You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 548 (Killing without mercy)

Chapter 548 (Killing without mercy)

"Domineering!" yelled Xin Ba. His eyes exuded admiration. "This is a real man!"

Qi Xuewen stared at Ye Hua, as if he had refreshed his worldview. "No wonder he was able to win the favor of the Emperor and the heroine. Just based on what he just said, no woman cannot not love him."

Wu Hao, the suzerain of Yun Family, seemed to have stopped talking about what he was thinking, this man is not something he can surpass, and he can't learn such a majestic look. He can't even learn that low tone; he's too manly!

Chen Xuanzong was also stunned for a moment. "This Long Aotian is too good at pretending. Qing Ya must have been tricked like this!"

The queen unexpectedly appeared with a pretty face.

Ying Jingshan was also shocked in his heart. Such words from Your Majesty are truly unprecedented. He can only admire her, worship, and serve her."

Ying Kangshi behind him tightly clenched his fists. One day he would be able to do the same, and the Emperor would definitely fall in love with him at that time. Thinking about it, he was a little excited.

When people in the south marveled at Ye Hua's aggressiveness, they were also frightened by this iron-blooded method. The scarlet blood made people shudder, and the heads and eyes were wide open, as if they couldn't believe this reality.

Murong Zhi murmured: "The north has changed."

"That's right, the realm of Voidless is going to change!" Wu Sheng looked at those headless corpses and those guards in the Voidless Realm. His throat wriggled up and down.

He Tian was speechless. His whole body was numb.

At this time Yu Quan appeared again and shouted in a cold voice: "All the Patriarchs in the north have offended and blatantly disrespected Her Majesty, and forced Her Majesty to abdicate in order to achieve the purpose of usurping her!"

After Yu Quan announced the result, the audience was silent again. All capital offenses?

The people in the south were astonished. With this slash, the entire northern power fell directly, just like the original south!

"Donghuang Baizhi! You have no right to condemn us, everyone revolt!" Ye Xiao roared, his handsome face became distorted and terrifying.

Duan Hou even planned to have a sinking boat and shouted: "Donghuang Baizhi!"

Donghuang Baizhi looked very calm now, and she couldn't see the turmoil in her heart at all. As her slender hands tightened, the ring in her hand emitted an orange light.

Horrible things happen! More than 400 people in the arena screamed in horror, like howling ghosts and wolves, it was extremely miserable.

The sky became dark, and bursts of roaring sounded suddenly, adding a bit of horror to the atmosphere.

"This... what is that!"

"Their spiritual energy has been drawn away, how is this possible!"

"How on earth can this be done? It can actually extract spiritual energy from a person's body!"

Waves of white aura floated out from everyone, even Ye Xiao and Duan Hou. This aura was no less painful than bone grinding, worse than death.

Originally, Donghuang Baizhi didn't plan to kill them, but she did not expect that they would dare to continue to rebel and wipe out the last pretense.

The title of Crimson Emperor is considered solid.

In the following time, Donghuang Baizhi became even more cruel and ruthless. Later, people gave her the resounding title, the Goddess of Despair.

The miserable cries continued, and a large group of white spiritual energy gathered in the air. With a snap of Donghuang Baizhi's fingers, the huge spiritual energy dissipated into the air, submerged into the clouds, and raindrops slowly fell, drenching everyone's bodies.

Originally, everyone was already chilled, but the rain made it even worse, as if their entire bodies were about to freeze.

More than 400 people in the arena had been stripped of their spiritual powers, and were no different from ordinary people. They gasped heavily, their eyes full of fear, their clothes soaked by the heavy rain, and the rain sliding across their terrified faces. They were completely unable to speak.

"Continue!" Donghuang Baizhi yelled coldly.

Ye Hua was very satisfied with Baizhi's attitude. 'After this, this deity's woman would annihilate the kindness in her heart. This was a good beginning!'

The heavy rain became heavier and heavier, and the pool of blood on the ground formed a small, bright red pond, which was terrifying and desperate.

This time, Donghuang Baizhi didn't use a ring to control them, but the guards of the Voidless Realm brought them down.

"No! Your Majesty, please spare me. I know I was wrong. I will never dare again!"

"Your Majesty, don't kill me. I didn't mean to. Please spare me this time."

"Your Ladyship, I miss my wife and children. Please don't kill me."

"Your Majesty, my wife just gave birth to a child, and I haven't seen the child yet. Please spare me."

The people escorted by the guards began to beg desperately, and even a few of them had weak legs. However, they were dragged away by the guards, and then escorted to kneel beside the corpses.

The Patriarchs who had been stripped of their aura lowered their heads firmly, fear and panic written on their faces. They were especially afraid when they saw the corpse in the pool of blood because they knew that would be them soon.

Seeing this situation, the surviving northern Patriarchs felt very lucky. Fortunately, they did not rebel, otherwise, they would have become corpses.

Chu He was afraid after thinking about it for a while. "God bless my Chu family..."

The downpour fell like silk threads, and the audience was silent, all watching the fifty people kneeling on the ground.

Donghuang Baizhi waved her hand.


The sound of the blade suddenly rang out again, and the rain fell on the blade, washing away the blood and making the blade look even sharper.

Every guard of the Voidless Realm showed no mercy, and the rain slid over those firm faces.

"Kill!" Donghuang Baizhi yelled lightly.

"Your Majesty, please spare me!"

"Your Majesty, don't kill me!"

"Who will save me? I don't want to die!"

"I really don't want to die!"

The knives swung neatly, silver light flashed, and the whole world was quiet, with only the sound of the rushing raindrops.

There was already a sea of blood under the high platform, even the guards' boots were drowned.

Donghuang Baizhi, wearing a gorgeous purple robe and gold crown, looked on indifferently. "Continue!"

The sound of begging for mercy resounded throughout heaven and earth, and the people on the ring cried out, pleading with God for mercy. They didn't want to die, so couldn't their crimes be forgiven?

The heavy rain showed no signs of stopping; it only grew stronger, soaking everyone's vision. It was as if the heavens were mourning and crying for this scene, but there was nothing they could do.

Groups of people were detained under the high platform and received the most severe punishment without any sympathy or mercy.

The flash of the knife continued repeatedly, and the corpses piled up higher and higher, with their heads already submerged in blood.

Everyone in the south was numb. The killings taught them the iron rules. If they broke the rules, there was only one end.

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