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Chapter 2648 - They Won't Kill You   

Chapter 2648: They Won’t Kill You


If Jing Yunyao really came back to take revenge, they could be sure that Jing Yunyao’s disappearance that year definitely had something to do with Jing Yaorong.

And the story couldn’t be simple.

Tiandaozong was like the court in the cultivation world. If any cultivators broke the rules, Tiandaozong had the power to interfere and deal with it, but they wouldn’t get involved in everything.

As was happening right now. If Jing Yaorong really had tried to murder Jing Yunyao and Jing Yunyao came for revenge after surviving, Tiandaozong wouldn’t stop her. They could only tell them not to kill each other at best.

As a result, when Bai Lingtian and the others walked into the backyard and saw them fighting, they did nothing even though Jing Yaorong and the youngest elder were seriously injured.

At the same time, they were surprised by Jing Yunyao’s high level. Her level was so high that even they couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

She could have reached the Out-of-Body Stage.

Because it wasn’t difficult to deal with Jing Yaorong, Jing Yunyao didn’t use any doppelgangers so Bai Lingtian and the others couldn’t tell her exact level.

As for the young man who was fighting along with her, they were surprised to see that he had reached the Yuan Ying Period at such a young age. Who was he?

Leng Shaoting had a different appearance this time, so Bai Lingtian failed to recognize him. He only felt that Leng Shaoting looked a little familiar, but didn’t think much about it.

Afterwards, Bai Lingtian and the others walked to Shangguan Yang and greeted him. “Hi, Senior Shangguan.”

“Oh, hi, Head Bai, and Elder Yun.” Shangguan Yang also greeted them.

“I heard that Jing Yunyao is back and that she’s with Senior Shangguan, so we had to come over,” said Bai Lingtian. It was obvious that they came to see Shangguan Yang, so he didn’t bother to think of another excuse.

“Head Bai, don’t worry, no one will be killed.” Shangguan Yang understood Bai Lingtian’s worries.

“Great, we don’t want anyone to die.” Bai Lingtian felt much relieved, then he asked, “What happened to Senior Mrs. Jing?”

“Senior Mrs. Jing did something bad to Jing Yaorong, so she was injured by him. I’m afraid she won’t live long,” said Shangguan Yang. He had no sympathy for Senior Mrs. Jing.

Hearing that, Bai Lingtian slightly frowned. Senior Mrs. Jing had done something bad to Jing Yaorong? It seemed that Jing Yaorong wanted to kill her. In that case, it must be very unacceptable.

Bai Lingtian didn’t ask what exactly Senior Mrs. Jing had done. He had no intention of saving her either.

He was the executor of the law in the cultivation world, but he couldn’t save everyone.

“Oh, Senior Shangguan, may I know Jing Yunyao’s level?” Bai Lingtian asked.

“She’s at the early stage of the Out-of-Body Stage,” said Shangguan Yang, not bothering to keep it a secret.

Although Bai Lingtian and the others had guessed that earlier, they were still very surprised when they heard it verified.

“Then who is the young man?” Bai Lingtian continued.

“Yunyao’s son. He’s also my disciple, the one you met last time. They just didn’t want people to know their real identities, so they disguised themselves.” Shangguan Yang was very honest. Since they came to the cultivator world with their own faces this time, they didn’t bother to hide any longer.

Knowing that, Bai Lingtian and the others were shocked again. It turned out that the young man was Jing Yunyao’s son and Shangguan Yang’s male disciple, Qing Feng?

It was only half a year, but he went to the Yuan Ying Period from Golden Core Stage so quickly!

“He’s a genius! Within half a year, he made such great progress.” Bai Lingtian exclaimed. After that, his sight fell on Gu Ning next to Shangguan Yang and asked, “And this must be your female disciple, right?”

Although he asked that question, he already had the answer in his heart. This girl used to be in the Mixture Stage, but now she was in the Heartbeat Stage and she was even at the peak. She had made progress rapidly as well.

Both of Shangguan Yang’s two disciples had unbelievable talent.

“Hi, Head Bai, I’m Gu Ning and Qing He.” Before Shangguan Yang said anything, Gu Ning greeted Bai Lingtian.

“You’re really amazing and so talented!” Bai Lingtian complimented her sincerely. It was true that both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were extremely talented. He had never seen any cultivators who could do the same.

Jing Yaorong and the youngest elder were mad when they saw Bai Lingtian chatting with Shangguan Yang without doing anything. It wasn’t surprising that Tiandaozong sided with Shangguan Yang.

“Head Bai, do you plan to watch them kill us?” Jing Yaorong questioned angrily.

“Patriarch Jing, I definitely won’t watch them kill you, but it’s your family affair. I don’t think I should interfere,” said Bai Lingtian.

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong was filled with anger.

“Relax, they won’t kill you,” said Bai Lingtian again. He was implying that he would do nothing as long as Jing Yunyao didn’t kill them.

Jing Yaorong got even angrier, but he could do nothing about it.

At this time, Jing Yaorong was out of strength, and his energy center was broken in the end. He quickly lost his energy and became weak.

After a cultivator’s energy center broke, they wouldn’t die right away, but they would lose all of their abilities and become an ordinary man.

Besides, his legs were broken too, so he was disabled now.

“No!” Jing Yaorong couldn’t accept it and almost had a mental breakdown.

Although he only lost all of his abilities and was still alive, he would rather be killed. After all, their abilities matter a lot to a cultivator.

After witnessing what happened, Jing Yunfei hated Jing Yunyao even more, but he still said nothing. He knew it was meaningless.

If Jing Yaorong hadn’t tried to murder Jing Yunyao and killed her husband, what happened today wouldn’t have happened.

Jing Yunyao coldly stared at Jing Yaorong and said, “Although I don’t accept you as my father and you don’t want me as your daughter, we’re still related by blood. So I don’t want to kill you. I just ruined your abilities and broke your legs. In fact, if we were not related, I would have directly killed you.”

Even though she wouldn’t kill Jing Yaorong, he would live the rest of his life in pain.

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