My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2770 - 2770 The Grade-Nine Spiritual Water

2770 The Grade-Nine Spiritual Water

Zhongli Zhiwei’s heart trembled with anger as she beheld this scene.

The sheer incredibility lay in the fact that even the flora naturally occurring between heaven and earth seemed to know how to ingratiate themselves with the powerful and align with the aristocracy!

Embracing this perspective offered her a sense of solace.


For without it, she grappled to rationalize why she had to unite with the Crown Prince Consort, when even those plants scorned such an alliance.

Though Zhongli Zhiyi too was taken aback, her reaction paled compared to Zhongli Zhiwei’s envy, which twisted her entire visage.

Unlike others, Zhongli Zhiyi refrained from clamoring around the petite pond or embroiling herself in a contest over that droplet of sacred water.

Exceeding a hundred individuals, the water pool contained barely enough for a mere sip per person. To squander such effort in seizing that mouthful of water was a ludicrous anomaly.

Shi Lang and Qiong Hao moved to replenish their bamboo container with the precious liquid, though their endeavor was meager. Instead, they neared skirmish with the Dai’er Mercenary Group.

Despite leading a Mercenary Group ranked five, Shi Lang’s cohort was markedly inferior to Dai’er’s formidable assembly.

A conflict now would undoubtedly spell misfortune for Shi Lang’s party.

Yet, relinquishing the easily accessible divine water remained an unacceptable notion for both factions.

Their entrenchment yielded a standoff.

Meanwhile, Qiuqiu’s manipulation of the elements ushered several dozen stalks of herbs, divine in caliber or beyond, concealed beneath the puddle, into a state of “submission.”

Mo Lian, Duan Yue, and the rest meticulously scrutinized the young lady’s countenance, finding amusement in their inner thoughts.

Though the young woman’s countenance remained largely inscrutable, those acquainted with her could easily discern her present disposition, which aligned with that of the standard class.

Yet, her impassive façade revealed no insight.

Shi Yongqian, keenly observing the unresponsive demeanor, couldn’t refrain from asserting with an icy demeanor, “Prior to our intrusion, an odd radiance seemed to emanate from this place.”

Upon hearing this, Shi Lang’s heart leaped, his avaricious gaze settling upon the crown prince consort. A playful smirk crept onto his lips, “Our esteemed crown prince consort was the pioneer to venture into this region.”

His assertion primed the stage for collective opposition against a shared adversary, casting suspicion upon Qiao Mu.

Qiao Mu, who had already tasked Qiuqiu with concealing several dozen divine-rank herb stalks, retorted with a derisive tilt of her head as she looked up at Shi Lang, “Spit it out. Spare us the theatrics.”

A flicker coursed through Shi Lang’s visage. “No doubt, the Dai’er Mercenary Group is privy to our involvement in a cryptic mission this time – a quest for primeval water.”

Dai’er and Su Ha exchanged an apathetic glance in response, withholding retort.

Met with silence, Shi Lang’s expression soured. “Dai’er, your patience is noteworthy.”

Dai’er, an enchanting beauty, chortled as she crossed her arms, her gaze fixed upon him, unfazed. “Shi Lang, you cunning old fox, don’t squander your breath sowing seeds of discord. I’m no novice; your attempts to fracture unity are futile.”

Shi Lang chuckled ruefully. “This terrain’s isolation is matched only by the monstrous fish obstructing the path ahead. I’m skeptical that you’re untroubled.”

“The prior monstrous fish likely ranks as a water-bound lifebound beast.”

“It’s primeval water – ninth-tier spiritual essence.”

Beside Shi Lang, the destitute assistant commander narrowed his beady eyes, scrutinizing Qiao Mu, as if hoping to penetrate her form and uncover latent reserves of innate water.

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