The Bloodline System

1201 Clash Of The Captains

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It seemed like gravitational force had come to a reversal as every solid particle within a ten mile radius got crushed into little pieces that asceneded into the sky.

The Draconets watching from above also got blasted backwards by the immense energy from the attack despite being high up.

They only managed to stabilise themselves after the turmoil calmed a bit.

-“Who in the name of the gods is that?”

-“The captain… He’s….”

Their faces were still filled with astonishment as they stared downwards. 

The destruction wasn’t a simple crater this time, this entire part of the fourth disk had completely leveled and crumbled to dust that drifted off into space.

-“What in the world?” 

The skies and space was usually unclear from the fourth disk so they hadn’t seen a single piece of outerspace since they arrived here.

However, at this moment space was more than visible. They could also see the large silver star that acted as a sun to Planet Ozious from this point.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this didn’t last long as the breach in the fourth disk began repairing itself, building new frosty ground to cover up the hole.

Far ahead of where the destruction had occured, a two limbed slightly charred body that looked like it had been reduced to less than half of its original state, laid in a ditch.

Gustav floated above the destruction he had created with his fist emitting smoke and his expression displaying silent rage.

He turned slightly to stare upwards. 

-“It is the captain of the earthlings!”

-“He can see us?” 

-“That look is threatening us not to interfere,”

-“He is more powerful than we thought, we should inform Vice Captain,”

-“The captain can handle himself but just in case more earthlings arrive, we have to let the vice captain know of the current situation,”

The Draconets didn’t doubt that Gustav had just glared at them with a warning look despite their distance.

This was Gustav trying to say he wouldn’t engage unless they tried to mess around like their captain and if so, they would end up in the same state.

Gustav turned to the east and flew forward. 


The Sacred Jewel was quick enough to act in accordance with Gustav by moving Falco out of the area of concentration of his attack. 

Gustav arrived before SJ and squatted in front of Falco’s body. He had began to slowly heal but his face was still pale as well as the rest of what was left of his body. 

SJ surface made a little blinking glow, communicating with Gustav that Falco would be fine.

“Don’t use too much of that power. Remember what happened the last time?” Gustav warned SJ who lowered his head in response.

The power Gustav was referring to happened to be reality warping. The sacred Jewel had made use of this initially when saving Falco from Captain Strum.

Apparently an accident had happened in the past when SJ continuously used reality warping so Gustav cautioned it against continous use.

“Why are they still there?” Gustav could still sense the presence of the Draconets above.

(“Knowing how prideful the Draconet species are, I doubt they’ll take this lying down,”) The system voiced.

“Then it won’t end well for them either,” Gustav stated.

“SJ watch Fa…” Gustav was about to give an instruction when they sensed an immense energy far behind.

“An encour…” Gustav recognised the massive shadowy figure towering into the sky as it stood above where Captain Strum had winded up.

“He’s conscious,” Gustav voiced in realisation.

He knew Captain Strum didn’t die from that attack but he was very sure he incapcitated him so Gustav was expecting the Draconets watching to swoop down and take thsir captain away.

However, Gustav was just realising that the Draconets watching didn’t do that because they were some how confident that their captain would be okay.


Gustav turned around completely at this point and sped forward. 

Far ahead within a massive ditch, Captain Strum’s body which was missing six of his limbs as well as his lower half, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Arrrrghhhhh!” He roared but it was unknown whether it was in pain or rage.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

His shadowy encour which towered above him, brought down its palms on Captain Strum’s body.


A blue glow like that of the spear he used against Falco, suddenly encapsulated the entire vicinity. 

Gustav paused in mid air and shieled his eyes as this glow was so intensity that it caused even his skin to emit mist.

The glow dimmed in the next moment before dissapearing and what appeared in Gustav’s line of sight next was an incoming figure.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Multiple powerful fists slammed repeatedly into Gustav, sending him flying backwards as he only managed to counter four of them.

As Gustav’s body flipped backwards in mid air repeatedly, Captain Strum raised three of his right hands while flying after Gustav. The encour towering above him put a massive hundred feet long glowing spear in his hands.

He arched his arms backwards with intensity before throwing the glowing blue spear forward with incredible strength.


However, at the last moment Gustav suddenly stabilised himself with the tip which was larger than his entire body only inches away from making contact.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]


His entire figure turned into a lightning bolt that streaked upwards with speed, instantly disappearing from everyone’s line of sight.


Another area ahead was instantly disintegrated as the spear slammed into a frosted mountain. Everything turned into light particles, causing destruction on the same level of Gustav’s attack earlier.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

Captain Strum who was still flying forward searching for Gustav suddenly spotted a lightning bolt appear in front of him and transform into the very person he was searching for.


Gustav’s fist slammed into Captain Strum’s face after taking him by surprise, causing his figure go get catapulted into the distance.

Gustav had Activated Lightning Blitz for the second time after escaping Captain Strum’s initial spear attack.

‘What was that? The power of his encour…’ Gustav stared downwards from his position above at the destruction with God Eyes.

‘It’s ability is time related… He reversed time for himself, going back to his initial state before my attack hit,’

Gustav instantly figured it out as he realised that the damaged area from the spear attack had very subtle details that depicted formations that could only be found when matter is newly created.

(“Looks like he wanted to erase you from existence,”) The system voiced.

‘More like he wanted to rewind my existence to a point where I never existed,’ As Gustav thought of this, he came to a realisation that Falco must have tanked such an attack.

It was mind boggling that Falco survived. It hadn’t even been more than a few moments since Gustav escaped the attack but he had already figured out all of this.

“Did you really think you could take me out with one attack?” Captain Strum had stabilised himself in mid air very quickly 

“Did you really think I’d let you off with what you did to my friend?” Gustav voiced in response as wings sprouted out of his back.

“He is fortunate to have survived for the shame he caused my great planet, just as you did,” Captain Strum encour stood right behind him at this point.

“Shame? Your great planet feels no shame for trying to steal an egg but feels shame after getting their ass kicked. Typical,” Gustav replied.

“I shall no longer tolerate any more humiliation from you earthlings even though you are a captain just like me,” After saying this, Captain Strum’s encour began glowing.

“For a powerful being such as yourself, it will not be below me to reveal the true form of my encour,” He stated as the Shadowy color turned to a bright teal, shining a blinding glow across the vicinity. 

A thorny looking glowing halo could be spotted floating above its head which had over twelve eyeballs arranged in a circular format. It looked like the encour was clad in a robe like an humaoid figure without a face.

A powerful pressure descended upon the environment as the encour stood before them like a deity descended from the high heavens.

(“Uh oh, that is a level six encour,”) The system voiced in Gustav’s mind.

‘A level six? That isn’t something a twenty year old should have,’ Gustav thought with a straight face.

(“Yeah just like how you also shouldn’t be this powerful but here we are,”) The system added.

‘Fair point,’ Gustav’s face remained straight like he was unfazed but internally he was quite surprised.

Captain Strum was the first participant he was meeting that was practically on his level of strength.

“If you kneel before me and apologise while handing the egg over to my subordinates, I shall spear you,” Capatin Strum stated with a prideful tone.

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