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Chapter 5290 - Chapter 5290: Each Calculating

Chapter 5290: Each Calculating

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This also marked a crucial turning point for him, thanks to the profound origin of the Extreme Dao. It led him to make significant changes in the path he was about to tread.


Jian Wushuang was somewhat moved, unsure of what Shan Jun intended to do. However, he could sense that his journey toward perfecting his physical body was not going to be as easy as he had thought.

On the slopes of the Demon Sound Mountain.

Despite the eternal presence of the Eternal Tower, many Emperors were still injured. After all, they were besieged by hundreds of tier 4 Devouring Demons, a force no one could easily withstand.

“Fengyu, if we can’t figure out a solution soon, we’ll have to retreat,” Emperor Chishui couldn’t help but speak up.

He had climbed halfway up the mountain, reaching almost his limit. It was incredibly challenging to go any further uphill.

Instead of fighting to the death with these creatures, he considered stepping back to contemplate the origin source more deeply, grabbing whatever benefits he could in the process.

However, Emperor Fengyu was different. She possessed the Eternal Treasure and could use it to ascend the mountain again.

But the problem lay with the countless Devouring Demons. She couldn’t handle them alone; she needed the help of others.

Now, the two Emperors found themselves on opposing sides once again. Fengyu’s eyes turned icy cold. She snorted and said, “This opportunity to observe the universe’s origin source up close is incredibly rare. Chishui, if you’re afraid of death, you can retreat at any time. No one is stopping you here! ”

She spoke the truth. Although she needed others’ help, she didn’t care about Crimson Water at all. But

now, not only did this guy want to retreat, he was also trying to persuade others to follow suit.

That was unacceptable!

Chishui pondered for a moment, his small eyes darting around.

“Fengyu, you can’t put it that way. Observing the universe’s origin source from such a close distance is a tremendous opportunity for all of us. We can’t just give up easily. But being trapped by these evil alien beasts now, unable to ascend the mountain and unable to practice in peace, plus the injuries we’ve sustained… This is not good for us!”

The two of them continued to argue.

In their hearts, they were as clear as a mirror.

Fengyu wanted to use these people to help her reach the top. Redwater didn’t want to see Fengyu grow stronger, and he certainly didn’t want to be the one taken advantage of.

This left some others in a dilemma.

Especially the peak-level experts from other domains.

And there were some tier 3 Emperors too. Every one of them had experienced tremendous luck to reach this point. It wasn’t easy for them, and they were reluctant to retreat.

However, they were weak, and not retreating was not an option either. If they insisted on fighting, the first to fall would be the tier 3 Emperors.

So, they thought, why not retreat to a safer place halfway up the mountain and cultivate there?

While everyone was still debating, subtle changes occurred outside.

A Devouring Demon, draped in a crimson cloak, slowly walked to the front, followed by hundreds of tier 4 Demon Lords.

Beside him, there was a sea creature with gills. Though its aura appeared weak before the Emperors, the perfect scales covering its entire body gave it an Emperor-like presence. Standing in front of the tier 4 Demon Lords, it didn’t seem out of place at all.

The two figures at the forefront were Jian Wushuang and Shan Jun’s avatars.

Shan Jun’s avatar, condensed with all his power, possessed combat capabilities comparable to a tier 5 Emperor. It was a level stronger than the other avatars.

“What’s this?”

When Jian Wushuang transformed back into his original form, those Emperors didn’t recognize him at all.

But he recognized the Eternal Tower’ in front of him.

The Eternal Treasure he once looked up to was now in a sorry state. Many Emperors hid inside it, too afraid to show themselves.

“Are these Emperors from your Original Universe?” Shan Jun communicated through mental transmission.

Jian Wushuang nodded silently.

Shan Jun raised his finger slowly and said, “Have you any close master or kin among them?”

Jian Wushuang shook his head again.

“l understand.’

A gleaming black light emanated from the tip of Shan Jun’s finger. A forceful devouring energy burst forth, causing even the evil aura in Jian Wushuangs heart to tremble in resonance.

In that moment, Jian Wushuang understood why the immensely powerful and evil Shan Jun treated him this way.

It seemed he regarded Jian Wushuang as one of his kind!

“The opportunity sent to me… it couldn’t be these Emperors, could it?” Jian Wushuang speculated inwardly.

If that were the case, he was slightly worried that the higher-ups in the Qishen Temple might come after him.

Shan Jun should be aware of this and wouldn’t go to extremes.

Although the Eternal Tower remained unshaken after this attack, many Emperors inside sustained minor injuries. Their divine bodies swayed, and their origin sources became unstable.

The terrifying force of that single blow made many people decide firmly: they had to descend immediately. They couldn’t afford to continue fighting to the death.

Especially those tier 3 Emperors.

Although the Eternal Tower weakened the black light pillar to one ten-thousandth of its power, a trace of the residual shockwave still entered the interior of the Eternal Tower.

For those tier 3 Emperors, such a method, even with their own defenses, would likely pulverize them instantly.

If the Eternal Tower retreated to defend, its strength might diminish to one hundred thousandth. If it retreated into the void, it might be even weaker.

But Fengyu refused to compromise, stubbornly commanding the Eternal Tower to hold its ground halfway up the mountain.

Despite being protected by a layer of light shield, Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but feel a shiver.

Was this the might of a top Emperor?

Even a slight brush with this power would probably lead to her demise!

Such a terrifying presence was suppressed here on the mountaintop so casually.

The immense power of the Qishen Temple was beyond imagination.

“Listen, you reptiles inside. If you want to ascend the mountain, leave behind ten percent of your origin source. I won’t interfere. If you refuse, don’t even think about staying on this mountainside!” Shan Jun’s threatening tone was straightforward, leaving no room for negotiation.

Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but sigh.

Strength truly meant confidence. If their strengths were equal, there might be political maneuvering, but when one side overwhelmingly dominated the other, the stronger party wouldn’t bother with such tactics.

They’d be direct.

No compromise meant get lost!

‘If he can do it, so can l!’ Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

If Shan Jun had this power now, he would have it in the future too.

Ten percent of the origin source from so many Emperors!

What a grand gift.

Inside the Eternal Tower, two factions emerged.

One supported Chishui, and the other, Fengyu.

These old rivals found themselves once again on opposing sides.

Chishui didn’t believe, nor did he want to believe, Shan Jun’s words. But Fengyu was willing to take the risk.

If these Devouring Demons didn’t obstruct her, she had a chance to reach the top.

For these Emperors, the biggest threat on Demon Sound Mount was the Devouring Demon Lord. Without these creatures blocking their way, most of the tier 4 Emperors had a chance to ascend.

The remaining major peak forces, lacking the Eternal Treasures, sided with Fengyu.

On Chishui’s side were scattered cultivators and representatives of small forces.

“Fengyu, do you take us for children? What kind of silly stunt are you trying to pull? If you actually trust what that Demon Lord says, you might as well trust me. 1 say you have the potential to be a great Emperor,” mocked a follower of Chishui directly.

The several tier 4 Emperors below didn’t dare to be so arrogant. After all, this was the Eternal Tower.

Even if Fengyu didn’t dare to offend everyone and deal with them, she could still ask for their help. The situation couldn’t be settled abruptly..

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