You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 73.2 - Brother-in-law, provide for me~ 2/2

Chapter 73 – Brother-in-law, provide for me~ 2/2

10+ minutes later, Qing Ya returned. Within her hand, she was holding two Chinese crepes, and on her face, there was curiousness.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Hua took one of the Chinese crepes from Qing Ya’s hand and asked.

“Nothing much, just now when I was outside, I heard someone said that a man who wore ancient costume was found tied onto a tree at a certain park that is located at the west. And furthermore, a sign which said ‘dog abuser’ was attached to the man’s chest… Lastly, within the scene, a dagger that had blood on it was found.”

Ye Hua didn’t think too much of it,” What happened afterward?”

“The man was taken away by the police afterward. And I heard that, the rope that was tied onto the man couldn’t be untied, it sounds quite mysterious.” Qing Ya said with a solemn look, appearing quite adorable.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open by Qing Yutong. With a towel tied onto her head, Qing Yutong looked at the two, “Brother-in-law, big sister, why didn’t you two call me over when you two are eating breakfast!”

“Qing Yutong, can you knock on the door before entering! What’s more, I asked you just now if you want to eat or not and you said no!” Qing Ya criticized strictly. If Ye Hua and I were doing something together and this Qing Yutong came in without even knocking on the door… My god, what am I thinking about, there is no way that I would do it together with him!!!

“Big sister, how can sleep talk even be taken seriously?”

“Go and buy it yourself.” Qing Ya said petulantly.

“Big sister, my fame still has not died down yet, how can I go out just like this?”

“You can eat mine then. In any case, I also wouldn’t be able to eat that much.” Qing Ya handed over her own Chinese Crepe, and Qing Yutong happily took it.

“What were you two chatting about just now?’

Qing Ya said faintly, “Nothing much, just a person who was tied up in a park.”

“There is even a thing like this? What happened afterward?” Qing Yutong asked curiously.

“The man was taken away by the police. Let’s not talk about this first. Yutong, you said that you want to work as a streamer right? Right now, your big sister has already prepared everything for you, so, during these next few days, when you are free, go and do some publicizing.”

Qing Yutong said powerlessly, “Understood.”

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to work as a streamer now?” Seeing her sister’s expression, Qing Ya immediately knew that her sister was thinking about backing out.

After being owned for an entire day, all of Qing Yutong’s confidence had long disappeared completely.

At this time, Ye Hua asked, “Qing Ya, did those people pay up?”

“Pay up?” Without waiting for Qing Ya to answer, Qing Yutong snatched first to question.

Qing Ya laughed lightly, “Your brother-in-law won 100 billion yesterday.”

“What? 100 billion!!! What do I even have to work as a streamer for then! Brother-in-law, please provide for me~” Qing Yutong immediately moved and sat at Ye Hua’s side, then pulled onto Ye Hua’s arm and said sweetly.

Ye Hua sized up Qing Yutong, “Your looks is not bad.”

Qing Yutong was very coordinating as she struck a post and lightly bit onto her lip, “Brother-in-law~ How about it~”

“Scram!” Qing Ya slapped onto Qing Yutong’s head without any mercy.

Qing Yutong rubbed her head and said pitifully, “Big sister, what are you being that serious for, I was just joking only.”

“Qing Ya, I’m asking you a question, did they pay up?” Ye Hua asked faintly.

“Ye Hua, those people won’t pay up.”

Qing Yutong immediately wasn’t satisfied, “Who are those arrogant people, to actually not pay up when they lost. Tell me, I will go and collect the money!”

“They are not going to pay up?” Ye Hua laughed lightly. At that time, it won’t be a matter of returning money or not anymore!

Just when Qing Ya was preparing to continue speaking, her phone rang. Looking at the dialer, it was actually her dad.

Qing Ya let out a breath and answered the call.

“Qing Ya, what happened last night?” Qing Huaxuan questioned on the phone. I received a call from Xiao Family early in the morning today, and I was told that my daughter actually gambled family property with them! Is this daughter of mine mad?! And the important point is that she even won!

Qing Ya didn’t expect that her dad would use this kind of tone to question her, and her mood immediately turned bad.

“Nothing much, I just won 100 billion only.” Qing Ya said faintly.

“Why are you so insensible! We still have things that we need to request Xiao Family for. Forget it that you didn’t fawn onto them, but why did you go and gambled such a big amount with them, just what were you trying to do! And what about Ao’tian! How are the two of you getting along?”

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