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Chapter 994: Infiltration

Chapter 994: Infiltration

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Nicholas, Federer

Serial Number: 823132

Cell Location: Dangerous Criminals Zone A, Cell 16

Crime(s): Disclosure of state secrets, suspected of endangering the national security of the United States of America.

Sentence: Life imprisonment

Remaining Sentence: Remainder of life

Time Left Before Eligible for Bail: Not eligible for bail

Details: Do not be deceived by his appearance. He is a man who looks honest but is actually extremely dangerous.


As could be seen from the photo in the file, he was a man with confused and frightened eyes. He seemed to be as weak-willed as a frightened groundhog. Sheyan thought that the guy looked like he would tell you everything, including the colour of his girlfriend's underwear last night, with merely a slight threat. There was nothing about him that looked "dangerous".

Under the immense pressure from the governmental organisations, and the systematic torture he was surely subjected to in the prison, there should be nothing that Nicholas could hide. But the fact was laid before them. Even under such immense pressure, even in such a hopeless place, Nicholas was still guarding his secret.

Looking at Nicholas' information, Zi slowly said, "There are only two things that could possibly cause someone to act so much out of character. The first is love. Love has no logic. The other is survival. In the face of death, most people's desire to live will get extremely fierce."

Sanzi also raised his head and said, "The security of Fox River prison is so tight that it doesn't even have a lot of mice. To avoid causing suspicion, my speed of mapping the layout is rather slow. But I can already confirm that the inside of the prison contained high-power mechanisms such as laser corridors (TL: like the one in Resident Evil), and at least one sixth of the prison guards are equipped with taser guns. We can't afford to hold back."

Sheyan pondered for a while before he asked, "When can the detailed map be completed?"

"Give me three hours," replied Sanzi after some quick calculations.

"According to the information we obtained from the insider, seven criminals will be taken to Fox River prison at 7:40 a.m. tomorrow. We will begin our operation at that time."


To get into Fox River prison through the sewers and ceilings would be a foolish idea. Even powerful contestants would find it impossible to turn that idea into reality. How can something that was done in every prison break movie ever, NOT be taken care of by the prison architect?

There was only one way to get in and out of this damn place, and that was through the front door. To achieve this goal, the party split into three.

The first group would infiltrate the prison to rescue the target. The second group would try to cut off the prison's power supply. Without power, the difficulty of breaking out from the prison would be halved, at the very least. It sounded like a simple job, but the prison actually had as many as three power supply sources, all of them heavily-guarded. It was no walk in the park.

The final group had the toughest job. Do not forget that there was an army base next to Fox River prison. The task of this group was to create a terrorist attack in Los Angeles powerful enough to attract the army's attention, while making sure Vincent was protected at the same time. The attack must be large and eye-catching, but they must also avoid harming the innocent citizens as much as possible.

The groups are divided as follows:

Sheyan & Sanzi would infiltrate the prison.

Zi would protect Vincent and attract the army's attention. The location she targeted for destruction was: Hollywood.

Mogensha and Reef would destroy the power supply system.

At 7:10 a.m. the next morning, Sheyan and Sanzi were patiently waiting somewhere. Soon after, the armed vehicle used to transport prisoners approached them. The court personnel that had already been bribed by Sheyan told the escorting prison guards to carry two more prisoners in the vehicle.

Such things did not happen often, but they had happened before. More importantly, Fox River prison was a notoriously harsh prison. There were only inmates eager to be transferred out; no one would willingly go inside.

Such a blind spot in thinking caused the prison guards to not sense anything suspicious. In any case, the prisoners still had to go through a series of screening procedures before they could be emitted into the prison, so there was nothing for them to worry about. Therefore, Sheyan and Sanzi managed to join the prisoners without much hassle.

The first impression Fox River prison gave them upon entry was that it looked like a super-large hospital. It was clean, tidy, and had an air of solemnity. Of course, the black prison guard uniforms could never be mistaken for white coats.

Sheyan walked down a wide, clean corridor. The shiny floor was almost as smooth as a mirror. The prisoner in front of him was loudly humming a song in a relaxed manner. The guard next to him ordered him to shut up impatiently. The prisoner glared at the guard with defiant eyes in response, and was rewarded with a baton to the head.

Although the unfortunate prisoner was built as tough as Rambo, he could only fall to the ground from that. The guard did not show him any pity; he gave the prisoner a good beating after that. During the process of the beating, Sheyan noticed that the people passing by did not show much reaction to that at all, as if such incidents were common in this prison.

The prison guard only stopped after he was tired. He then stared at the remaining eight prisoners with a ferocious gaze. Sheyan instantly lowered his head.

The guard, upon confirming that no one dared to look him in the eyes, nodded his head with satisfaction and yelled, "Welcome to Fox River, kids! This is a place to atone for your crimes, not for confessions and reformation. I guarantee you that after spending some time here, you will scramble like dogs whenever you smell a chance to reduce your sentence. Now that's how a real Fox River prisoner should behave!"

Following a series of examinations, Sheyan and the other prisoners were led to a place resembling an interrogation room, where an old woman with a shrill voice sat behind a computer. The great invention called the bra forcefully gave her shriveled and drooping breasts the contour that they had 30 years ago through the clothes. Each prisoner had to walk to a spot a metre in front of her and stare into a camera, after which the prisoner's information would be displayed.

When it was Sheyan's turn, he turned his face to the camera and, of course, the screen was blank. A buzzer sounded, but its volume had been adjusted to the minimum. The old woman glanced at Sheyan with cold eyes, then began tapping the keyboard with the same fingers which were used to count the 500,000 dollars Sheyan had sent her thirty-six hours ago. She added a series of words to the blank sheet.


Bent, Rocky

Serial Number: 1353214

Cell Location: Zone B, Cell 21

Crime(s): Robbery, fraud

Sentence: 7 years

Remaining Sentence: 2 years, 6 months

Time Left Before Eligible for Bail: 11 months

Note: This man was born in Washington and has received higher education, but a venture into speculation left his finances in ruins. His luck remained down until he robbed a bar with an empty gun one day.

Details: This prisoner does not pose a high threat. He is allowed to participate in prison labour.


After gaining such an appraisal, Sheyan was taken away by a prison guard without any incident. They took a long trek through some smooth, spacious and bright corridors to a narrow, rough, dark and dirty prison cell.

This was Cell 21 of Zone B.

This was also the place where Sheyan had to spend half a million dollars to get to. The only reason Sheyan chose this cell was because it was only a metre away from Zone A.

That metre contained a thick wall of reinforced concrete. Even the shock wave from a nuclear weapon would be weakened by 80% after going through this wall.

The reason Sheyan failed to enter Zone A directly was because it was not easy to be recognised as a heavy criminal.

He only had to bribe two people to become an ordinary prisoner. But to become a heavy criminal, even bribing 20 people may not be enough, because it needed the personal verification of the prison warden. is related to the prison governor's own identification. The audacious Sheyan did toy with the idea of approaching the warden of Fox River, but he got a notification before he started which informed him that this action would likely lead to mission failure.

Cell 21 was about eight square meters in size. The narrow cell had to provide the sleeping spaces for eight adult males, as well as facilities such as the toilet and the shower. One could imagine the cramped space.

The floor here was very rough; it was a surface of flattened concrete. The eight-watt energy-saving lamp on the ceiling illuminated the cell in a pale light. Because there were no windows, this lamp was kept on the whole day.

Due to the prison's time-limited water supply system, the strong odor of excretion will drift over from the toilet into the cell more often than not.

The prison had such a clean external environment, yet the prisoners were made to live in such terrible living conditions.

That was the idea of Fox River prison. To be exact, it was the idea of the prison's CEO. There were no "good prisoners" in this world; prisons were meant to punish prisoners, not to let them turn over a new leaf!

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