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Chapter 1305 - Hug a golden leg if you want to hug something

Chapter 1305: TWO Chapter 1305-Hug a golden leg if you want to hug something

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Chapter 1305 – Hug a Golden Leg If You Want to Hug Something

Rio only had two paths ahead of him.

He could either accept Great Xia’s term or accept the Dawson Dynasty’s.

The former would cause them to lose power, but they would remain at the top forever, while the latter would let keep them power, but their future would be uncertain.

Furthermore, rejecting Great Xia would result in serious consequences.

“Prime minister, I would like to listen to your opinion.” Although the prime minister did not give him peace of mind at times, Rio had to find someone to discuss things with at this crucial moment.

“Your majesty, we have delayed for a week and have not withdrawn. The Dawson Dynasty leaders are not fools, so they have definitely noticed. Maybe we have already made enemies with the Dawson Dynasty.”

“So, you want to lean toward Great Xia?” Rio asked.

“The choice is still up to your majesty.” The prime minister did not make his position clear. As the only AI instantiated by the Brasilia Dynasty, he reminded Rio, “Have you thought about what the future will be like on Planet Hope?”

Rio frowned; he had not seriously thought about this problem before.

“What thoughts do you have? Speak.” Rio asked.

The prime minister replied, “During the Federation period, the world was unified and country ideals had weakened. However, in the game world, not only were there new country regions, but there have even been many powers within individual countries.”

“It gives people the impression that history is going to repeat itself.”

“In truth, Mother god arranged matters as such to train and select Lord talents. It did not plan to turn humans against each other.”

“Planet Hope is an unknown land. From the news revealed, it is also a tough place. If humans are busy fighting amongst ourselves, how would we be able to survive?”

“This is also why Mother god reset the game map. Her goal is to choose the best of the best and mesh together the split up dynasties to form a combined strength.”

Hearing this, Rio was astonished.

“I boldly predict that there will be no more than four dynasties on Planet Hope.”

Rio was curious, so he asked, “You are so confident?”

“Resources.” The prime minister was certain and replied, “Do you think that with just the resources from the intergalactic fleet, territories sprouting up everywhere on Planet Hope could be supported?”

Rio shook his head.

Even if they entered the game cabins, the amount of resources close to a billion players used was shocking. When they arrived on Planet Hope, the amount of resources left for the Lords would be really limited.

Under such circumstances, free expansion naturally could not be supported.

The prime minister’s guess was actually optimistic. If one was more conservative, they would only estimate that only two or three would remain.

The competition was incredibly intense.

This was partially why Gaia was pushing for global world war.

“So, what I’m saying is that if we cannot enter the top four, it’s better to merge earlier into one that can, tossing aside the so-called country ideals. That would be the best choice.” the prime minster concluded.

“I understand!”

Rio’s heart suddenly became clear, and he did not hesitate anymore and said, “I agree to Great Xia’s conditions. As for the specifics, prime minster, please help me discuss with them and make arrangements.”


The prime minster got up and took his leave.

Imperial Capital.

Once he received the reply from the Brasilia Dynasty, Ouyang Shuo summoned Jiang Shang and Du Ruhui to have them discuss and form up plans to take over.

The Cabinet was in charge of taking over the land and building the local offices, while the Privy Court was in charge of the soldiers.

“When negotiating, we must prioritize protecting the authority of the Empire, but we can take a step back when needed to quicken up the process. However, keep it a secret.” Ouyang Shuo instructed.

“I understand!”

Du Ruhui and Jiang Shang exchanged glances; they knew that the emperor was going to execute another plan.

Jiang Shang asked, “Your majesty, regarding Rio, what appointment should we give him?”

This would be a crucial point of the negotiations.

Till date, the Provincial Governor level appointments had been tightly controlled by Ouyang Shuo. The Cabinet could only make recommendations, while Ouyang Shuo would make all the final decisions.

As a result, Ouyang Shuo was able to spread his influence into the various provinces and let the officials realize that no matter what, only one person decided their ultimate promotion or demotion.

Ouyang Shuo paused before saying, “When the Brasilia Dynasty submits, counting in the Columbia region, it will be sufficient to build a Governor-General House.”

“Arrange him to be the America Governor-General secretary-general. Of course, making him the Provincial Governor would not be a problem either. As for which he wants, let him decide himself.”

The Secretary General and the Provincial Governor, one controlled the big picture, while the other ruled the land. Although their focuses were different, they were equally as important.

“I understand.” Jiang Shang knew how to proceed.

Ouyang Shuo looked toward Du Ruhui and said, “As for how to deal with the Brasilia Dynasty army, have the Privy Court come up with a plan. We will discuss this matter further after they submit.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

5th month, 28th day, Brasilia Dynasty.

Rio was a really decisive person. After he felt the sincerity of Great Xia, he was prepared to fulfil his side of the promise despite them not signing any official documentation.

The main point was to stop the Dawson Dynasty army from leaving.

This was actually quite simple, as the Dawson Dynasty army was not on guard against them.

In the morning, Rio sent out 300 thousand troops to the border and used ‘aiding allies’ as a reason to meet up with the Dawson Dynasty army.

After the Dawson Dynasty army set up camp and let down their defenses, the Brasilia army suddenly launched an attack on their ‘allies’, catching them off guard.

At the same time, the Brasilia army on the frontlines sent 200 thousand troops back and surrounded the Dawson Dynasty army.

The Dawson Dynasty army that completely lacked preparation immediately suffered heavy losses and were unable to organize any sort of effective retaliation. Many soldiers were slaughtered before they even realized what was going on.

The following matters were simple.

Although the Dawson Dynasty army tried to fight back, they were outnumbered. After suffering heavy casualties, they had no choice but to flee.

However, they were in Brasilia territory; they were not familiar with the land and had no logistical support. As a result, it was difficult for the remaining forces to hold on.

During the following week, they were picked off by the Brasilia army.

Since they were going to be enemies with the Dawson Dynasty, Rio decided to go all out and do his best to reduce the ability of the Dawson Dynasty. He ordered the frontlines to stop at nothing to surround and kill the enemy.

Anyways, after submitting to Great Xia, the fate of these soldiers was unknown.

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