The Bloodline System

Chapter 1158 The Intergalactic Youngsters Show Of Power Begins

Chapter 1158 The Intergalactic Youngsters Show Of Power Begins

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"Are you ready?" E.E questioned with an excited expression.

"I would say I was born ready but I really wasn't," Gustav replied sarcastically.

E.E chuckled in response before saying, "It doesn't matter that you weren't born ready, what matters is we have fun. Its good that you're no longer as stuck up as you used to be,"

"That is thanks you you guys," Gustav stated while turning to face E.E.

"Aww come on man don't make me shed tears this early in the morning," E.E turned to face Gustav as well with a smile.

"Even though its dangerous and we might die, let's have fun," Gustav said while stretching out his fist.

"Yeah let's do this man," E.E stretched forth his fist as well and gave Gustav a fist bump.

"Let's do this,"


Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

Within a massive arena all sort of lifeforms could be seen seated around and cheering with loud voices.



His wings phased into his back in the next instant.


Gustav began to fall towards the sea of roots below in a vertical format.

As he closed the proximity between himself and the vines which were towering tall into the sky, they began to react.

Thhiii~ Thii~ Thii~

Roots began to shoot upwards in his direction, in a bid to catch him in their snares.

Gustav wrapped his arms around himself and began to spin very quickly as he dropped from from the air.

This made his speed of descent increase and also caused the roots that shot towards him to miss.


In a couple of seconds, he landed on the ground. He had managed to slither into the gaps of these roots and land on solid ground.

However, the moment he did, the roots around him reacted intensely and surrounded his figure to entrap him.

"Cognitive Concealmeant..." Gustav whispered.

His presence instantly disappeared the instant he voiced that out.


The roots paused in the next moment. Everyone of them that reacted, waved slowly in the air in confusion. After a while they returned to their previous state and Gustav was left.

'Those idiots that thought they could escape...' Gustav's perception spread out and covered the entire city in nearly an instant.

He could sense the MBO officers who were still struggling to stay alive but were already on their last breathes.

He could also sense the pile of mixedbloods corpses trapped in different parts of the roots covering the entire city. They belonged to both people of the city as well as MBO officers.

("Only a few humans and a couple of mixedbloods in the upper district are still alive but not for long,") The system voiced.

'The oxygen has turned sparse because of the roots so even though the humans life-force aren't getting sapped because they have no bloodline... they will eventually die from lack of oxygen...' Gustav analysed.

("The Genxodus don't seem to care about killing even the ones they claim to be making the world better for... as long as they get rid of the MBO and Mixedbloods,") The system added.

'Might as well end them now...' Gustav could sense even the ones that were currently trying to leave the city.

The Genxodus members were not in anyway trapped by the roots. Some of them even toyed with some of the nearly dead MBO officers since they were trapped.

They laughed at their state and poked them repeatedly.

[Partial Kilapisole Transformation Has Been Activated]

Gustav opened his eyes at this point as his entire body turned greenish and he bloated.

Multiple hands phased out of his body and he clasped his palms together.



The ground began quaking intensely in the next instant.

Everyone within the city and even in the slums could feel the intenss vibrations. This had them wondering exactly what was going on.

However in the next instant, everyone jaws dropped to the ground.

A wall of spikes that looked like it was made of countless icy diamonds was growing out of the ground.

It surrounded the entire upper district, putting Aribia city in a kind of cage.

It looked so thick and sturdy as it grew out ground and reached into the sky. In a couple of seconds it reached a height of five thousand feet and began to curve.

The top of all sides curved in as they kept growing out till, the upper district of Aribia city was completely covered up.

Now it truly looked as though the city had been placed in a cage. The Icicle like walls were so deeply bonded and thick that, only a few rays of sunlight was let through the covering.

All the Genxodus members that were close to arriving at the edge of the upper district were dumbfounded as they found themselves trapped in place.

"Guys... make sure you take care of the ones that already got out and every single one of them in the slums," The instant Gustav voiced this command through the comms, the others understood that the covering was his doing.

-"Understood," They all answered as they got to work.

Gustav wasn't bothered about the MBO officers that were still alive but were at the jaws of death already.

He knew if he wasted another second before acting, lots of Genxodus members would escape.

It was either he saved them or he got rid of the Genxodus members. He chose the latter.

"None of you will be leaving... alive," Gustav mumbled.

("You might want to leave some alive for questioning purposes though,") The system reminded.

"Tch! These bastards sent assassins after me over and over and over again after thrashing my house when they tried to abduct me... I don't plan to leave any of them alive," Gustav responded.

("Still... leave some alive... maybe you should keep your killing intent for the leaders,") The system stated.

Gustav began to move at this point, avoiding the roots which were everywhere.

Making use of his Cognitive Concealment had stopped the roots from sensing his existence which was why they had stopped earlier. Since the roots lacked visual senses, it would be impossible for them to spot Gustav.

Gustav wasn't affected by the bloodline dampening effect they had spread across the city which was why he could use his abilities as he pleased.

However, despite the fact that Gustav was unaffected by the bloodline dampening effect, the roots would have still tried to siphon his life-force assuming his presence wasn't hidden.

This was something the Genxodus had put in place despite not knowing of the MBO plans. This proved they were truly calculative and smart in their methods.

Unfortunately for them, someone like Gustav existed. This practically tipped the balance each time since Gustav existence couldn't be measures with common sense like other mixedbloods.

"Hey! What is this? I have tried every artillery but it barely made a difference?" One of the mech operators voiced out.

In a particular part of the upper district, around twenty Genxodus members were clustered together.

They were trying to leave but finding it difficult to cause any form of damage to the wall cage that had just appeared all over the city.

"Let's trying doing it together," One of the Genxodus members who was also operating a mech voiced out.

-"The others without good weapons should move to the side,"

-"There is barely any space here! Where are we supposed to move to?"

They argued back and forth until a loud voice interrupted.

"Let me help,"

They all turned around when they heard this.

"Who is that?" Since they didn't recognise the voice neither did they sense or hear the approach, one of them asked.f𝐫e𝘦𝘸e𝗯𝒏𝗼ѵeğ—¹ï¼Ž c𝑜m

"Your friendly neighbourhood spiderma... meh y'all wouldn't get it," The voice responded.

Step! Step! Step!

A person covered in a milky glow, appeared from within some of the roots, which disintegrated upon making contact with his body.

[Atomic Armour Has Been Deactivated]

Their eyes widened as they saw the original look of this person.

-"Gu... Gu... Gus-tav Crimson!?"

-"What is he doing here?"

-"How is he unaffected?"

The Genxodus members voiced out one after the other with expressions of wariness.

"Do not concern yourselves with these questions... After all..." Gustav smirked as he spoke.

"There is no point in answering the dead," Gustav added before speeding forward.


Not a single one of them was able to react in time before Gustav arrived before the first mech.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated two skills at once, and thrusted his right palm forward.

A milky glow coated his entire arm as his palm thrust forward with intensity.


His palm tore through the chest of the mech upon collision and kept thrusting forward till it penetrated the chest of the operator.

The eyes of the Genxodus members widened even more as they witnessed an organ flying out of the back of the operator.


The Genxodus member heart slammed into the wall ahead and got poked by one of the iro silk.

Everything had happened so fast, the members equipped with weapons and mech were unable to react in time.

"Jackson!" A female Genxodus member yelled out with an horrified look.

"Kill him!"

The Genxodus members yelled out as they activated their weapon systems and sent forth all sorts of attacks in Gustav's direction.

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