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Chapter 808 - Brother, Don’t Be Afraid

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Chapter 808 – Brother, Don’t Be Afraid

Since Lei Fan had the experience of ruling Broken Blade House, he was a suitable choice for ruling Yizhou Prefecture.

The mountain barbarian race was really similar to the Gaoshan Race. Lei Fan’s appearance would also make it easier to gain the recognition of the Gaoshan Race. The Gaoshan Race was a really glorious race, and it would not work if one solely used strength to try and convince them.

Ouyang Shuo was not going to rush the matter as he had enough patience.

The two of them continued the conversation till noon when Lei Fan took his leave. Lei Fan would teleport to Zhenhai City, and then use the warships to sail to Yizhou Prefecture.

Along with him would be 50 elite officials the Administration Bureau selected. … 2nd month, 8th day, 10th day of the Chinese New Year, Nanjiang Governor-General Manor Back Garden.

On this day, Ouyang Shuo was accompanying Bing’er to disturb the prosperity beast Qiyi. Bing’er was holding some bamboo that they had spent a lot of effort to find and was feeding the panda.

Qiyi was just that blur and dumb; it totally lacked the look of a prosperity beast.

His two shorts paws tried to hook onto Bing’er’s legs, but no matter how it tried, it could not hook on. He hugged onto a sugar cane and ate happily.

While eating, it would charge at Bing’er’s legs, making her laugh incessantly.

On the first day of the New Year, the prosperity triggered by Qiyi had surprised Ouyang Shuo. He thought that the little fellow would need to mature before he could trigger any prosperity events.

Ouyang Shuo was prepared to send Qiyi to the Spirt Beast Hall after the Lantern Festival to train. Although it was a prosperity beast, it was still a god beast subspecies.

Maybe it would learn some new skills from cultivating.

Bing’er fed it bamboo and asked, “Brother, are you going to become an emperor?”

“Yes.” Ouyang Shuo did not try to hide anything as he smiled, “You’re going to be a princess.”

“But Bing’er is unhappy.”

The little lady frowned, putting the bamboo in her hand on the ground.

When Qiyi saw that, it finally let go of Bing’er’s leg like a little rabbit, bouncing and jumping. He hugged all the scattered bamboo like a baby in its arms.

After that, Qiyi wanted to hug the bamboo and run back to its little master.

Helplessly its legs and paws were short. Its little body obviously could not manage to hug onto so many bamboo sticks. As it ran, the bamboo sticks were dropped onto the ground. When it returned to Bing’er, it only had that one stick of bamboo it was chewing on.

Qiyi used its little paw to rub its own head, and its eyes that had a natural black eye circle showed its inability to understand.

“Where did the bamboo go?”

Looking back, it saw the bamboo dropped all over the floor.

Qiyi was really patient, actually running back and starting to gather the bamboo one by one. Looking at the situation, the little fellow treated this as a game.

Luckily, no one else was there to notice that Ouyang Shuo was caught off guard by Bing’er’s reaction.

“Can you tell me why you’re unhappy?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

Bing’er explained like it was obvious, “Brother, think about it, the emperors in the shows are so fierce. Even the princess needs to bow to him and cannot laugh. Would you become so fierce when you become the emperor?”

Ouyang Shuo was stunned, ruffled her hair and smiling, “Even if I become the emperor, I am still your brother. How would I change?”

“You messed up my hair.” Bing’er really cared about her image now, dressing up beautifully every day. She still was not pleased with her brother’s reply, “Brother, you’re just answering for the sake of answering.”

This little lady was really intelligent and sharp.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, avoiding the question and not replying. However, he sighed in his heart.

‘Because even I do not know whether I’ll change or not.’

Before the emperor sat on the dragon throne, they all swore. But when they truly sat onto it, they would change, naturally become colder and becoming a person that even they themselves would feel unfamiliar with.

A Lord who was not heartless would not be able to sit stably on the dragon throne.

Anyone who sat on the dragon throne, be it a gentle and magnanimous prince or a crown prince who had spent his time amongst the poor and understood the pain of the people, they would all end up the same.

Bing’er seemingly felt it, and she raised her head to look at her brother; her eyes clear and sharp.

She suddenly smiled, using her small and tender hands to grab onto Ouyang Shuo’s large and rough palm, saying word by word, “Brother do not worry, Bing’er is by your side.”

Who knows from when, but Bing’er’s Wugou Heart Sutra had already reached the proficient level. Her heart had become even more pure, which brought about a certain charm amidst a sense of coldness.

Ouyang Shuo was surprised as he continued with a laugh; it was the laughter that came from the heart.

It was like a certain type of pressure being released; it was like being alone in the dark and suddenly realizing that someone was holding a lantern and walking with you, making one feel really warm.

“I’m not afraid.”

Ouyang Shuo said softly, like he was replying Bing’er but also like he was talking to himself.

“If it was a cold and dark abyss in the front, I would not regret it either.” Ouyang Shuo’s experiences were totally different from previous emperors and rulers. He cultivated the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique. In the future, he would cultivate even stronger techniques.

The end goal would be to be able to monitor his own body and understand his heart.

Ouyang Shuo believed that he would be able to step out of this, step onto the devil that was power right at his feet.


At this very moment, Qiyi carried a couple of sticks of bamboo and hopped over. Whilst it ran, it continued to drop bamboo onto the ground. The little fellow was still delighted, engrossed in this whole process.

When the brother and sister pair saw that, they looked at one another and smiled.

“Our little lady is really growing up.” Ouyang Shuo was both happy and a little despondent.

Just at this moment, Xu Chu came to make a report.

“Monarch, Feng Qiuhuang is here to visit, and she’s in the reading room.”

Surprise flashed across his eyes. For Feng Wu to come over at such a time was really unusual.

At this time, Consonance City was merging into the Shanhai City System, Xunlong Dianxue was starting to fade away, and the guild leaders were all making the final preparations for the Satellite City battle after the Lantern Festival.

Hence, during the Gaia 4th year, Ouyang Shuo did not hold an alliance meeting.

If the members wanted to discuss matters, they could meet up on their own.

The New Year was not over yet Feng Wu came over to Shanhai City, so it probably was a really important matter.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Okay.”

When Xu Chu saw that, he instantly said goodbye.

“I’ll leave first, have funny with Qiyi.” Ouyang Shuo said.

Bing’er had already started to pick up the bamboo dropped onto the ground and was playing together with Qiyi, “Brother, go do your stuff.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and left the back garden. … Reading room.

Feng Qiuhuang picked up the tea cup, drinking a mouthful of tea; she felt a little bitter.

Ouyang Shuo’s statement on concubines and more wives had spread across the wilderness. Feng Qiuhuang had now extinguished that hope and buried it deep in her heart.

Along with Fallen Phoenix City taking down the entire Taiyuan Province, Feng Qiuhuang realized that her viewpoint had started to change and become similar to Ouyang Shuo.

Maybe every ruler was destined to be lonely and alone.

When taking down Fengxiang City and facing the Feng Family once more, Feng Qiuhuang was really relaxed and did not feel any hatred. Many times, hatred was a show of weakness.

True rulers had no hate.

What made them feel hatred had already disappeared from the world.

“If one cannot let it go, make it disappear!”

Accept the Feng Family, use their talents as her own, and be their ruler was her decision. Of course, Feng Qiuhuang did not show mercy to those who betrayed her and chased them out.

Some were chased out of the province; loneliness and hatred awaited them. This was the fate of betrayers, and no one would pity them.

Many times, the wilderness was much crueler than real life. After all, the wilderness did not have the laws of real life, so it was truly the survival of the fittest.

Similar to how it would be a battle between conquerors and the conquered on Planet Hope, and there would be no pity and no mercy.

If you were not my people, you would die.

Times change.

The elders in the family were grateful, and in the blink of an eye, they changed. What made them happy was that Feng Qiuhuang had the Feng Family blood in her veins and that was something that could not be removed.

“Maybe the family traditions should change.”

On the first day of the New Year, after the family discussed, they allowed Feng Qiuhuang to become the new family leader, giving her the family staff, breaking thousands of years of tradition.

That day, all the female members in the family teared up.

What about her?

She only calmly received the staff, reading the proclamation. No one knew whether or not waves had broken out in her heart.

Feng Qiuhuang was not that far away from becoming a real queen.

Sometimes, she suddenly envied Bai Hua, who was originally her greatest competitor.

Along with Consonance City merging with Shanhai City, the two of them were now on different paths and were not competitors anymore.

Bai Hua could finally place down her burden and be a huge Provincial Governor under Ouyang Shuo. With a giant like him protecting her, she would not be worried about her future.

What about Feng Qiuhuang?

It looked like she had obtained unlimited power, but she had walked onto a dark and cold path of no return.

This was the path of kings, the way of the ruler.

And this was the path that Ouyang Shuo had always been on.

On this path, Feng Qiuhuang could not see a single friend.

Hence, at such a time, she especially wanted to see Ouyang Shuo, this person who had left a huge impression on her life.

Only in front of him could she voice her worries and hope to get some consolation.

Deep in her soul, she would not feel so cold anymore.

Apart from that, she also wanted to remind Ouyang Shuo that a crisis was heading toward Shanhai City. If Ouyang Shuo did not deal with it well, Shanhai City would face the danger of collapsing.

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