The Bloodline System

1200 Master Orders

Author’s Note: Unedited Chapter 


“Nuff said… by any chance do you have convict Zhergs that are no longer trusted by you and your fellow Zhergs,” Gustav wasn’t really interested in how the Diaporonian candidate got here anymore.

“Yes, we have those who stole,” The Chief responded.

“Any one with more grave offences besides stealing? Like killing or something?” Gustav inquired. 

The chief of the Zhergs had a slightly downcast look as he replied, “There is one,”

The chief of the Zhergs had a slightly downcast look as he replied, “There is one,”

“Good, take me to them,” Gustav got to his feet after saying.

Minutes later Gustav stared at the system notification before him.

[Zherg Ability Extraction Complete] 

The massive Zherg bound with glowing tiles before him fell to his back powerless after Gustav let go of his neck. 

“This concludes our partnership,” Gustav said to the chief before leaping into the air.


His figure disappeared into the distance while the Zherg whose powers had just been stolen remained in place with a look of despair.

(“There is trouble… I’m sure you already sensed it,”) 

The system said to Gustav as he began ascending at very quick speed.

“I did…” Gustav replied as he touched his right eye which thumped rhythimically.


Gustav mmediately activated God Eyes and went on to connect to Life Signs.


Captain Strum gazed downwards with a condescending expression as he spotted a human figure twitching repeatedly on the decimated ground that had leveled by hundreds of feet.

-“The earthling survived the captain Time Spear,” 

-“*phew* lucky but he is in no state to battle,”

-“I didn’t expect him to last this long,”

The Draconets watched from afar as Captain Strum descended while Falco’s body twitched repeatedly below as he was in an unconscious state.

Falco had lost his arms along with his entire left shoulder leaving only a small part of his chest intact.

His eyelids fluttered from time to time as it seemed like he ss struggling to regain consciousness. 

‘My liege! My idiot liege! Wake up!’ Dark Falco kept yelling within but to no avail.

“This is what happens when you try to be difficult,” Captain Strum landed before Falco’s battered body.

“A mere earthling subordinate like you managed to make me use my encour twice,” Captain Strum had a look of angush as he grabbed Falco’s head and lifted him off the ground with a sinhle hand.

“Such humiliation,”


He threw a fist at Falco’s gut.

“You cannot shame me without consequences,”


“I shall not tolerate humiliation to my great planet!”


“How do you like that now earthling!?”


“Did you think you were strong!?”


“Did you think you would win?”


“That you would even harbour such thoughts…”













Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood flowed down Falco’s body as he soon got drenched due to the intense beatings.


From the earth spectators area, they watched the happenings with looks of anguish as a lot of them voiced their dissatisfaction. 

-“Isn’t that supposed to be illegal?”

-“Why does he keep hitting him? Does he intend to kill an earth representative?”

-“Where are the others? Where is officer Crimson?”

Miss Aimee sat in place with keen eyes focused on the multiple screens above the arena area.

“Gustav isn’t on any of them, is he?” Grand Commander Shion questioned.  ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“No he is not,” Miss Aimee replied. 

“Wherever he is must be distant from there. It looks like the Falco kid is on his own,” She added. 

“This is not good, we can’t lose a mixedblood with such potential,” Grand commander Shion had a disturbed expression as he spoke.

As much as they would have loved to intervene, it would cause earth to get disqualified if they did so. The only thing earth spectators could do right now was watch and it was getting even more disturbing by the second.


-“We should really stop the captain before he kills him,”

-“It will be a problem if the earthling dies because this will not be tagged as accidental,”

-“Yes we will be penalised,”

-“Which one of us is going down there?”

There was a bit of silence after the last Draconet raised the question. They stared at each other for a bit and began pointing at one another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this point Falco’s body had stopped twitching as he turned completely unconscious. His ribs had been smashed in and his body was in an unrecognisable state.

“You will…” Captain Strum stretched back four of his arms as he prepared to drive fists into Falco’s body again.

“…regret ever…” 

A loud rocket blazing sound suddenly reverberated across the air as a golden and metallic humaoid looking figure swooped in from the right.


The figure snatched Falco’s battered body out of Captain Strum’s arms before he could deliver the fists.

“Huh?” Captain Strum’s face showed confusion and annoyance as he turned to stare in the direction the figure dissapeared into.

Thousands of feet towards the east, the humanoid golden figure with a circular shaped translucent stone for a head stood atop a slightly exalted but flattened ice surface.

This was actually a frost mountain that had gotten flattened due to the battle in the vicinity. 

The figure with the translucent head, had a bright glowing flourescent light the size of two fists within it.

It slowly let Falco’s body down and materialised a glowing pill which it proceeded to put into his mouth.


“Hey who the hell do you think you are to take my prey away?” Captain Strum suddenly appeared behind the golden metallic looking figure effortlessly with his arms throwing punches forward. 

The flourescent glow within the circular shaped translucent head, brightened intensely at this moment.


The entire terrain suddenly expanded, causing the golden figure and Falco to get separated from Captain Strum.

They didn’t even need to move as all his punches missed their target upon the expansion of the terrain.

They were suddenly thousands of feet apart again. Captain Strum had a conflicted expression as he stared forward, ‘What sort of power is this? It isn’t teleportation,’

He charged forward to attack the figure once more and the same situation occurred. He was unable to touch the golden figure no matter how much he tried to.

The environment wasn’t the only thing shifting and changing. His attacks were transforming as well and he couldn’t understand how this golden figure was doing this.

Captain Strum couldn’t recognise this specie and knew it wasn’t an earthling.

“You are not a participant are you?” He soon realised that this might be why this golden figure hadn’t even tried countering his attack and only evaded.

However, if this golden figure wasn’t an IYSOP participant then what was it?


-Minutes ago


Gustav slightly opened his mouth but could only hiss in rage as he witnessed what was happening on the surface through God Eyes.

(“Welp… you would have prevented this if you had gotten back up there earlier,”) The system stated.

“SJ, take care of Falco till I get back,” Gustav could see the Sacred Jewel floating in place beside the designated machine without any sight of the Iro Silk he built around.

“Don’t touch that guy, he’s mine,” Gustav stared directly at Strum who was still beating Falco up.

The sacred Jewel communicated to Gustav through a telepathic link so it already replied Gustav and began transforming. 

It took the form of a golden but humanoid looking being about twelve feet tall, with its glowing translucent body taking the form of a head.

Gustav deactivated God Eyes at this point and stared up.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]


Gustav’s being ascended with immense speed as he transformed into a lightning streak that dissapeared from this dimension.


“Fight back you low life thing,” Captain Strum was getting even more frustrated as time passed.

He even found himself throwing fists at a hill at one point and couldn’t understand just what sort of ability SJ was making use of.

[My master said he wants to have the pleasure of dealing with you himself]

A projection of light appeared above SJ displaying words that only the Draconets would understand. 

“Your master? Who is that?” Internally Captain Strum was a little disturbed that such a creature had a master.

[Behind you] 

“Huh?” Captain Strum turned around with a look of surprise and what he witnessed stunned him.

A brewing ice storm had covered the entire vicinity behind. It looked like the ground and sky had ripped open and blasted into little pieces that caused the ice storm.

This was due to a something that was traveling at incredible speed and causing destruction to the environment due to ripples spreading from it.

On closer look it was a silhouette…

“What is…”

Before Captain Strum could even dissect the situation, the silhouette had arrived before him with glowing crimson eyes, bearing down a punch that parted the sky.


A fist packing intensive destructive force on a subatomic level slammed into Captain Strum’s chest, triggering a shockwave. 


It seemed like gravitational force had come to a reversal as every solid particle within a ten mile radius got crushed into little pieces that asceneded into the sky.

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