God of Fishing

Chapter 3539 - 3539 Death of the Dominator (4)

3539 Death of the Dominator (4)

Now, he had fallen into the Path of Reincarnation. Although he was a dominator, he couldn’t resist the suppressing power of the Path of Reincarnation. At this moment, his laws were dissipating crazily.

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth curled up slightly, and he slowly said, “Do you really think I dare to attack you without any backing? Haven’t you Eternal Race been looking for the Path of Reincarnation? Now that the Path of Reincarnation has delivered itself to you, why don’t you look happy at all?”

Heavenly Soul Dominator’s face finally changed, not because of the Death God, let alone Han Fei, but because of the Path of Reincarnation. If the Path of Reincarnation was really so easy to solve, he wouldn’t have frequently sent people to test it.


The Heavenly Soul Dominator still tried to mobilize all his strength to resist the rules of the Path of Reincarnation. However, the more he wanted to erupt, the stronger the suppressing power from the Path of Reincarnation would be, and the faster the laws would dissipate.

Han Fei grinned. “On the Path of Reincarnation, I am the real master.”

With that, Han Fei clasped Heavenly Soul Dominator with both hands and pulled him into the river of laws.

With the blood of the dominator, the gods dared to walk on the bridge of the Path of Reincarnation. However, the dissipation effect of the river of laws on laws was ten times stronger than the suction force on the bridge.

When Han Fei took Luo Xiaobai and the others to stack laws in the river, they needed Han Fei’s protection. When Han Fei took Ximen Linglan upstream this river with him, for 180 years, he didn’t dare to let go of Ximen Linglan.

Now, the Supreme Bone of Heavenly Soul Dominator seemed to have encountered a strong acid and bubbled crazily.

Seeing this, even Han Fei couldn’t help being surprised. As expected of a dominator. At this speed, even if this river of laws wanted to completely kill a Heavenly Soul dominator, it would probably take several days.


“Han Fei, even if you can kill me, so what? Once the Death God disappears, the first Palace Master of the Time Temple and Han Guanshu won’t be able to kill a dominator. Our Eternal Race still has four dominators. It’s impossible for all of them to be tricked by you. Why don’t we each take a step back and I’ll give you the small vine of the Demon Purification Pot? In addition, I’ll help you save the first battlefield.”

Han Fei sneered. “There’s no turning back. I never negotiate with my enemies. If you become my enemy, there can only be one result, which is death. As for what happens to the other four dominators, that’s my business. If I can kill you, I can kill them.”

“Han Fei, there are countless strong masters and 50,000 gods in our Eternal Race. Do you know how much impact it will have if we participate in the ominous battle?”

Heavenly Soul Dominator roared angrily. At this moment, he had to compromise. On the Path of Reincarnation, he couldn’t exert his strength, so he could only wait for death. As one of the leaders of the Eternal Race, how could he die here?

Unfortunately, Han Fei wasn’t moved at all. Instead, he smiled in disdain. “Fifty thousand gods is a lot, but you’ve experienced the Primordial Era. Don’t you know how many gods were born in that era? At that time, there were more than a hundred thousand gods. I would believe you if you said a million, but did they win against the ominous? So, just wait for death in peace! I will let the gods of your Eternal Race who relied on stealing the fruits of the divine tribulation know what dream bubbles are.”


Heavenly Soul Dominator felt the river of life tremble. Obviously, Han Fei was cutting off his river of life.

Outside the Path of Reincarnation, Han Fei indeed couldn’t shake the river of life of a dominator, but in the Path of Reincarnation, Heavenly Soul Dominator couldn’t activate the power of a dominator at all, let alone shatter Han Fei’s river of life. He could only let Han Fei do whatever he wanted.

And Heavenly Soul Dominator knew that once the river of life was cut off by Han Fei, the vitality contained in the Supreme Bones couldn’t resist the river of laws and Han Fei’s forcible stripping.

“Blood Soul Technique ~”

The Supreme Bone of Heavenly Soul Dominator turned blood-red, as if he had used all its strength, trying to shake the Path of Reincarnation.

For a moment, the Path of Reincarnation began to tremble, and the green jade stone bridge began to shake. The 100,000-strong line was shaken to the point of staggering.

Han Fei snorted. “Enforce the law.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Law Enforcement Divine Chain immediately attached to the body of Heavenly Soul Dominator, who shouted, “Hahaha, Han Fei, you brat, you can’t kill me in the end. Even if I enter the Creation Divine Prison, it can’t obliterate me with its strength. No matter what your plan is, you won’t be able to kill me.”

“Really? I spent a hundred years to set up this trap. Do you really think you can escape?”

Han Fei sneered. The moment the Law Enforcement Divine Chain attached to Heavenly Soul Dominator, Han Fei finally cut off the river of life of Heavenly Soul Dominator.

But it was impossible for Han Fei to let the Creation Divine Prison seal Heavenly Soul Dominator. Before the Creation Divine Prison convicted Heavenly Soul Dominator, Han Fei left the Path of Reincarnation and returned to this time predicament.

At this moment, although Heavenly Soul Dominator who was caught by the Law Enforcement Divine Chain didn’t know what Han Fei was doing, after leaving the Path of Reincarnation, he wanted to see if the Law Enforcement Divine Chain really couldn’t be broken free.

For a moment, Heavenly Soul Dominator unleashed his full strength, trying to break free from the Law Enforcement Divine Chain.

The Creation Divine Prison had just appeared and was convicting Heavenly Soul Dominator.

On the other hand, suddenly, three thousand Han Fei appeared here, all of whom were his original bodies.


The three thousand Han Fei activated the law of life at the same time to extract the vitality of Heavenly Soul Dominator. Even Heavenly Soul Dominator was stunned. The river of life had been severed, and his strength was first suppressed by the Path of Reincarnation and then by the Law Enforcement Divine Chain. At this moment, he couldn’t avoid Han Fei’s law of life at all.

Almost instantly, the dazzling Supreme Bone of Heavenly Soul Dominator lost all vitality.

Yes, everything was for this moment. The Death God created an opportunity to send Heavenly Soul Dominator into Han Fei’s time predicament. Han Fei deliberately used himself as bait to let Heavenly Soul Dominator discover something wrong. Then Han Fei used all his strength to launch a dominator-level blow, pretended to be exhausted, and escaped with his invincible body, luring Heavenly Soul Dominator to embark on the Path of Reincarnation. He then would cut off his river of life on the Path of Reincarnation, sealed Heavenly Soul Dominator’s power with the Law Enforcement Divine Chain, and used the Time Splitting Technique that he had prepared for a hundred years to extract his vitality…

If anything went wrong with this plan, it was very likely to fail.

However, Han Fei did it.


Dong! Dong! Dong!

At that moment, in the Creation Star Compass, above the vast Sea of Stars, the Great Dao rumbled, the heavens were ignited with a blush, and the entire Sea of Stars was filled with a blood-colored brilliance.

The continuous Heavenly Dao Death Knells shocked everyone.

The old Dragon God shouted, “The Heavenly Dao is crying blood, and the heavens are mourning. This is… a dominator has died.”

For a moment, Senior Brother Azure Dragon and the others were slightly relieved, and a smile appeared on their faces.

As for the countless people of the Eternal Race, they had never seen such a scene before. At this moment, they were only horrified, feeling that this astronomical phenomenon was too terrifying.

Seeing this, under the black robe, the face in the shadow put on a faint smile and disappeared in the next moment.

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