The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 37: Raven 12345’s “Job”

Chapter 37: Raven 12345’s “Job”

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Thanks to the five-digit white-haired succubus, the over sufficient fund she provided allowed Hao Ren to enjoy living like a rich man in this foreign country. Though not comparable with the super-rich, to Hao Ren, being able to reserve such a suite of two rooms with attached bathrooms and a living room in a luxurious hotel, is already considered as rich. After a bumpy check-in, three of them were led by a hotel attendant to the suite they reserved two days ago. Upon reaching the room, Lily already was too tired to behave like a human anymore. She was literally crawling her way into the room.

Hao Ren could only explain to the stunned attendant. "She’s just sleepwalking, sleepwalking…"

The expression of the attendant was quizzical. He probably never seen such a level of sleepwalking. However, the attendant handled it professionally and didn’t pursue. After briefing them about the facilities of the suite and the hotel services in comprehensible mandarin, he left the room.

"The hotel’s advertisement wasn’t exaggerated at all. The attendant’s proficiency in Mandarin is better than that of your English." said Hao Ren as he turned his head to teased Vivian while dragging Lily into the living room. "Check the doors and rooms with your five extraordinary senses. Make sure that there aren’t any hidden cameras. I don’t want to alert the scientists."

Vivian was unhappy. After checking the door, she mumbled something and wrote some invisible glyphs on the door and turned to say, "It’s done. I will know right away when somebody is approaching."

Hao Ren nodded and threw the still sleeping Lily onto the sofa. He then looked around the room and thought, to be honest, this was the classiest hotel room he had ever stayed in. The living room was covered with thick light yellow carpet. The warm luminance of the lamps fell on the wall, giving warmth to the ambience and somehow reassuring. There was a LCD TV and a mini bar at one side of the living room. The other side was decorated with a sofa, a coffee table and seats for guests. There were two bedrooms at the north and south end of the suite, each attached with a bathroom. This was necessary as Hao Ren knew that he shouldn’t be sharing the same room with the girls. Yet, he dare not let these two unreliable girls out of sight. Therefore, the best solution was to reserve this suite with two bedrooms for them.

As a matter of fact, this was not the best solution as Lily and Vivian might end up fighting each other. However, he couldn’t get a more suitable suite with three rooms when he was booking. He could only take what’s available at the moment. Anyhow, before departing, Vivian and Lily had sworn that they would get along well. Of course, it’s still too early to tell.

Hao Ren looked around the extravagant suite like a bumpkin (even though it’s considered quite basic to the super-rich) and was satisfied. Suddenly, Lily opened her eyes and sat up straight right beside him. She stretched herself deeply and yelled, "Landlord, have we reached the place yet?"

Hao Ren looked at the energetic Lily oddly. The bright and beautiful morning sun was slanting through the French windows and fell right on her face. It was 6.30am in local time. The naptime inherent to Lily’s biological clock was just over and this werewolf girl amazingly woke up just on time.

"I’ve got a feeling that we might fail the task," said Hao Ren and sighed. He took out the MDT from his pocket, activated it and searched for the details of the task that Raven 12345 assigned to him. "We will depart two days later. It will take one day to reach our destination from this place and we are taking the highway which is the shortest route. So the main task for tomorrow is to figure out the map and where the heck is this "Yorkford". Raven 12345 said she wanted to put us newbies to the test… I wonder what kind of a test this is, not providing us a more accurate map!"

"Yorkford… I can’t find it on the map," Lily was wide awake. She was lying beside Hao Ren, looking curiously at the projected image from the MDT. "Hey landlord, we haven’t had lunch, have we?"

Hao Ren looked at the bright window and said, "It should be breakfast… before or after breakfast. We will eat later. Also, don’t call me landlord when we are out. It sounds weird. You can just call me by my name."

"Okay, landlord. I got it, landlord."

Hao Ren, "…"

Vivian walked around each room in the suite happily. She even went to have a look at the bathroom before returning to the living room, seemingly impressed. She glanced at the hologram floating before her and reminded Hao Ren. "Didn’t you say you wanted to report to Raven? Try to ask for more details while you are at it."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it," Hao Ren slapped his head. He pinched the edge of the MDT like how he did before and was searching hard in his head for Raven 12345’s contact channel. "I hope she goes to work today. She is not too reliable."

This time Raven 12345 didn’t disappoint Hao Ren. The holographic projection above the MDT flickered and the beautiful woman with beautiful silver hair appeared before Hao Ren. "What’s up?"

"I’ve reached UK," Hao Ren looked curious as he realized that the background behind Raven 12345 looked somewhat like outer space. "Where are you?"

"UK? What are you doing there? Oh yes I remembered it. I asked you to pick someone up. How’s it?" asked Raven 12345.

"Nothing much." Hao Ren have no time to figure out why was there a huge flame of explosion behind Raven 12345, "Vivian made a mistake and Lily was sleeping like a dead dog few minutes ago. And the ‘Yorkford’ you told me about does not even exist on the map. Also… none of us can speak English. You don’t supposed we can simply find any local chap to be our translator right, given the secrecy of this mission? What if they find out about the unusual creatures?"

"Can’t speak English? It’s just a minor problem." Raven 12345’s lips didn’t move as she spoke. Yet the voice was still coming from the projection. Apparently she was using another method to communicate with Hao Ren when in outer space. Just then a bright explosion flashed in the background of the holographic projection. Rave12345 turned around and simply threw a dazzling bluish white ball of light at it. She then turned back and said, "Didn’t I tell you to study your MDT, why don’t you listen to me? Just enter the app list and look for the translation program."

Hao Ren was watching Raven 12345 throwing balls of lightning in space. He was getting more and more curious as to what she was doing out there but still stick to the question and tried to explain it to her. "I tried to use the translation app, however, it was all about the languages of XX planet and the general dictionary of XX universe. I guess it must be useful when travelling to the other planet but there’s nothing I can use on earth…"

Raven 12345 paused for a moment and slapped her head, "Opps! I installed the wrong app. You know how I always find these technological devices confusing. I will instruct the technician to transfer the right translation program to you later. Meanwhile, let me settle this mess over here first. Just a moment."

After she was done talking, Raven 12345 turned to around again and threw out a bright blue electric arc. Hao Ren couldn’t estimate how huge that electric arc was through the holographic projection. All he could see was the arc almost took out the whole screen instantly. He was astonished and asked, "What are you really doing? Why does it look so busy over there?"

"Oh, I’m just cleaning up the room," said Raven without thinking. "A gang of self-pity lunatics are gearing up to destroy the world. They even created mathematical rates weapons. I have to get rid of them before the damage is done…"

While Raven 12345 was speaking, Hao Ren noticed that there was a peculiar wreckage as huge as massif in the background. The wreckage was surrounded by blue blaze. It was disintegrating as it slowly glide across the space. Numerous small spaceship-like objects emerged from the wreckage but were almost instantly shot into oblivion by blue beams coming out of nowhere.

Hao Ren knew at once that he should stop asking about it. What Raven 12345 was doing was apparently nothing peaceful…

"Ok, where were we just now?" Raven 12345’s voice woke Hao Ren up from blanked state his mind was in. "Oh, I need to upload a new translation program. Well, you bunch of unofficial guys are really troublesome. After you become an official employee, these programs will be installed into your head directly and you will have a built-in interpretation system wherever you go."


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