The Bloodline System

Chapter 1157 Falco Gets Taken

Chapter 1157 Falco Gets Taken

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"Don't be too shocked when I reveal my full strength... master," Gustav added.

"I won't be... but the world... the universe... shock them," Miss Aimee smiled as she responded.

As they got out of the spacecraft, a bunch of people clad in weird looking outfits were spotted approaching them from up ahead.

They had landed in a vicinity where thousands of spacecraft could be seen. It was really an epic sight to behold.

The numbers exiting the numerous spacecraft were very high too.


-"Guys..." Just as he voiced out through the comms, houses in the upper district began to glow up.

Zhiin~ Zhiinn~ Zzhiinn~

The roots growing out of the people who had consumed the bloodline dampenings seed, were glowing up.

They began experiencing intense growth spurt unlike earlier where it wasn't too intense.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hundreds of houses in Aribia city were blasted to smithreens as the roots extended from their intial ranges to far beyond.

Some of the officers who were battling against the Genxodus mechs suddenly found themselves surrounded by gigantic roots that had lengthened to the point where they had reached the sky.

"Wave of encapsulment!"

"Flames of annihilation!"

"Draconic thunderbolt!"

The officers quickly activated powerful abilities.

Some activated abilities to protect themseleves from the roots while others did so to blast the roots to smithereens.

Unfortunately, the roots had now become impervious to all attacks.



The yells of the MBO officers soon reverberated across the entire city as they were restrained and completely entrapped by the roots.

The ones who had activated abilities that created barriers around them and their fellow comrades, managed to save themselves from getting restrained.

However, all they could see beyond the barrier was an endless cover of roots. Everywhere had almost turned completely dark in a couple of seconds.

"What in the world is this?" One of them voiced out.

The ones within the protective barriers began to notice some changes to their bodies after sometime. Meanwhile, the screams of officers could still be heard.

-"Get to the far corners of the slums, right now!" Gustav voiced through the comms to the rest of his teammates.

Aildris, Temee, Ria, Falco, Vera, Elevora and Glade were in the same area currently which happened to be in the northern part of the slums.

The northern part of the slums happened to be very close to the upper district, hence Gustav's warning.

They could already see the towering sea of roots heading in their direction from the upper district area so they didn't need to be told twice.

"Let's go, Let's go," Aildris yelled to Elevora and the girls who were closer to his position.

He turned around and began speeding away.

Teemee, Ria and Falco who were closer to each other began their movement as well...

However, just as Falco turned around, a mech which was about a hundred feet away suddenly leapt in their direction.


He landed directly behind Falco and reached out to hit him.

Dark tattoos appeared around Falco's face as he turned around to throw a punch at the same instant.


Upon collision, a loud blast rang out and the ground caved.

Both figures were unscathed, however, a metallic entrapment which was the size of a wrist phased out of the mech fist.

It had already wrapped around Falco's fist and wrist before he noticed it.

Teemee and Ria turned around with speed and were ready to battle when the thrusters on the mechs body activated.


The mech lifted up into the sky with intense speed and, flew in the direction of the incoming sea of roots.

"Falco!" Temmee yelled and instantly activated an ability.

Ria did so as well, hurling pillars of earth in their direction but to no avail.

A red spear was conjured In Teemee's hand as he sped forward and flung it with intensity.


Wind blasted across the place as the spear shot forward with piercing intensity.

The mech only noticed the spear when it was a couple of feet away and even with that, it was already late to do anything.

As it turned in mid flight...


It made contact with the chest of the mech and tore right through and went out the back...


The mech operator vomitted blood as he spotted a hole in the place where his chest was.


Both Falco and the Mech who had already crossed a distance of more than a thousand feet, fell towards the sea of roots below.

"Falco!" Ria shouted out this time with a look of disbelief.

-"Are you guys still there? Get out of there right now!" Gustav yelled through the comms after noticing their location still showed they hadn't left.

-"Falco... Falco was taken and he fell into the area with those weird roots," Teemee reported back.

-"What?" Everyone voiced out at the same time.

"We need to help him," Teemee yelled out.

-"Negative, leave there immediately the roots will are beyond dangerous. None of you will survive if you get caught in it," Gustav voiced through the comms.

"He just fell in, we might still be able to save him if we act now!" Teemee sounded unwavering.

-"You will just be sending yourself to the jaws of death. You have no idea what you're up against or how to protect yourself against it! Leave there immediately!" Gustav stated once more.

"You might be able to leave people to death when the situation warrants but I am not you, Gustav I will..."


A crashing sound was transmitted through the comms.

"I knocked him unconscious... I will take him out of this area," Ria voiced through the comms with a regretful tone.

-"Good job Ria..." Gustav couldn't deny that this was the last thing he expected Ria to do but he was grateful.

Ria who had knocked Teemee out could see that the roots were only a couple of feet away and they had completely devoured the houses ahead.

He quickly picked Teemee up and surrounded himself in a ball of earth which turned around and drove them away from the incoming sea of roots with speed.

Gustav couldn't say he didn't expect Teemee to act this way. Teemee was always more on the logical side like Aildris but Gustav knew that deep within he was a big softie.

If it was someone else, he wouldn't act this way but since he considered everyone in the team to be family, he was willing to give up his life if it meant protecting them.

Only Gustav initially knew this side of Teemee existed but now everyone did.

-"I will handle Falco's situation myself. Make sure Teemee doesn't try anything when he comes to," Gustav voiced through the comms.

-"Where are you?" Aildris questioned.

"In the air," Gustav replied as he looked down upon Aribia City from above.

Massive bat like wings were sprouting from his back and a female figure was in the clutches of his left arm.

"I will regroup with you guys soon and tell you the next plan," Gustav added.

Angy looked down at the city as well. All that could be seen were the roots and vines that had covered the entire upper district up.

parts of the slums were not spared either but it didn't reach too deep into the slums.

"If we had not gotten all the slum dwellers out of here, the whole city would be covered up by these roots," Angy realised what was happening.

"More would have died..." Gustav added.

"Those fools should have let me siphon more of their memories..." Gustav sparked.

He had uncovered the info related to the bloodline dampening seed and the conventional centre ploy amongst others by siphoning the memory of the two high ranked Genxodus members.

Since he left the two to E.E and asked him to get them to the temporary base, the commanders took custody of both members.

After his return, they stopped Gustav from siphoning more of their memories when they found out both members would meet their end.

They wanted to take them both alive no matter what. Gustav only hoped there was no crucial information left that might hinder them but unfortunately his hopes were dashed with this.

They were unaware that the Genxodus could enhance the state of the bloodline dampening seeds with even more features.

"It's sucking out the life energy of every Mixedblood trapped within and it actively spreads to find more mixedblood... so long as it senses on in range, it tries to trap them," Gustav analysed.

"So it could still spread beyond this?" Angy questioned.

"Yes... but as long as certain conditions are not met, it won't," Gustav replied.

"The Genxodus members are safe since they don't have bloodlines... this means they can escape," Angy said with a look of worry.

"That's what they think... unfortunately for them... I won't let that happen," Gustav voiced with a tone of confidence.

"What will you do? What about Teemee?" Angy questioned.

"He is fine... I will go and get him once I get you to the ground," Gustav responded.

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