Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 815 - Secret

Chapter 815 – Secret

“Brother Feng, will you be able to help me after I am posted to the Southeast?” This was the purpose why Master Lu invited Feng Yu for dinner. He needs Feng Yu to help him get political credits.

Why did all the Officials Second generations get promoted so fast? When they are posted to the grassroots level, they have brought along their connections and investments. They can get people to help them get credits. Of course, another reason is no one dares to snatch the credits from them or cover-up.

These second-generations had learned from their elders on how to be an official since young. But there are still a lot of them failing at the grassroots level.

Master Lu will be posted to the Southeast, and he will be bringing some projects and investments with him. But he still feels his preparation is not enough. Those projects and investments are only enough for him to be promoted to Deputy Mayor within 5 years. He felt this was too slow.

These Second-generation are very proud and think highly of themselves. They feel they are about to take on a higher position and does not want to be promoted slowly.

“Master Lu, which part of the Southeast will you be posted to?”

“Fujian Province, Putian county. I am going to be No. 1 there.” Master Lu had a proud look on his face as he said this. It was rare for someone at his age to be holding this position.

“Congratulations.” Feng Yu raised his brows. Fujian? That’s the headquarters of Nanfu Battery.

Feng Yu had been eyeing Nanfu Battery for a long time. In his previous life, the company was taken over by foreign investors. This company was formerly a state-owned enterprise, and it ended up in the hands of foreigners.

Of course, this was also because of politics. The company had listened to the local government to bring in foreign investors. When the Nanfu Battery merged with foreign investors, the company does not lack any funds. Even if they wanted to expand their operations, the banks are all willing to offer loans. But the local government wanted to attract foreign investments and forced Nanfu Battery to sell their shares. In the end, Morgan Stanley acquired the company’s shares from other shareholders and sells them to Nanfu Battery’s competitor.

Since Master Lu is going to Fujian Province, Feng Yu was determined to acquire Nanfu Battery. It’s better for this company to be owned by him than to fall into the hands of those foreigners.

First, Feng Yu have to push Master Lu up. Master Lu must be at least the Deputy of Fujian Province for him to have some say. If he remains in Putian County, he will not be able to help with the acquisition.”

“Master Lu, I will get Bing City Machinery Company to set up a motorcycle factory in Putian.”

Fujian’s location is in the center of 3 provinces. Setting up a factory there can serve the nearby regions. That was one of the locations planned by the Machinery Company to set up their new branch factories.

Master Lu was overjoyed. “Is it Songjiang Motorcycles? Thank you, Brother Feng. You are a great help.”

Master Lu thought for a while and asked. “Brother Feng, you are only going to set up a motorcycle factory? What about Songjiang cars? Can you set up a branch factory there?”

“Master Lu, automobile factory requires high investment. Money is not a problem. But the automobile market in China is just starting and lacks demand. FAW is holding on to the biggest market share in the southeast region. We are still slowly trying to increase our market share. But the market has limitations. How long do you plan to stay in Fujian? If you are going to stay there for more than 10 years, I will build a branch factory there, even if I have to lose money for the next 3 to 5 years!” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu knew these second generations will be transferred to and fro the grassroots level to get their promotions. Master Lu, had reached the rank of division chief in the ministries. He will then be posted to the grassroots level and after he got his Deputy Bureau Director rank, he will be reposted back to the departments. The next time he is posted to the grassroots level, he will be the Bureau Director level.

Other people have to move up the ranks slowly. These second-generations have lots of ways to get promoted, and their promotions are much faster than others.

“Brother Feng, motorcycle factory is good enough.” Master Lu laughed embarrassedly. He does not dare to make any promises. If there is a vacancy in the higher-ups, he will try his best to get it.

Only the ones who are a step ahead of others will get to the top 9 positions!

“Master Lu, as your good friend, I need to remind you. Firstly, you are someone who does not lack money. You must never pocket any money.”

“Of course. Although you gave me some shares in the past and I had transferred it to my brother-in-law. But if I need money, he will give it to me.”

“Secondly, indulging in lust is like hanging a knife upon your head. You have fooled around for so many years, and you are married now. It’s time for you to tone down. I can understand if you play around occasionally. But never put in your real feelings and never do anything that will harm your family.”

“I know about this. I am the one who requested this transfer. I also want to have a career. I had stopped fooling around.” Master Lu replied.

“Thirdly, I know you well. You like to make friends and stand up for them. This is a good thing. But in the future, this is not good for you. You have a lot of friends, and there are all sorts of people among them. If you try to help them whenever they are in trouble, you might also be implicated.”

Master Lu frowned. “You are exaggerating. If I don’t help my friends, how will others see me?”

“If it is some minor matters, it is not a problem. But the problem with you is you never reject any of your friends when they come to you for help. You will always give them a second chance regardless of what they did. But have you ever thought that some mistakes cannot never be forgiven!”

“No one is perfect. Who dares to say they have never committed any mistakes in their life? As a friend, I must help them. If I don’t extend a helping hand when they are in trouble, how can I still be their friend?” Master Lu retorted.

Master Lu’s character is worthy of being a friend. But his character is not suitable to be in the government.

“Master Lu, don’t forget your status. If you want to have a career in the government, these friends will only drag you down. You can take care of them, but there is a limit. You must put the country before anything else!”

“I know about this. Of course, I will place the country before anything else. I am also a Party member.” Master Lu laughed.

Feng Yu said in his heart. If you can think like this in my previous life, you will not be a failure. Please do not make the same mistake this time.

“I’m glad you understand. Also, some people are not worthy of being friends. When you are in the Southeast, don’t mix with very popular friends. Since ancient times, people like them do not have good endings.”

“Ok. What’s wrong with you today? I am only going to work in Fujian. It is not some dangerous place.” Master Lu laughed.

Feng Yu sighed and did not continue.

Some things cannot be said. Niu Meng’s family and that businessman in the Southeast region will implicate a lot of people in the future.

It’s tough to keep these secrets to himself!

Nanfu Battery

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