The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1197 - The Disfigured Toad

Chapter 1197: The Disfigured Toad

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The two vampires had already snuck to both sides of the Hulk like shadows of the dark night, one on the left and one on the right. The vampires, like bats, were good at instantaneous change of speed in short distance flight and detecting the environment through ultrasound. Therefore, they were the least affected out of everyone there, and right now, they even had Jean’s help.

Sheyan and the others had their eyes locked on to Grimm’s vital parts! They were determined to strike him down!

Suddenly, a distorted and bizarre ripple spread from Jean’s body and shot straight into the sky!!

The ripple was reflected back down from the sky to strike the Hulk and Grimm at the same time!

The two of them shook violently, their bodies turning rigid. The Hulk was sprinting when he was struck, causing him to crash forward due to his inertia like a freight truck that had lost control and crashed into the roadside.

The two vampires were already rushing towards the Hulk while he was still tumbling forward. They twisted their bodies in ways that were impossible for human beings and simultaneously reached for the ‘Corrupted Communion Knife’ that the Hulk had nonchalantly stuck into his boot!

Sheyan’s heart sank when he saw that. Those fools cared so much about the knife that they had forgotten their main objective.

Fortunately, after a bout of contest between the two vampires, the one on the right succeeded in grabbing the sacred object, so the vampire on the left could only let out a weird groan of annoyance and grab the box filled with tritium. At least they accomplished their task.

The Hulk was understandably anxious, yet he could do nothing but watch with open eyes as if he had fallen into an endless nightmare. His consciousness seemed to be completely separate from his body! He could do nothing to stop himself from crashing into the boulder in front of him!

The boulder on the shore collapsed from the collision. The Hulk’s remaining good eye was blurred by mud. He wanted to wipe the mud away with his hand, but found that he could not even do that. Just then, a strange figure descended from the sky and landed heavily on the ground. The Hulk immediately detected a pungent and unpleasant smell which made him scream wildly.


The next second, the Hulk could feel a cold sensation penetrating into his only remaining eye! Then came the endless darkness. But that was not all. There was still a cold sensation deep in his eye socket, which was rapidly extending to the depth of his brain!!

That kind of darkness was the kind which filled the Hulk’s heart with despair!!

Fortunately, he managed to regain control of his body at that instant. The panic and despair of suddenly becoming blind was something terrifying even for a superhero. The Hulk screamed in anguish and hysteria, wildly waving his two huge arms around. While doing so, he felt like he had slapped something away. He then charged towards a certain direction.

He actually ran straight into the sea. He was instantly swallowed by the fierce waves.

Sea water surged high at the spot where the Hulk fell, turning into waves that were as high as ten meters. The waves slammed into on the breakwater heavily. Everyone could feel the tremor under their feet!

No one dared to jump into the sea in pursuit of the Hulk. His life and death could only be resigned to fate.


While the Hulk was being attacked, Sheyan and the other four had also launched an attack on Grimm.

Grimm did not have a bonus to his defence at the moment because he had to strip away the rock armour covering his body in order to maintain the powerful sandstorm “domain”.

The first to strike was naturally Sheyan, who had a charging skill. Sheyan activated ‘Hornrage’ and charged straight at Grimm. He was hit by a few rock fragments during the process, causing him to bleed all over, but from his expression, he did not seem to care.

He collided into Grimm, but what should have been a three-second stun effect did not even last for a second. Fortunately, Grimm was currently paralysed by Jean’s mind interference, so it did not matter.

Grimm was incomparably anxious, but his body would not react to his will.

A golden glow flashed as Reef activated the special effect on his dark gold shield while the fearsome claws on his right hand struck down. Sheyan did not hesitate to pull out ‘+13 West’ right away and stab Grimm with it. At the same time, the two-headed cyclops’ throwing stone, Brother Black’s rifle grenade, and Zi’s ‘Force Needle Explosion’ also reached Grimm!

Grimm let out a wild cry. Blood poured out of his nostrils and ears. At this moment, he could truly feel the threat of death, especially from Zi’s ‘Force Needle Explosion’! Not only did it contain tremendous power, it plunged deep into his body like a injector before erupting in a violent explosion! Grimm’s eyes swelled so hard from the pain that he felt like they were going to burst!

While Grimm was struggling with the pain, a large number of stone spikes suddenly burst out from the ground with Grimm in the centre. The stone spikes moved up and down like waves while they advanced outwards. Sheyan and Reef were hit by the stone spikes and were knocked back. Facing the stone spikes, Reef instinctively dodged and defended himself, while Sheyan completely ignored them and charged forward again!

After launching the previous attack, the rock under Grimm’s feet also turned into a mire and was about to swallow him up. Sheyan activated the ability on his dark gold ring. He was launched through the air like a rainbow, instantaneously crossing dozens of metres to Grimm’s side. He grabbed Grimm’s shoulders with both hands!

Grimm’s eyes as he looked at Sheyan was full of hatred, but also full of despair!

Sheyan did not care what emotion Grimm had in his eyes. He simply pulled Grimm out from the rock fragments around him like he was pulling a radish from the ground, then threw him high into the air! Zi’s hair billowed, and the strange laughter of a Sith Lord resounded in the air. A sharp aura hidden in the darkness instantly penetrated through Grimm’s body.

At the same time, Brother Black’s lightning spear tore through the air with a dazzling light. The two-headed cyclops did not launch another stone. Instead, the mono-eye on both his heads shined with a deep glow, then focused on Grimm’s head!

Blood splashed wildly in the air. Grimm fell hard onto the ground, but he actually bounced back up again almost instantly and desperately ran towards the sea, apparently having the same idea as the Hulk. However, when he was only ten meters away from the sea, something really strange happened. He abruptly stopped and coughed violently while holding his chest.

Sheyan seized this opportunity to catch up to Grimm. He raised his saber high up again. He had a layer of magical blue light on his body thanks to the previous stone spike attack, an indication of the ‘Zergling Rush’ being triggered.

‘+13 West’ erupted with three consecutive slashes. The terrible sound of muscles and bones being chopped could be heard. Such fearsome power was a terrible blow even for legendary figures!

But Grimm kept persevering in his endeavor and managed to jump into the sea. How could Sheyan be willing to let him go after all that? Sheyan plunged into the sea after Grimm.

The two vampires were very sensitive to dark energy, while Jean was monitoring the overall situation on the battlefield with her power. At the instant Sheyan jumped into the sea, the three of them could clearly feel the turbulent sea becoming quiet for a moment, as if it was temporarily ruled by darkness and mystery. Countless rough tentacles and tendrils seemed to be flailing around in the water. They coiled around Grimm and squeezed tight!

‘Beast of Corrosion’!!

The pupils of Jean and the two vampires contracted when they sensed this brutal attack. They could feel the horror of this blow.

Grimm’s unyielding will and wild spirit were shattered in an instant!

A great amount of blood sprayed out from Grimm, dyeing the sea around him a bright red. Sheyan climbed back onto the breakwater step by step amidst the surging waves, dragging behind him the figure of Grimm, barely alive. Sheyan threw him to the burly, sinister figure in the darkness.

Kulutego laughed like a little kid while he threw Grimm around like a doll in his hands. Sheyan could not help but recall the terrible fate of the Predator Arbitrator on planet Uplos. He did not want to disturb Kulutego’s “fun time”, so he pulled Sanzi over.

“Can you ask the little guy to give Grimm a quick death? Cyclopes have a very cruel way of treating their food. We’re all humans; there’s no need to be so vicious.”

Sanzi was surprised. “Bro, Kulutego isn’t an ogre. His current favourite food is Old Beijing Chicken Roll with chili pepper. If you give him human meat, he’ll just throw it into the bin. So don’t worry – the little guy won’t kill Grimm. He’ll first hone himself with Grimm’s power, then absorb it. Grimm won’t die afterwards; he’ll just lose his power and become an ordinary person.”

“Old Beijing Chicken Roll! Wow….” Sheyan rolled his eyes. “This kid eats better than I do! And considering his size, he must eat at least a hundred of those rolls per meal, right?”

A quarrel could be heard breaking out in the distance at that instant. It broke out between Toad, who had a huge swollen bump on his face, and Reef. The mutant cut a really miserable figure. Half his face was crushed and half a toad-eye was hanging out.

The cause of the quarrel was thus. Reef had promised to take the subsequent blow after Toad blinded the Hulk’s other eye, but….everyone in Party Ace was focusing fire on Grimm at the time, so the unfortunate Toad was shamelessly sacrificed. Fortunately, the Hulk flew into a blind rage after both his eyes were blinded, so Toad managed to avoid being hit in the vital parts. However, his face was now disfigured.

“Oh my God, my handsome face! Look at what it’s become!” exclaimed the short and chubby Toad in tearful fury.

Reef knew he was technically at fault, so he could only turn to Sheyan for help….

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