The Bloodline System

Chapter 1160 Main Leader Betrayal

Chapter 1160 Main Leader Betrayal

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"Calm down... the moment they deactivated the spatial disruptor, we will be able to leave here through the emergency exit,"

An holographic display of the cage surrounding Aribia City upper district was playing out before them. By the side it showed distorted footage of the bodies scattered across the city.


The icy stones which were of different sizes, blasted to pieces when they reached a certain height due to a dome covering the entire medieval city.

A normal person wouldn't last outside the city since they would he crushed to pieces by the falling ice stones. Hail storms were a usual sight in this unknown location and the climate was usually on the extreme winter side.

He was clad in silky and ragged looking brown attire.

It looked like they strived in coldness.

He was closing in on that area already and the people around greeted him with respectful expressions upon sighting him.

A seven foot tall gallant figure in silver and golden armor suddenly appeared before him. This figure sported a long blue hair and was equipped with a massive six foot long sword.

"Tarmac... are you going against your word now?" Endric voiced out while raising his head slightly to meet her gaze.

"It's Endri... aish, never mind..." Endric gave up trying to correct her.

"What is that?" Endric questioned.

"Your life will be spared if you did not see the contents after getting pulled out of the library but if you so much as manage to take a glimpse of the contents no matter how little, YOU SHALL BE SENTENCED TO DEATH!" She added.

"Understood," He replied.

"Stand underneath..." She instructed while gesturing at the space underneath the floating cone structure.

The Tarmac collected a dagger from one of the guards beside her and pulled off her left glove.

An unknown tattoo like marking could be seen in the middle of her palm. She then proceeded to stab the middle of the palm where the tattoo was inscribed.


Endric who was standing under the floating cone structure, felt a pull from above and raised his head.

In the next instant, he suddenly disappeared.

"It doesn't matter. He poses no threat to us and I will instantly end his life if he chooses to disregard the warnings," The Tarmac replied.

"My city comes first... anyone who tries to threaten my city regardless of who they may be... I will cut them down," The Tarmac's beautiful face twitched a little before she put her gloves back.

"She must be bluffing,"

Both guards exchanged a brief dialogue before following after her.

-Aribia City (Upper District)

-"Level a part of the city? How much range?" Ria questioned through the comms.

-"Why do I feel like you can easily take care of this, rival!" Ria yelled.

-"Ugh..." If Gustav was around Ria, he would have seen the blank expression on his face.

"Ria, can you do it?" Gustav asked once more.

"Good, I won't be letting you get into the cage because the roots will take effect on you and also try to ensnare you too," Gustav voiced out.


"I've gotten the humans who live in the houses in that area out of there... you can go ahead," Gustav voiced through the comms.

In a part of the upper district, the ground suddenly began to cave in.

Cracks spread across a wide area as the ground collapsed in and continued to spread for a radius of a thousand feet.

About a minute later what was left in that area was a hole more than one thousand five hundred feet deep.

Fwwhooooo~ Bang!

It was completely dark at the bottom but Gustav was unaffected by such a situation.


A smirk appeared on Gustav'sface as he slowly took a squatting position with this device in his grasp.

-A minute earlier

-"Is this what I think it is?"

"There is no need for panic leaders, we still exist in another dimensional frequency. We are safe here,"

The space was still dimly lit but there was tension in the air despite the unclear faces of the Genxodus leaders.

-"What is... He is definitely up something,"

-"If we're truly safe here then... what is he doing with that?"

-"Isn't that...?"

-"We are doomed!"

"Relax leaders, relax!" The main leader also stood to his feet as he voiced out.

Upon arriving at the wall, he tapped a part of its surface.

A small space shidted open in the wall and he stepped in with his back.

-"Leader... you..."


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