The Bloodline System

1195 They Are Your Friends Too

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(“You can’t escape from them using this be…”)

“I know. They’re fast although their speed is quite inconsistent. At the very least it gives me one second to collect my thoughts,” Gustav voiced out as he reappeared close to a million feet away.

(“I was going to tell you that they’re not that fast, they just tag onto your energy with an ability they possess which also lets them reappear wherever you are when you activate Lightning Blitz,”) The System stated.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?” Gustav voiced with a slightly surprised tone.


To Gustav, this explained why their speed was inconsistent. 

The Ziaphanos were still really fast but their speed was not a match for Lightning Blitz during Gustav battles with them. If they could move that fast every time, the battle would have gone in a completely different direction. 

Gustav had noticed the inconsistency and chalked it up to something related with acceleration. He thought they could only do it at specific periods and not limitlessly. 

Now it turned out, they only tagged along with him whenever he made use of it. Knowing this information out wasn’t of great use to Gustav since he wasn’t aware of any means of stopping them from following him after lightning Blitz activation. 

“Looks like I will have to use that… What better time to test out its effectiveness than now,” Gustav voiced.

As he made his decision, the one second he had to collect his thoughts were up.


Black streaks tore through the air and with it bore the arrival of the Ziaphanos.

Gustav stood in place as they approached him with speed.

[Tecophibe VI Dimension Has Been Activated]

Gustav’s entire face suddenly turned black, looking mushy as a weird energy permeated the air.

The incoming Ziaphanos, heading in Gustav’s direction, suddenly turned to strands of black lines that go sucked into the blackness on Gustav’s face.

(“This is such a convenient ability,”) The system voiced in Gustav’s mind as close to thirty of them got into this predicament. 

The other Ziaphanos in the vicinity turned to the sides upon seeing what became of their kin.

“What has he done to our brothers!” One of them yelled as he turned around and to slash Gustav from behind.

Gustav turned around at this point, the Ziaphanos gazed upon the face of darkness and got transformed into a black line that got absorbed into Gustav’s face as well.

Some others in the vicinity happened to witness this and gazed at Gustav with fury mixed with intrigue, trying to figure out he was doing this.

However, they suffered the same fate, turning into black lines and getting absorbed into Gustav’s dark face.

Thrrrihh! Thhrrrihh! 

The darkness on Gustav’s face flickered a couple of times, before disappearing. 

[Tecophibe VI Dimension Has Been Deactivated]


He reckoned that all of them would have gotten sucked in if the ability was not limited in usage. 

Gustav tried to activate it again but it had apparently gone into cooldown mode.

(“It doesn’t matter, they are intelligent species, they would have figured it out sooner or later,”)

‘Partially true. Taking them by surprise was the biggest step to making the ability successful,’ Gustav also realised that some of them flew in different directions and hid behind some floating diamond platforms in the vicinity because they didn’t understand how the ability worked.

This saved about thirty of them as they were still unaware at the time that, the ability works by gaze.

The moment the creatures gazed upon Gustav’s face while the ability was activated, their entire being would be pulled into the VI Dimension. Trapped forever, never to come out again.

The best way to defend against this ability was to keep one eyes shut. There was no fighting against it’s power the moment anyone stared at it. 

The others seemed to have figured out by now that the ability had been deactivated and began charging at Gustav once more while some shot out destructive dark purplish beams from their mouths.

“You lots never learn,” Gustav voiced.

“We shall avenge our fallen kin!” One of the Ziaphanos yelled.

“Intelligent but stupid,” Gustav voiced as he charged forward as well.



“What happened here?”  ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

An overbearing looking figure with six arms, two legs and blueish star shaped marks all over his body voiced out.

“Captain Strum,” Another figure looking similar but smaller, mumbled in a low tone.

This figure could be seen laying in a massive ditch with weakened expression and a battered looking body. Someone held up his head with a look of pity as other similar looking species could be seen standing around the place.

Three others were sprawned out on the ground in different areas in this decimated looking location. The massive craters, cracks, uprooted trees and ditches covering a radius of thousands of feet, hinted that an intense battle had occurred here.

“So it was an earthling,” Captain Strum states with an overbearing gaze.

“Cap… captain… we tried… but he was too strong,” The Draconet answered with a distressed tone.

“You disappoint me Siva,” Captain Strum raised one of his legs.


A massive vibration rang out as he stomped on the chest of the already battered Siva.


Siva puked blood as the ground quaked heavily and caved in even more. He held onto captain Strum leg with a pleading and suffocating expression.

“Cap… cap… cap-tain ple…” Siva tried begging.

“Ugh you got blood all over me, useless!” Captain Strum kicked Siva away before emitting a small glow that disintegrated the blood on his body.

“I have seen the image in your head of the person that laid waste to all four of you. He is not weak as you have stated but your uselessness has made us look weak,” Captain Strum began to levitate after saying this.

“It is time to regain the two things you fools failed to acquire. Our pride as Draconets and the egg,” His eyes squinted as he turned in a direction. 


His body ascended further into the air and cut across the sky with immense speed. Five other Draconets in the vicinity ascended into the sky, following after him.

“Vice captain, are you not joining them?” One of the Draconets that stayed, inquired.

“The captain is more than capable of taking care of it himself. Even the others joining won’t be able to do a single thing,” Vice captain  Ostril replied. 

“Truly the captain would feel it is beneath him to employ the help of anyone else,” The Draconet recalled Captain Strum’s intense pride.

“Let’s take care of the injured,” The Vice captain didn’t seem to be as intense. 

She proceeded to move towards the teammate that was nearly stomped to death by Captain Strum and administered treatment.


-‘My idiot liege you have to accept the full power of the crown. That way these vermin would be no match for you,’

“Shut up Darko,” Falco voiced out loud.

If one could witness Falco occasional outbursts with the way he often spoke out loud to himself, they would think he wasn’t sane.

However, his friends would understand that he was most likely speaking to Dark Falco who still existed within him.

Falco was currently able to control his abilities better than in the past so he had full dominance over Dark Falco. This was also the reason he had been engaging in most battles himself.

Dark Falco could only take over if Falco fell unconscious. However, not everyone was aware that Falco had been fighting the battles himself lately.

Falco’s attitude was changing so much that during battle, it was difficult to tell that it wasn’t Dark Falco throwing the punches.

Within him, Dark Falco stood beside a dark throne where half of a floating crown could be spotted.

‘You already took half of it… It won’t be long before you take it all my idiot liege hahahaha!’ Dark Falco began laughing mischievously.

“I won’t but even if I do, I will not become what you want,” Falco stated as he arrived atop a large icy mountain.

‘You are not very self aware my liege. You do not see what you are already becoming,’ Dark Falco stated.

“If I ever become something else, I trust my friends to deal with me,”

A smile appeared on Falco’s face as he stared at a massive half spherical barrier made of icicle like rocks up ahead.

It happened to be situated between four moutains and despite being unable to see what was within, Falco was sure he had arrived at his destination. 

‘Your friends will be in danger if they ever try to deal with you,’ Dark Falco voiced internally.

“They’re your friends too so you better make sure nothing happens to them,” Falco replied.

Dark Falco who was about to say something initially paused. His legs buckled as he lowered himself and sat beside the throne with a speechless dark look.

‘Hmph! You just don’t understand…’ Dark Falco muttered.


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