The Wizard World

Chapter 602: Mark (1)

Chapter 602: Mark (1)

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“Lalala~ Lalala~ I have a cute deer that always follows my orders…” The girl was singing while shaking her head slightly.

Several other fairies like the girl showed up in the forest. They were all naked and had translucent wings on their backs.

The fairies sang and flew around the white deer, leaving a trail of white light dots behind.

Angele hid behind the tree, his brow furrowed. He took out a small purple bag from the mirror. He sprinkled some purple dust on his body and the area around him.

Some purple patterns appeared around the ground. Angele’s body became translucent and slowly disappeared into the air.

There were more than ten fairies flying around the white deer, all singing.

The white deer crouched, closed its eyes, and started resting.


Suddenly, the deer screamed as its skull was ripped apart. The fairies were stirring the deer’s brain like crazy using their hands.

The rest of the fairies also charged to the deer and started devouring its body. They were sharing the deer’s meat together.

The deer’s white body was soaked in fresh blood.

A fairy grabbed one of its front legs and easily pulled it off the deer’s body. Several fairies flew to the leg and started chewing the meat.

The white deer was screaming in pain, however, it slowly stopped moving on the ground. The fairies were still eating the deer and the blood splashed everywhere. Stink quickly permeated the air.

Angele remained silent behind the tree and watched the fairies eat the deer. The fairies left the area after a while. Angele carefully walked to the deer’s dead body.

He crouched by the deer’s large horns and checked them carefully. The horns were hard and warm. He made sure that there was no other creature around and took out a black mirror. The mirror expanded and its length increased to two meters.

He threw the horns into the mirror, which quickly shrank. Angele collected and tied it to his waist.

Angele started heading to his original destination after collecting the horns.

He traveled in the dark forest; he had no idea how long had passed. At some point, Angele could hear that there was a river running ahead.

Angele increased his speed and noticed that there was white light in the area ahead.

The light was getting brighter and the noise made by the river louder as Angele proceeded. He reached the edge of the forest and stopped by a large tree. He leaned to the side and looked around.

Outside the forest was a small white fountain. The water in the fountain was from a stone vase on the left. It was clean and poured endlessly.

Strangely, the water level in the fountain never changed. The fountain was only half filled and was releasing a gentle fragrance.

A palm-sized yellow lizard was moving to the fountain slowly but steadily. It arrived at the edge of the fountain and jumped into the water.


The lizard disappeared as it touched the water.

Angele narrowed his eyes.

‘The dimension waves… If I’m not mistaken…’

He stayed behind the tree.

Several minutes later, a gray rabbit with red vortexes in its eyes walked to the fountain. It jumped into the water and disappeared as well.

New dimension waves appeared in the air.

Angele checked the dimension waves carefully and started thinking.

He pressed on the chest using his hand, and dark red glow appeared.

‘I was correct… I can communicate with the Nightmare Realm again. The dimension in this realm is unstable and the realm power here is not pressuring me. I can return to the Nightmare Realm after I’m fully recovered.’

Angele was worried that he would not be able to leave the Oblivion realm so easily before he found out the secret.

He waited for a while, but no other creatures came.

He stepped forward, walked to the fountain, and crouched.

“Greetings, newcomer, which realm do you want to enter?” A gentle voice suddenly echoed in his ears.

“What do you mean?” Angele was surprised. He did not expect to talk with the fountain.

“I’m the water that is connected to three high-level realms. You can travel to three different realms using me,” Fountain of Debris responded in a gentle voice. “My job is to transfer you to the realms. Also, if you find other Fountains of Debris, you can use them to travel to different realms. We are bridges that connect the realms.”

Angele thought for a second and asked, “Which means, Fountains of Debris are fountains that can take me to different realms, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the same fountain or not, I just need to find Fountains of Debris when I’m in different realms.”

“Yes, you’re correct,” the fountain responded. “The teleportation helps us grow. The more realms we communicate with, the stronger we’ll be. That’s the reason why we’re here. Also, newcomer, drinking my water will heal your wounds.”

Angele hesitated for a second and drank some water from the fountain. The water was tasteless and it felt like he was drinking air.

Seconds later, his body itched and the rest of his body recovered slowly.

“Which realms do I have access to?” Angele questioned.

“Chaos Realm, Shadow Realm, and the wizard world.”

“Huh? I didn’t expect the wizard world to be an option.” Angele was a bit surprised.

“The realm you’re in is close to the three realms I just mentioned. You can find many dimension fissures here. Also, this is a midpoint of the Oblivion Realm. You’re not in the true Oblivion Realm, so you don’t need to be surprised. You can enter the aforementioned realms using many different methods,” the fountain explained.

“Do I need to pay you anything to use your service?”

“You can bring the water from other Fountains of Debris if possible. I’ll pay you if you can do that. Also, teleportation is free since that’s the reason why I’m here.”

Angele straightened his back and thought for a while by the fountain.

“Take me to the Chaos Realm.”

“Jump in.”

Angele jumped into the fountain.


Something screamed behind his back when Angele’s feet contacted the water. Angele felt like he was paralyzed for a second, and was blocked by the fountain. He landed on the area beside the fountain after the impact.

“What’s in your body?!” The fountain sounded surprised. “The realm power blocked you. The thing in your body is rejected by the target realm!”

Angele’s head was dizzy; it took him a while to recover.

“What just happened?” He walked back to the fountain slowly. Angele did not trust the fountain completely when he jumped. However, the water removed all his defensive power when he contacted it; the experience was not pleasant.

“Sadly, you’re rejected by the realm. I don’t think I can send you there…” the fountain responded calmly. “The thing in your body is the problem. You can’t teleport now.”

“How’s that even possible?” Angele’s brow furrowed. “I’m sure I’m connected to at least one realm.”

“You can try it yourself. I think your power has already recovered.”

Angele put his hand on his chest and his body was quickly surrounded by a red glow.


The scream echoed again and his head was dizzy. The red light quickly disappeared and he failed to connect to the Nightmare Realm.

The scream reminded him of the old monster in the dimension maze. He realized what the reason was.

“I was correct. It’s not my problem. The thing in your body is the problem,” the fountain spoke in a light tone. “I think it’s the mark of an ancestor. It’s a method used by the ancestors if the ancestors don’t want you to escape. However, it seems like yours is a bit different…”

Angele stood there as the blue light flashed in his eyes. He inhaled deeply and looked at the fountain after a while.

“Fountain of Debris, can you solve my problem?”

“Your situation is different. I can try to send you out by consuming my own water, however, I don’t see the point of doing that,” the fountain responded. “You need to pay for such service.”

Angele looked at the fountain. “What do you want me to do in return?”

The fountain remained silent for a while and released a mentality wave, which turned into a message and entered Angele’s ears.

“Outsider, I can see that you’ve traveled to many different realms and you’re marked by an ancestor. If you can take my seed to other realms and guard me for 100 hundred years, I’ll consume my own water and send you to the target realm.”

Angele remained silent for a second and agreed to the offer. He realized what the fountain was after hearing these words.

He had read about the fountains that could teleport people to different realms back in the wizard world. The more realms they could communicate with, the stronger they would be. Like the Eyes of Destruction, you could find them in many different realms.

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