The Bloodline System

1188 Level Five Frost Raikin

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Gustav reappeared before a flaming frosted tree in the next instant. Up ahead he could spot another familiar looking cave.

This was one he already looted so he didn’t bother going in. Instead he turned to another direction before heading forward.

“Since these flaming trees that don’t get consumed signify checkpoints for areas with caves possessing the same colors of eggs, there’s no point in checking the other caves,” Gustav was well aware that he would find the same eggs colors he got from this cave earlier which was still in his possession.

He needed other colors so he had to leave this area.


Gustav leapt into the air and dissappeared from sight in the next instant.


“That is exactly why I have come here. The leaders of the alliance need to be warned,” Within the seating area of earth’s spectators Miss Aimee voiced out.

“Are you sure? For such a claim, proof is needed or no one would be willing to take your word for it,” Grand Commander Shion responded.

“The eye that appeared is enough proof. They will be idiots to not believe that something is coming,” Miss Aimee spat with a straight expression.

“They could come up with a number of things to counter that and not take it as an actual threat. Even though you have myself and the earth backing your claim, there are still more than a hundred other planets in the alliance and four other alliance leaders…” Grand Commander Shion shook his head.

He preferred it if they just dealt with the situation themselves instead of bringing the alliance into it but Miss Aimee claimed that she sensed the threat would be greater than what earth could handle themselves.

She also added that it probably wouldn’t be a threat to earth alone but didn’t reveal that Gustav’s claims was the reason she believed the threat would be universal.

If she mentioned Gustav even though she trusted him, they would be even more unwilling to listen to her due to his age.

She knew she would only get an audience due to her strength and prestige.

“I will make them listen… it is for their sakes as well,” Miss Aimee folded her arms and shut her eyes at this point.

‘I could destroy the first to twelfth layer of this planet easily and I can’t sense any existence here that is remotely a threat to me yet… that eye…’ Miss Aimee couldn’t help but recall the eye.

She really felt like a small entity compared to just a single organ… It was nerve racking.

‘These fools better take it seriously,’ Miss Aimee was well self aware that she wouldn’t usually care about such but then Gustav was also involved as well as the wellbeing of their galaxy so she had to care.



A massive frosty looking snake like creature blasted out from the icy ground, ascending with speed into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions and sounds of heavy collions rang out as well as the ground blasted open wider and multiple participants flew out of it.

“Don’t let it get away!” One of them yelled as they shot a flurry of attacks towards the flying frosty looking collosal snake creature.

Despite these participants representing different planets, they seemed to be working together in combating this creature.


One of them vanished and appeared right in front of the creature.

Twwiihh! Twwhiih! Twwwiiihh!

Multiple pieces of massive frosted objects appeared right above the creature and began to fall.

The frosty looking creature wriggled its way across the air, dodging most of the projectiles. It proceeded to wrap its tail around some of them and hurled it in the direction of the chasing participants.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Attacks coming from the participants giving chase, overwhelmed the hurled projectiles and some of them were close to hitting the creature when it suddenly turned around.


The instant it opened its mouth to roar, heavy whitish flames shot forth from it.


Some of the participants yelled as their bodies turned to frost and received grevious injuries.

The frost was beyond coldness. Even the air froze and a thick wall of ice had built from the ground to the sky spreading across the vicinity.


The creature slammed its tail into the participant that initially appeared before it, causing her to spin across the air before slamming into the wall of ice and getting impaled.


-“That thing is really stronger than the ones I’ve faced so far,”

-“At this point it might get away with the eggs in its belly,”ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Some of the uninjured participants complained as they watched it fly away.

However, at this moment one of them who had black wraps of clothes covering his entire body like a mummy, blasted through the wall of ice.


A trail of darkness followed his figure as he chased after the creature. The other participants who were uninjured didn’t want to miss the opportunity so they flew through the hole he left in the wall of ice, chasing right after him.


The cloak of the dark figure flapped repeatedly as he dashed across the air, catching up to the creature in a couple of moments.


The collosal creature shot out another massive flames of ice but the dark figure reacted by forming a blade of darkness and cleaving forward with intensity.

Bang! Fwwhiii!

A star of darknesss formed as the blade grew in size and kept slicing through the flames of ice till the creature ran out of breath.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The other behind began attacking the creature as all sorts of attacks were shot forward but it managed to evade most of them. Sustaining only a little bit of damage.


The dark blade in the figure’s grasp transformed into a massive bow which he held forward while flying.

The participant aimed it at the creature and fired a giant arrow of darkness that multiplied into threee.

Swwhii~ Swwhii~

The creature happened to be very fast so it managed to dodge two out of the dark arrows but the third was angled in such a way that it would undeniable hit the back of its massive head.

With the intensity at which the dark arrows ripped through the air, the last arrow would most likely pierce through the skull of the creature from behind.

At the last instant, the creature suddenly turned its neck to face the incoming dark arrow and opened its mouth wide.

It’s icicle like teeth were revealed for a split second which came crashing to a close just as the tip of the dark arrow went in a little.


It caught the dark arrow in between its teeth and got blasted backwards for thousands of feet in the air due to the powerful force but it held it tightly in between its teeth.

The creature spun after stopping in mid air before spitting it away.

The dark figure wasn’t the only shocked participant here, the others were in disbelief as well seeing how the creature managed to escape such an onslaught with little to no damage.



A lightning streak suddenly appeared in front of the creature and with that came a thirty feet long milky colored blade that was already descending upon its head.

Screeevvv! Bang!

A loud sound of collision reverberated across the vicinity as the milky colored glowing blade cleaved through three feet of the creature’s head.

It’s entire body was sent hurling downwards due to the force from the blade after it met with resistance upon cutting three feet deep.

“Raaarrrrhhhh!” The creature roared again but this time it was in pain as it made contact with the icy ground beneath.


The figure that the lightning streak transformed into, shot downwards with intense speed, phasing through the mouth of the creature.

The Frost Raisin realised its doom an instant later and quickly churned out a pillar of frost to force out the figure that had just infiltrated its mouth.

However, this was to no avail as it felt a force tugging against its belly from within after a few moments.


A loud explosion rang out few seconds later and the creature’s belly was blasted right through.

A glowing milky figure radiating with steam flew out of the torn belly with three eggs in his grasp.

One Indigo colored, the second was dark red and the last was completely black.

[You Have Killed A Level 5 Frost Raisin]

Gustav stared at the notification that appeared in his line of sight for a moment before flying upwards.

“Hey that doesn’t…” One of the participants was about to voice out when Gustav flung the completely black egg in the direction of the cloaked figure.

The cloaked figure caught the dark egg with a curious looking eyes which was the only part of his body that was exposed.

“Thanks for keeping it busy… the distraction was all I needed for my attack to be successful,” After saying this…

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