The Bloodline System

Chapter 1198 Trouble On The Surface

Chapter 1198 Trouble On The Surface

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Right before their very eyes which was filled with uttermost bewilderment, Gustav stood to his feet no longer hindered by their abilities.

"What? How are you doing this thieving scum!?" The chief of the Zhergs voiced.

"It's just a Yarki dupe..." Gustav muttered as he stepped forward and grabbed the Viondur egg.

Gustav barely Activated Cosmic Superiority since he didn't want to bring any attention to himself. Exuding a little bit of its energy was enough to break out of the hold of the Zhergs power.


-"That creature is dangerous chief!"

-"What is this...?"

The Zhergs were already astonished and wary upon wwitnessing Gustav's feat but in the next instant he suddenly dissapeared from sight...


A loud crash assaulted their ears as the barrier blasted to smithereeens.  The Zhergs were unable to process things very quickly despite their powerful ability. 

Their eyes widened when they spotted Gustav in the sky with their chief in his grasp, powerless.

The club like weapon in his grasp had fallen to the ground as well.


They yelled with looks of horror as they began throwing weapons upwards.

"lt's time to send you to the afterlife..." A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as his frame cut across the air with intense speed.

Despite his size, the chief of the Zhergs struggled powerlessly with Gustav's right hand holding tighly onto his throat.

"Please spare me! You can have the egg," The Chief pleaded after seeing their immense difference in strength.

"I already have the egg, you don't strike a good bargain," Gustav stated as his fingers tightened around the neck of the chief which was very small in comparison to his size.

"Arrrrrghhhhh, I will- I ha-ve a bet-ter bargain" The chief of the Zhergs pleaded.

"I don't wanna hear it, greed got me into this situation. Your power will be enough compensation," Gustav replied as he prepared to extract the Chief's ability. 

"Ma-p...I ha-ve a m-ap...I c-an he-lp y...ou...g-et mo-re eg-gs..." The Cheif kept struggling to speak.

("He says he has a map,") The system voiced.

"I already know my way around," Gustav replied.

("You do but you keep getting into these situations that delay you... didn't you say you wanted to get out of here as soon as possible?") The system inquired.

"Hmm," Gustav thought about it for a second.

He was unaware of the abilities of the creatures here so he kept getting into unfavourable situations.

However, if a native of this part of the fourth disk helped him, things would become easier and he wouldn't get delayed by falling into unexpected situations again.

"I guess you're right... but I really like their abilities though," Gustav reluctantly released his tight grip on the chief throat.

"You're not just gonna give me a map, you will also steak the eggs for me," Gustav stated while still holding the chief up.

"I agree I agree but can my savior release our egg since we will be helping you steal more," The chief inquired.

"You don't get to make demands besides, what do you guys even need them for?" Gustav questioned.

"Please saviour! You might as well just slaughter us now if you still wish to take our egg," The chief pleaded.

'Why is the Viondur Egg so important to the creatures down here?' Gustav wondered internally with a slightly raised left brow.

("Who knows?") The system answered like it was unaware too.

"Very well then," Gustav voiced while turning around.


He sped across the air once more and arrived above the territory of the Zhergs who were still prancing around in despair.

Gustav let go of the chief who fell from the aid and landed before his kin.

"Chief!" The Zhergs yelled in joy.

"Now listen up..." Gustav floated a few feet above the ground with a menacing gaze, causing the Zhergs to shudder.

They meekly fell to their knees and listened as Gustav made demands on what he wanted. The creatures would do anything to make sure their eggs were not taken from them so they accepted Gustav's demand.

They couldn't even disobey even if they wanted to since their Chief already agreed. With the partnership, the Zhergs informed Gustav of this part of the fourth disk properly.

Apparently, it was a kind of dimension between the fourth and fifth disk but they were still a part of planet Ozious. However, they weren't completely recognised by the major species existing on the surface of the disks... The Ozis.

They were seen as less important and inferior and the eggs happened to be what helped them evolve and grow as a specie.

Gustav still didn't really understand a couple of this about this whole dimension but he had more knowledge about Planet Ozious now.

It was normal for a planet to have multiple species especially one as massive as this. However, he didn't understand why the Ozis choose not to acknowledge the existences of the ones here.

As he stayed longer he realised the Zhergs were more peaceful than they looked on the surface.

Despite the chief special ability to revive the dead with that upside down horn of his and turn them to his slave, he didn't think of conquering more territories.

This ability could change the tide of battles if he wanted to conquer even the surface but the chief only wanted to protect his people.

"This is the one we will be infitrating second... the Butfahg territory. They have warping abilities and tend to set a lot of traps but I can get you the egg without them ever knowing it..." The Cheif spoke to Gustav after their first haul.

They had already managed to get one Viondur Egg in the last hour. It was so easy to get into the territory due to the help of the chief and get the egg out after replacing it with a dummy.

This time Gustav didn't get into any scuffle. It was almost too easy that he thought something was wrong. 

"So you know their leader?" Gustav questioned. 

"We have been acquainted in the past yes," The chief answered. 

"So you're willing to double cross this acquaintance of yours?" Gustav inquired once more.

"To save my people, with no question, I would," The Chief answered unhesitatingly.

"Alright then, let's go," Gustav voiced before getting off the altar within the temple.


"Hmm?" Gustav held his right eye as he felt a small thump.

"Saviour, is anything the matter?" The chief questioned with concern while staring down on Gustav due to his large size.

"Nothing, let's move," Gustav lowered his arm before stepping forward. 


"Koorrh! Kooorrhh!" Falco coughed out spurts of blood as he knelt in the middle of a massive crater.

The frost in the surrounding had completely vaporised, leaving a completely decimated environment. 

Falco looked up with an unyielding expression as a figure descended from above.


He landed directly on Falco who was struggling to get up.

The entire vicinity quaked intensely as the figure with six arms and blue starred patterns got off Falco back which had made a loud crack upon collision. 

"Oops, I didn't mean to earthling," Captain Strum squatted before Falco and grabbed his hair with one of his left hands.

He slowly pulled his head up a little which had blood smeared across, "I applaud you for surviving my first attack. You are indeed strong... but you know, it's only right for me to treat you the same way you did my subordinates. I'll get the egg back after having a little fun with you," A confident and prideful grin appeeared on his face.

"Don't die just yet," Captain Strum voiced before pulling Falco completely off the ground and smashing his face into the wall of the crater.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Captain strum blurred across the vicinity in a ZigZag format as he repeatedly smashed Falco's face into the walls and ground causing a quakes.

"Come on don't make this boring for me," He raised Falco's entire body with two of his arms and began punching his gut with the rest of his four arms.

-"Should we stop him?"

-"Do you wanna die? Captain Strum would rip you to pieces,"

-"Wouldn't the earthling die if this continues though?"

-"I think there's a penalty for that but we can't do anything but watch right now,"

Above ths crater, five figures who also had multiple limbs watched  with worried expressions and discussed their concerns amongst one another.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hundreds of punches slammed into Falco's gut at very fast pace causing him to spit out more blood which touched Captain Strum's face.

"Ughh that's gross, you got blood all over me," Captain Strum let go of Falco at this point who fell to his face with a battered body.

"Disgusting," Captain Strum stated before swinging his left foot forward. 


His foot collided with Falco's face, sending him flying out of the crater. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Falco slammed into the ground and repeatedly ricocheted off it, sweeping across the ground for hundreds of feet.

-'My liege wake up! Wake up! Or I'm taking over! Wake up!'


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