figure disappeared inside the rundown shack.

In the top-floor office of the Peace Association's headquarters, Jiu Ye was playing with Xiao Bao, the Golden Retriever that Bai Cixin bought. It had already turned five years old, its golden fur shining brightly, well-fed by Jiu Ye.

"Xiao Bao, it's been five years, and my Peace Association has been going downhill the whole time. Sometimes, I really want to let go." Jiu Ye rubbed Xiao Bao's head, and Xiao Bao looked at its owner, sticking out its tongue.

"Xiao Bao, how about we move somewhere else? This place is really tiring." Jiu Ye deeply exhaled, seeming quite exhausted and wanting to change the living environment.


Jiu Ye chuckled, "Do you have the same idea, Xiao Bao? Then let's go now. Let's go on a spontaneous trip."


Jiu Ye patted Xiao Bao's head and took out the bag that Qing Tiandi gave him.

Inside was a small box with a piece of paper and a mirror.

Jiu Ye had read the paper five years ago and destroyed it. The general idea was that the mirror was a teleportation artifact that could only be used once. As for where it would teleport them, Jiu Ye really didn't know.

Because Jiu Ye was now a lone individual, if they were to talk about the closest one, that would be Xiao Bao.

Life was gloomy and boring.

It was better to go and see another world, to walk around, and relax with Xiao Bao.

Whether they could come back was no longer important.

Jiu Ye placed the bronze mirror on the desk and faced it.

Then, he hugged Xiao Bao. This little fellow had gained some weight.

Touching Xiao Bao gently, Jiu Ye extended his finger, infusing spiritual energy into the bronze mirror.

Suddenly, the bronze mirror emitted a powerful light, instantly absorbing Jiu Ye and Xiao Bao.

As the radiance gradually dissipated, the office was empty, with only the broken mirror left on the desk...

~Ying Family~

Ying Kangshi stood before the Ancient Savage Beast's Heavy Dust Cave.

At this moment, his face looked peculiar, and he had a fake beard stuck to his mouth, making him look like a man.

But today, Ying Kangshi was going to do what a man should do, which was to challenge the Ancient Savage Beast, Heavy Dust.

If he succeeded in the challenge, then he would propose to the Empress of the Voidless Realm. Regardless of life or death, it was Ying Kangshi whom the Empress married!

He was the Empress's man.

With firm conviction, Ying Kangshi took the first step and slowly walked down the cave...

As the cold intensified, Ying Kangshi became a little anxious. After all, his elder brother had died in this cave. If he died today, it would be an explanation to his brother as well!

'Empress, I, Ying Kangshi, will be your husband!'

As he entered the underground cave, Ying Kangshi crossed his arms, feeling the cold...

Just the thought of the terrifying Heavy Dust Beast made him shiver.

He wouldn't accidentally step on himself and turn into minced meat, right?

Should he go back and reconsider?

After all, marrying the Empress was not a trivial matter. He should go and discuss it with his father.

Hmm... he was too hasty. He should go back and plan carefully.

However, as Ying Kangshi turned around to leave, a scarlet fingernail pierced the air in front of him, causing the entire ground to tremble.

Ying Kangshi felt an instant chill down his spine.

But at the moment of coldness, a burst of heat hit his back, carrying a pungent smell.

Ying Kangshi was in a panic, feeling that he was about to be devoured.

'Someone, please save me! I, Ying Kangshi, am willing to serve you for a lifetime, to do anything... Heaven, please come and save me... I don't want to die yet. I haven't married the Empress!'

Ying Kangshi looked at the raised scarlet fingernail, clearly aimed at his head.


Heavy Dust was a savage beast, and it had no mercy. The scarlet fingernail fell fiercely, leaving a groove in the ground.

However, when Heavy Dust moved away its fingernail, it was puzzled...

Where did the person go?

~Long'an City, the Leisure Bar~

The Leisure Bar had a sign on its exterior that read "Closed for now, reopening time unknown, please look forward to it."

Inside the Leisure Bar's hall!

A sense of killing intent pervaded the air.

Ye Hua stood in front of the bar counter, his gaze fixed on his subordinates!

Today was a good day!

Why was that?

'Because it was the day this deity returned! Let the Cangluo Continent tremble! Wherever this deity falls, it will rise from there!'

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