The Bloodline System

1197 The Diaporonian

Author’s Note: Unedited Chapter


He wasn’t even aware that she was conscious or would be able to see through the structure and discover his existence.

It took him completely by surprise. 

‘Stop whatever it is you’re doing and let me go,’ Gustav spoke in his mind.

‘Please save me… I’ll free you if you promise to save me,’ The Diaporonian voiced.

‘Let me go now while you still have the chance. You can get yourself out of whatever pickle you got yourself into. It is none of my business,’ Gustav replied.

‘Please save me, they will turn me into a sacrifice. Please save me! Save me! Save me! Save me! Save me! Save me! Save me!’ Her voice kept ringing in Gustav’s head causing him headache.

His face squeezed up with annoyance, “Enough!” Gustav yelled as a small pink and reddish glow emitted from his being.


He was instantly freed from the hold of the Diaporonian.

“You just ruined your chances of getting saved, do it yourself,” Gustav stated before stamping an invisibility button on his forehead.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

He tapped the button on his forehead after activating Cognitive Concealment, causing his entire body to dissapear as he turned invisible.

(“Are you truly not going to save her?”) The system inquired.

‘Tch why should I?’ Gustav said internally before swooping downwards. 

(“Don’t be reckless like the last time,”) The system voiced.

‘No worries, this time there isn’t a crazy internal structure with unexpected gravitational laws,’ Gustav was relieved that it seemed easier than the last time.

Upon getting close to the ground he hovered slightly over it, flying forward into the massive temple. 

More statues bearing semblance to that of the one above could be seen placed in different parts of the temple interior. Although smaller in size, they seemed to be arranged in a way meant to beautify the temple.

However some of these statues were in compromising positions, some with weapons jarring through their head or chest. Real internal organs planted in different corners as well. Gustav could easily tell.

Weird rocks that Gustav had never seen before could also be spotted which made him wonder how their sense of beautification worked.

Any normal person that stumbled into this temple would be scared out of their wits instead of standing there and praising the design. 

Gustav immediately arrived before the altar area after avoiding the multiple creatures moving about the place.

The system had once again revealed the name of this species to Gustav but he wasn’t interested in that right now. He just wanted to get the Viondur Egg and move out of this territory as soon as possible.

‘I’ll alert these creatures about your existence if you don’t help me right now,’ He suddenly heard the voice of the Diaporonian in his mind the instant he reached out to touch the Viondur Egg.

She looked even more slimy and goey in closer proximity. Gustav only took a glance at her and the binds surrounding her figure.

‘No. I’ll be out of here before they can even do anything,’ Gustav responded while grabbing the Viondur egg.

‘Please, I’ll owe you one. I’m a princess I’ll give something back in return! Anything you want,’ The Diaporonian participant begged.

‘Why can’t you just slither your way out of that thing… you’re practically liquid,’ Gustav questioned.

‘The binds stop me from dematerialising,’ She voiced.

‘I promise to do anything, please just free me,’ She added.

Gustav paused at this point, ‘Anything?’ He questioned internally.

‘Yes anything, you have my word,’ She voiced.

(“You have limited time before they discover your presence,”) The system reminded.

‘We have a deal,’ Gustav said internally before letting go of the Viondur Egg.

(“Didn’t you say you weren’t going to help her,”) The system wanted to facepalm at this point.

Gustav ignored the system and stared at the invisible lines surrounding the Diaporonian who was still bound.

He had seen the lines around her when he activated God Eyes initially and assumed it was some kind of trigger but didn’t understand why they didn’t put it around the egg.

(“The lines are ritualistic design which would have sucked out her life-force upon activation,”) The system stated. 

‘Looks like its not a trigger like I thought… explains why they didn’t put it around the egg. Are they really that confident that no one would be able to get it?’ Gustav wondered internally. 

(“It would still cause a trigger if you tried to save her though,”) The system voiced.

‘Yeah… I’ll just disintegrate it then,’  Gustav decided while activating Atomic Manipulation. 

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

He tapped his right feet on the altar and a milky glowing line spread from his feet to the lines surrounding the Diaporonian. 

A circular decline was instantly formed on the altar. The ritualistic lines had completely dissapeared, however the creatures in the vicinity had been alerted.

Gustav was super quick to have already grabbed the egg and the Diaporonian before flying upwards. 


He broke through the roof of the temple like platform instantly, however…


The moment he ascended about fifty feet above the ground, the Diaporonian suddenly dematerialised despite the binds surrounding her body.

The occurrence took Gustav by mistake and before he knew it, she was wrapped around his right arm and extending further to the rest of his body.


Multiple outburst of greenish energy surrounded the entire vicinity at once, causing Gustav to only see a world of green before he began falling to the ground.

“What the hell is this!?” Gustav voiced as a barrier suddenly appeared around him while he fell to his knees.

‘Hihihihihihihihi,’ The Diaporonian began laughing hysterically in his mind while Gustav struggled to break free but he couldn’t get off his knees. 

Step! Step! Step! Step!

Multiple of the green armored creatures with weapons stepped towards the barrier with cold looks.

“You fell into our trap thieving scum!” One of the Zhergs stated as he arrived before the barrier.

He happened to be around twenty feet tall with a massive club like weapon in his grasp.

‘What is this? Cosmic Superiority? Not quite it feels different,’ Gustav questioned internally with his forehead creasing.

His body wasn’t listening to his commands and this wasn’t like the hold the Diaporonian had on his body earlier. That power made him unable to move but this power was compelling him to kneel.

Looking upwards, Gustav could see the upside down horn on the scalp of the Zherg glowing a bright green light.

However, it wasn’t just him. Other Zhergs in the vicinity had the same green glow and it seemed to have set up the barrier surrounding Gustav.

The Diaporonian goo slid down from his arm and moved across the ground towards the largest Zherg.

“Good job Fena,” The Zherg stated as the ashy slime arrived before him before getting sucked into the upside down horn on his forehead.

“A participant working with one of the creatures down here?” This didn’t make any sense to Gustav.

The binds which were supposed to stop her from dematerialising seemed to have been a fluke and she could have dematerialised anytime she wanted.

Gustav had been successfully fooled. These creatures were truly intelligent but a lot still wasn’t adding up.

“I found Fena and made her my slave…” The twenty feet tall Zherg began stating upon seeing the look of confusion on Gustav’s face.

After saying a couple of things, Gustav now understood everything. 

The Zhergs were aware that someone was going to try and steal their Viondur egg and from the looks of things he wasn’t the first.

The power of the chief of the Zhergs upside down horn let’s him bring back to life someone and make them his slave.

He apparently found the corpse of Fena a Diaporonian participant somewhere unknown and brought her back to life as his slave. Being her master, he und


“Two reasons… bad match up and that’s their captain,” Gustav replied.

“Ohhh,” Teemee voiced, “Will you be going then?” 

“Nah, I have a better match up… Elevora you’re up,” Gustav announced.

Elevora’s face turned focused as she heard this.

“How far do I have to go?” She wanted to know if it was necessary to go all out.

Gustav had told everyone initially that they wouldn’t be displaying all of their strength from the start but eventually they would go all out.

“Just make sure you get to the ninth river,” Gustav instructed. 

Elevora nodded and began heading forward. The grounds E.E destroyed initially had been fixed and new rivers were now positioned there.

As Elevora arrived before the first river, the Anusa relic appeared before her and she reached out to grab it.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

A few moments later, She was holding onto a massive spear with a fiery purplish flame at its tip.

Elevora stared at her weapon with a look of satisfaction before pointing it at the river before her.

Her entire figure was soon emitting a bright purplish glow as the ground began to quake. 

On the other side, captain Shumi held onto what looked like a massive cannon. It was four times her size yet she held it above her like it was nothing while pouring energy into it.

A couple of moments later, they both took action…


A shot was released from the cannon which flew into the river ahead and exploded with intensity. 

Meanwhile, Elevora who had levitated to almost a hundred feet height, flung the spear in her grasp downwards.


A purplish streak cut through the air as it bore through the river instantly, emitting a shockwave that caused the entire river to be emptied.

Both opponents went through the first to sixth river, performing the same actions and clearing it out.

‘Her strength should be reaching its limits after this river,’ Captain Shumi thought as she gave it her all and cleared the seventh river as well.

The purplish aura surrounding Elevora climbed as she flung down her spear from the air once more.


The entire river was emptied once again effortlessly as cracks spread across the floor of the river.

‘Tch… there is no way she’s as calm as she looks,’ Captain Shumi peeked at Elevora from her end below.

They were currently at the eight river now which was the limit for a lot of participants. 

“If I manage to clear this, it should be the end for her,” She whispered while pouring energy into her cannon.


Weird popping sounds rang out as the projectile within the cannon kept growing in energy until she finally fired it.


It cut through the surface of the gigantic river which was well over a million feet in length, before falling into it.


A loud explosion rang out as huge amount of waves rose into the air, displaying the bottom of the river as the blast kept spreading.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t powerful enough to split more than a quarter of the river before dying out.

“That’s… the gravitational force is so strong that it causing the power of any blast to be reduced to a third of its output,” She had a grudging look as she came to this realisation. 

“I just need to amp it up then,” She said with determination while infusing a large amount of energy into her cannon once more.

Up above, Elevora was also gathering energy as the purplish aura surrounding her continued to climb. Her headtie was still wrapped around her forehead and there didn’t seem to be a need for her to reveal it.

The sky had begun to change color in her position due to the purplish aura she emitted but she knew it still wasn’t enough.

On the ground, Captain Shumi finally fired her cannon once more. 

A rocking explosion rang out, clearing three quarters of the river in front of her but it still wasn’t enough to clear all. 

At this point she stared at the river before her with a look of disbelief since she was aware of how much power she had just used.

“That other earthling must be immensely powerful,” She recalled E.E.

However, she wasn’t ready to give up as she began charging her cannon again for the third and final try.

At this same instant, Elevora held up her spear and arched her arm back to the limit with a serious expression. 


She flung her spear downwards with intensity, causing shockwaves to spread from her location even before the spear hit the water.

The sky cleared out and the river surface blasted open while the spear was still a hundred feet away from making contact with its surface.


In a split second the spear had made contact with the bottom of the river and a powerful force spread forth from it, pushing the water body out of it’s one million feet hole radius.

Cheers~ Cheers~ Cheers~

Cheers were heard from the spectators area as she cleared it in one attack once more. 

Captain Shumi instantly lost morale as she witnessed this and released her shot impromptu. As expected, it didn’t manage to clear the eight river, leaving Elevora the winner.

<<< Planet Earth 2 – 0 Planet Ghundabault >>>

The spectators areas focusing on earth and Ghundabaul’s faceoff erupted in cheers and groans of satisfaction as well as disappointment. 

They both headed back to their respective groups. Elevora and the othes jubilated after their second win while a cloud of gloom was casted on the Ghundabaults area.

“We can still win this… they are using all their powerful representatives from the start, meanwhile we still have Tivan, Shui and the others,” Captain Shumi voiced.

“Captain Shumi is right, ws can still win,” Some of them agreed as they tried not to lose hope.

Gustav proceeded to send Teemee next as he wanted and there was no disappointment. 

Teemee cleared seven rivers while his opponent did not manage to successfully clear the seventh.

The earth had been hailed to have one of the most powerful species in the universe but they hadn’t expected to lose three bouts in a row without winning a single one. It was humiliating. 

Captain Shumi wasn’t happy with the current turn of events but she made sure to keep to her strategy and kept sending out the weaker teammates from her side first.

Time went by very quickly and before eveeyone knew it, both planets had completed seven bouts. So far, Aildris, Glade, Vin and Yonda had participated and none of them lost.

<<< Planet Earth 7 – 0 Planet Ghundabault >>>

At planet Ghundabault side, captain Shumi turned to one of her teammates who happened to be the smallest in their midst. He was about two feet tall with a glowing green root like hair that floated up.

“Tivan it’s time for us to make a comeback, head out there and do the needful,” She said to him.

He didn’t say a single word in response and just began to head forward.

“This will be a tough one… Endric you’re up,” Gustav voiced.

Endric who had been silent all this time behind, finally walked forward. 

“I see what you’re talking about… he’s strong,” Endric stated as he arrived before Gustav.

“Yes… the type of weapon you two get, actually matters…” Gustav voiced. 

“Have faith in me big brother… I will take care of this,” Endric reassured before he began stepping forward with a solemn expression.

“He has become quite reliable,” Aildris voiced from the side.

Gustav remained silent but deep down he admitted to what Aildris had just said.

Endric soon arrived before the river and the Anusa relic appeared before him.

‘What type of weapon do you want?’ His forehead beeped with a greenish glow as Husarius voice rang in his mind.

‘You can manipulate that?’ Endric questioned internally.

‘Yes… just tell me the weapon you are interested in,’ Husarius inquired once more.

‘I just want something that doesn’t hinder my telekinetic abilities,’ Endric replied while reaching out to grab the relic.


In the next few moments, a four feet long katana with blueish glowing blade appeared in his grasp.

“This is good… now I have no worries,” Endric voiced as he raised the katana. 


His irises turned sky blue as he gathered telekinetic energy.

On the other side Tivan held onto what looked like a metallic club. The club began to extend in length as he floated into the air.

It became so long, it extended beyond the first river.

-“Woah, is that even allowed?”



Swinging the massive metallic club downwards, it instantly split a couple of rivers as it dropped onto them.

Meanwhile, Endric also swung his katana forward at the same instant.

“Telekinetic split… universal separation…” He muttered as a wave of energy was released from the blade of the katana.

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