God of Fishing

Chapter 2992 - 2992 Unparalleled Six God (4)

2992 Unparalleled Six God (4)

The middle-aged man roared, “Overlord of the North Sea. I’m the Great Monarch of the Ancient Demon Race. If you kill me, can your North Sea afford the consequences?”

Senior Brother Six God said, “Shut up.”


Seeing that he couldn’t shake Senior Brother Six God at all, the middle-aged man seemed to have made a decision. With a roar, he turned into a primordial bull and rammed at the child-like body of Senior Brother Six God with a devastating force.

Although he didn’t know why the overlord of the North Sea had two bodies, it was obvious that this little baldy looked much easier to deal with than the Six God Mantis.

Boom ~

A dull bang swept across the world, which should have caused terrifying ripples, but in Han Fei’s opinion, the power formed by the collision seemed to have been absorbed by Senior Brother Six God’s body.


Then, the giant bull bounced back.

He said in shock, “How is it possible? How can you swallow my law body?”

Senior Brother Six God scratched his head. “I don’t know how to fight, but I can eat.”

The Reckless Bull Great Monarch: “…”

Everyone :”…”

Han Fei looked at the ferocious and destructive sickle and thought to himself, This is called not knowing how to fight? Isn’t this sheer lying?

At this moment, the Reckless Bull Great Monarch had nowhere to dodge, and the mantis’s claw had already slashed down.

Billions of hairs rose from the body of the Reckless Bull Great Monarch, turning into dao patterns that filled the sky, forming a huge Array.

“Rip ~”

A golden line appeared on the big array, which was cut in half by the sickle.


The middle-aged man summoned nearly ten spiritual treasures at once, but when they touched the sickle claw, they shattered one after another, unable to stop the giant claw at all.

“God’s Horn.”

The Reckless Bull Great Monarch went crazy. It burned its life, soul, and transformed into a Reckless Bull Dharma Idol. Its huge horns welcomed the sky as it smashed at the huge mantis claw, trying to shatter the sickle with its strongest horn.



A crisp cracking sound came, but what shattered was not the mantis sickle, but the bull horn.


The majestic bull hit the mantis sickle head-on and was cut in half together with its horn.

Senior Brother Six God frowned. “It’s really strange. Someone bumped into my knife because he couldn’t wait to die.”

Han Fei was speechless. Was that he couldn’t wait to die? He clearly wants to knock away your Mantis Sickle!

However, this scene shocked Han Fei. Wasn’t Senior Brother Six God ranked ninth? But why did his combat power feel no weaker than that of Senior Brother Azure Dragon?

In fact, even Senior Brother Azure Dragon didn’t seem to be as strong as him.

However, this was not the time to think about this. The Great Monarch was not dead yet. His soul wanted to run, but Senior Brother Six God clasped his hands, and a black hole appeared in front of him.


As Senior Brother Six God took a deep breath, his soul and body were sucked back by Senior Brother Six God. In the end, they turned into a small dot and were forcefully swallowed by Senior Brother Six God.

Han Fei: “…”

The strong masters of the Central Sea Divine Realm: “…”

“What a freak!”

Han Fei muttered in his heart. From the looks of it, only he and Feng Yu were relatively normal in the entire Void Temple. Oh, maybe Senior Brother Lei Heng was normal too. After all, he had once been chased like a stray dog.


After the death of the Great Monarch, the sky changed and cracks spread throughout the East Sea Divine Realm.

Great Monarch East Martial shook his head slightly. The guys from the Void Temple were still as violent as before. They had killed a Great Monarch. Were they going to completely fall out with the Central Sea Divine Realm? Alas, another storm of blood!

In the Central Sea Divine Realm, among the ancient demons, a Great Monarch-level powerhouse suddenly changed his expression and stood in the sky. “Good, what a great Void Temple. You killed a Great Monarch-level powerhouse of our race just because of the fights among our disciples. Do you really think we’re afraid of your Void Temple?”

At this moment, another Great Monarch slightly shook his head. “I told the Ancient Demons not to send a Great Monarch to guard the battle. Great, now they’ve lost a Great Monarch for nothing.”

Someone smiled. “I’m afraid that the Great Monarch wants to take the Demon Purification Pot, right? Hehe. Otherwise, why did he rush there alone so quickly?”

In the West Wilderness, a certain bandit group, Zhan Nanye, muttered, “Another one died. The East Sea is indeed a troubled place!”

In the headquarters of the Southern Dipper in the South Sea Divine Realm, an edict was issued. “Assassins of Southern Dipper shall not enter the East Sea Divine Realm for the time being.”

The Great Monarchs of the Phoenix Divine Race looked at the sky, and the patriarch said leisurely, “I bet that the death of this Great Monarch must have something to do with Han Fei.”

Aunt Huo: “You don’t have to bet! He’s responsible for the deaths of all those Great Monarchs. This one must be no exception.”

Feng Yu’s Second Uncle: “Xiaoyu is the best! If Xiaoyu is like this, I’m afraid our family will have to think about how to fight every day.”

The white-bearded elder beside the three of them was the Primordial Star Tree. He said leisurely, “If the golden age of the ancient human race can be restored, the world will change.”

After Senior Brother Six God finished his business, he looked at Han Fei and said, “Little Junior Brother, the Great Monarch here is dead, so I won’t take any action. As for the others, solve them by yourself!”

Senior Brother Six God said that he wouldn’t do anything, but at this moment, there were at least 20 Immortal-level insect cultivators surrounding the Immortal-level cultivators from the Central Sea Divine Realm.

Bai Ye of the Ancient Demon Race was attacking crazily, trying to rush out. Now that the Great Monarch had died, he had lost his trump card.

Why? Why was the overlord of the North Sea from the Void Temple?

Han Fei stepped in the air and slowly walked towards Bai Ye. As he walked, he said to the strong masters of the insect race, “Well, can you leave those two behind? Yes, yes, that spider and the Tree Demon.”

Then, Han Fei turned his head and looked at Bai Ye. “Bai Ye, right? You seemed to be looking forward to me using the void mark, right? Why are you so panicked now? What are you afraid of?”

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