White-Robed Chief

Chapter 623 - Power

Chapter 623: Power

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Liu Xing realized that the situation was not right, he quickly said, “Huo Yuhao, dig us a hole with your sword, quick!”

Huo Yuhao drew the treasure sword from his waist and leaped ten meters up to the stone wall to use his sword. The sharp treasure sword that could slice through metal as if it was slicing soil sliced through the stone wall as if it was tofu. It easily dug a huge hole that was large enough for four of them to enter.

A heavy and thick stone suddenly dropped into the canyon.

“Get in, quick!” said Liu Xing quickly.

The four of them flew into the cave.

“Bam bam bam bam…”

“Bang bang…”

As soon as they went in, huge stones from all over the place dropped down. If they were standing at the same place, no matter how great they were in martial arts, it was going to take a lot of inner energy to deal with all those rocks. The huge rocks were dropping down without end. Although it was said that Grandmasters had endless inner energy, they were not able to replenish it as quickly as would have been used.

When they exhausted their inner energy, that would be time then they would be crushed into minced meat.

“That’s too vicious!” sighed Liu Xing as he shook his head.

The three of them nodded. They actually never thought about this. This was a strategy from the army, not many people used it in the martial arts world.

“The Head Chief is not outside, right?” asked Xiang Feixue.

Liu Xing smiled. “The Head Chief is so smart, how would he fall to a scheme like this?”

A long whistle could suddenly be heard.

The four of them were instantly energized, they could tell that it was Chu Li’s voice.

“The Head Chief is on top!” said Xiang Feixue quickly.

Liu Xing nodded. “Let’s go up!”

The rocks stopped dropping down, they stuck their heads out and looked up.

The weather above was just nice, the moon had slightly drifted, the canyon was slightly darker. The moonlight only managed to shine on the upper half of the stone wall.

“Let’s go!” called Liu Xing.

The four of them got out of the cave and climbed up, sticking to the wall. They got up really fast, they reached the top of the canyon in the blink of an eye.

Under the cold moonlight, they could see Chu Li’s white robe fluttering. He was standing with his hands crossed and placed behind his back. There were eight masked people in black lying on the floor not far away from his feet.

And next to the masked men were huge rocks that were piled up like a hill, and even further away, there were huge cauldrons. There was boiling oil inside, they could feel the heat even though they were quite some distance away.

“Head Chief!” The four of them approached him and made a closed fist salute.

Chu Li let out a slight smile. “Three of them are from the Imperial Residence, let them go back. Just cripple their cultivations of the other five.”

“Understood!” Liu Xing and the others made a closed fist salute, feeling in high spirits.

They excitedly rushed towards them and pulled off their masks very quickly.

“Hmph, these guys are really heartless!” scoffed Ying Wuqiu with his teeth clenched. “Are we really going to let them go, Head Chief?”

These three guys had been through life and death with him before, but they still ended up being this ruthless. Look at all those huge rocks and look at all that hot oil, they did not even plan to let him live!

Chu Li said, “They are from the Imperial Residence after all, just let it go this time.”

“…Understood,” said Ying Wuqiu with hatred.

Liu Xing and the people worked fast, they crippled the five men’s martial arts. They were all Grandmasters, but their acupuncture points were already sealed by Chu Li, they could only watch as their martial arts got crippled with open eyes.

They stared at Chu Li and Liu Xing’s group with hatred.

Liu Xing said, “Head Chief, these guys are going to be a problem too, even after we let them go, why not we just kill them?”

Chu Li smiled, he shook his head. “Just let them go, let them live so that there will be no trouble.”

The threat of having one’s cultivation crippled was far worse than just being killed, to let them live as if they were dead, so that others around him would think twice before doing anything.

“Alright.” Liu Xing reluctantly stared at them and scoffed. “The Head Chief is kind and decided to let you all live, but you still do not know how to show appreciation, you guys really deserve death!”

Chu Li walked towards the three Imperial Residence’s martial arts masters and sighed. “I know it is an order from his Royal Highness. You don’t really have a choice, I have been treating everyone from the Imperial Residence as family but I never thought that we would have to meet on the battlefield. If there is a next time, I am going to cripple your cultivations too.”

Three of them looked helpless, they made a closed fist salute.

They had seen Chu Li’s martial arts was that good. Eight Grandmasters actually got taken down by him in the blink of an eye, they couldn’t muster up any sense of retaliation, all that was left was just awe.

But how could they not listen to King An? Being the Protectors of the Imperial Residence, they had no choice, being in the Imperial Residence!

“Just go,” said Chu Li as he waved his hand and sighed.

“Thank you, Head Chief!” Three of them made a closed fist salute and looked towards Ying Wuqiu that had a grim-faced expression, they bitterly smiled and glided away.

“A bunch of heartless people, the Head Chief treated them so well, but they are not even hesitant when they were trying to kill us!” scolded Ying Wuqiu with hatred.

“It’s fine, Elder Ying,” said Liu Xing, “If they did not obey the Royal Highness’s order, they would probably be dead by now.”

Chu Li crossed his hands behind his back and stood at the side, he was thinking about the fight just now.

The eight masked men had already piled up a hill of huge boulders and were relentlessly throwing them down.

It was hard for them to even carry the huge boulders, after adding in the acceleration while falling down, their power built could be guessed. Even a Grandmaster forcefully catching one of those huge boulders was hard, catching two of them was already the limit. With the third one falling down, they could only run away.

Even if they could force the boulders upwards, the cauldrons of boiling oil were waiting for them. If the oil spilled on them, they were going to lose at least half of their health.

Chu Li saw what was happening. In a moment of anger, he directly struck out.

He suddenly attacked, striking out two Divine Light Fist, and got in close with the six other people. With his demon-like body movement technique and the dense barrage of Divine Light Fist, things were going well.

They slowed down when they were struck with the Divine Light Fist. The fist force started to mess with their bodies when it burrowed into them. They then took another two blows of the Divine Light Fist, losing the strength to retaliate. Their acupuncture points were sealed by Chu Li.

Chu Li did not expend much energy to subdue the eight Grandmasters, it was much easier than he had expected.

The Divine Light Fist’s power was truly astonishing, it was far better than the Shura Palm.

The Divine Light Fist should not be the Holy Church of Light’s strongest martial art, but it already had such power. At the thought of that, his fear for the Holy Church of Light grew.

“Head Chief?” Liu Xing called out.

Chu Li was preoccupied. He smiled. “Time will tell. There is no hurry. Where is your letter?”

“It’s over here.” Liu Xing slapped his chest.

Chu Li stretched out his hand. “Give it to me.”

Liu Xing took out the letter without hesitation and handed it over with both hands.

Chu Li took the letter. “Have you guys made your choice? Head for the Public House, or stay in the Imperial Residence?”

Liu Xing and the others glanced at each other. “We shall stay in the Imperial Residence!”

Chu Li let out a wry smile. “You don’t have to do this!”

“We can’t just live freely and leave all the problems to the Head Chief!” Liu Xing shook his head.

If they just left like that, they would be able to live freely, but his Royal Highness would surely cause more trouble for the Head Chief. After all, they were to go to the Public House, it was impossible to hide it. It was the same as snatching someone from the Imperial Residence over, it would damage the Head Chief’s reputation.

Furthermore, they hated to part with the Princess, they had been secretly protecting the Princess, and they subconsciously developed feelings of loyalty. If they suddenly left, his Royal Highness would definitely not arrange any more martial arts master to protect the Princess again. If there was ever an assassin, and something happened to the Princess, they would not be able to leave in peace.

“…Alright.” Chu Li nodded and smiled. “Since you’ve already decided, I shall say no more. Stay here and wait, I’ll send the letter over.”

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