Versatile Mage

Chapter 580 - Forced to Join

Chapter 580: Forced to Join

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Jiang Li glanced at the feminine man and yelled unpleasantly, “Who do you think you are?”

“I’m Yao Nan, kid, watch your mouth. Otherwise, the method Mo Fan just told you is merely a child’s trick to me,” Yao Nan smiled back.

The Super Magicians had finished discussing the strategy of when to commence the operation, when to send out the group of Magicians to activate the Light Formations, and when to annihilate the White Serene Ghost Officials!

“The Advanced Magicians will keep the Commander-level undead busy. The Phantom Tyrant Emperor will be protected by quite a number of Undead Officials. Remember, don’t try to kill them. You just need to keep them busy…” said Commander Lu Xu.

There were four or five Advanced Magicians who had responded to the summons to the tower. On top of that, they would send out half of the Advanced Magicians guarding the walls, too. As such, there would be more than twenty Advanced Magicians joining the battle. The rest were required to protect the walls from the undead!

The number of Intermediate Magicians was the highest. They were at least two hundred of them, including the Battlemages. Their main role was to supply cover fire and split the undead army into smaller groups.

The most crucial part of the plan was to eliminate the White Serene Ghost Officials and their army of White Serene Ghosts. They did not need to sacrifice their lives in exchange for victory.

“Yao Nan, you will lead these Magicians. Make sure they are safe from the undead before they finish establishing the formations,”Zhu Meng said to Yao Nan.

“Not a problem, but I’ve got a little request,” Yao Nan saluted with a smile.

“What is it?” asked Councilman Zhu Meng.

“Put that kid Mo Fan under me.” Yao Nan’s eyes flickered playfully.

Hearing this, Mo Fan had the urge to give Yao Nan two words: F**k you! “I’m sorry, I didn’t say I was joining the operation,” he piped up shamelessly.

Councilman Zhu Meng immediately glared at Mo Fan and dragged him out of the crowd.

“Kid, I’m telling you, here is no Hangzhou! Without the giant snake, you have no place to negotiate with me! Enough with your nonsense and get your ass into the group!” Councilman Zhu Meng was completely using the opportunity to get his revenge. He would not interfere if anyone else was not willing to participate, but in Mo Fan’s case… Zhu Meng had no intention of going easy on him!

How capable was this kid at Hangzhou, riding the Totem Snake when he was fighting against the Silver Skyruler? Even a Councilman like him had never made such a bold move! The key to winning the battle was the safety of the Magicians in charge of the Light Formations. With someone as resourceful and shameless as Mo Fan, they would have a higher chance of winning the battle!

“Take him, use him however you want. If he dares to run away, I’ll write a letter to Pearl Institute immediately and ask the dean to expel him!” Councilman Zhu Meng shoved Mo Fan toward Yao Nan.

“Thank you, Councilman…” Yao Nan burst out laughing in an eerie manner.

Yao Nan ignored Mo Fan’s grumbling and proceeded to count his men.

Yao Nan was fairly reputable among the Hunters, thus they were more than willing to be placed under his command. The number of Hunters was the highest, but when the remaining students, people from the Magic Associations, and other factions learned that Yao Nan was an Advanced Magician, no one had any objections.


Mo Fan had to say, it was his first time being involved in a war…

The wars here no longer involved killing between humans for personal gains and benefits, but wars between the dead and the living. It had been the same for a few thousand years!

When Zhan Kong asked Mo Fan to join the army, he had always rejected the offer.

He was not a fan of war, not because he did not want to protect the people behind the walls, but he did not like the sense of being miniscule… even when as an Intermediate Magician, he was playing a very minor role in the fight.

There were more than two hundred Intermediate Magicians involved in the operation. Even with his Double Innate Element, having him in the war would not make any difference. He was not the only factor deciding the outcome of the war, yet there was a high risk that he would be killed in it!

A situation that Mo Fan had no control over… it was something he really disliked!


Lumps of black clouds connected to the vast land ruled by the undead in the distance, the same direction the pitch-black figure was approaching the walls from. It was the same sight that Mo Fan had seen before: the creature had undead like surging tides around it, like angry mobs consisting of starving, homeless civilians usurping their ruler under the lead of a new leader, just so they could live inside the warm, cozy walls!

The longer the Dark Abyss lasted, the stronger the hatred and presence of death it would produce, so strong that some of the zombies, skeletons, and phantoms would evolve earlier than expected. The undead Officials that were supposed to sleep for another ten to hundred years would also open their coffins and show up in this icy world.

The undead were stricter when it came to ranks. The higher-leveled ones could command the low-leveled ones however they wanted, as the low-leveled undead simply had no brains, nor any goals. If there was a voice guiding them, they were than willing to obey, with no fear of death, only thirst and hunger driving them toward the living things!

A stronger hatred would gather a higher number of undead, hence resulting in a stronger presence of death. Even the humans standing on the walls tens of kilometers away could smell the stench of rotting flesh sweeping toward them like a sea breeze.

Thunderous cries came endlessly from the distance. At the start, they were only strong enough to make the walls shudder slightly, but as time passed, the roars became deafening, feeling like they were going to break one’s eardrums. When trying to express your fear to the companion standing beside you, there was a chance that they could not even hear you!


The magnificent tower stood right at the center of the northern walls, over two hundred Intermediate Level or above Magicians gathered there.

After giving the order, with Councilman Zhu Meng, Commander Lu Xu, Chief Military Instructor Fei Jiao, and Senior Hunter Du Xiao in the lead, the group of Magicians left that perfect line of defense against the undead and charged toward the pitch-black figure bringing fear to humanity.

Unlike Mo Fan, who was simply scared of dying, many Magicians that strove for glory were already imagining themselves being rewarded greatly after securing the battle’s victory. They could tell their friends that they had taken part in a war against a Ruler-level creature!

A war to kill a Ruler-level creature…

If the Magician were lower than that, they would even share the news to earn some complimentary comments from their friends.

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