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Chapter 24 - Author: The Flame Lord’s fighting power is only 5.

Chapter 24.1 – Author: The Flame Lord’s fighting power is only 5.

The land is charred black; lava overflows from cracks in the scorched earth and the extreme heat distorts the air. The red and black scenery looks very savage, like the fiery hell described by some religions. It is said that lava is formed by a massive storm of fire elements, similar to the dark elemental storm that Du Ze and Xiu experienced when they first arrived in the reverse side of the continent. This place showcases the horrors of a fire elemental storm – a storm that focuses almost all of the fire elements of the entire continent in a single area.

Because the area has a dense concentration of fire elements, the chance for a flame crystal soul to form is greater. These souls can help boost the powers of warriors and wizards who possess the fire attribute. In order to help Alice’s fire powers to evolve, Violet wanted to get a flame crystal soul, which can be looted from the a Flame Lord living in this land of lava. With her current level, Violet was unable to defeat a Flame Lord, therefore she sought the help of Xiu.

Du Ze and his party traveled west, following a lava flow. Occasionally, they saw a far-away flame elemental beast. Although there aren’t any high-level enemies, the harsh environment made this place one of Du Ze’s biggest nightmares.

He felt extremely hot; his sweat just evaporated immediately without cooling him off. Fanning himself with the doujinshi didn’t work because the breeze it produced was too weak. The delicate earthman once again started to miss his high-tech hometown. Du Ze was very envious of the Lich behind him, who has the type of constitution that doesn’t get hot or sweaty. The Lich’s ice-cold temperature is pleasant in this heat.

“Is it very hot?”

Du Ze froze like a person caught in the act of sneakily cooling himself on the undead’s body behind him. On the other hand, Xiu did not care about Du Ze’s sweaty back. The Lich tilted his body, letting Du Ze stick more tightly to his bosom while cherishing the close contact.

In a different world, the reader who pined for his air-conditioning attracted1a cool protagonist.

At that moment Du Ze felt that being transported into this world and getting to know the protagonist really is a very good thing.

This person is actually very gentle, but tends to go to extremes, so he cannot allow this person come to a tragic end.

After a while, a volcano appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Red lava flowed out from crater in thick streams down the side of the volcano.

“The Flame Lord lives there,” said Violet, wiping the sweat from her brow. “I know a passage that goes directly to the volcano.”

They came to the passage described by Violet, a lava tunnel, with a lava roof suspended above, reflecting the scarlet glow of the magma in the depths of the volcano. Although the bottom of the lava tunnel is very flat, it’s certainly not a place where a person can ride a horse. Therefore, they left their mounts at the entrance of the cave. Violet drew her sword and took the lead as they entered the tunnel.

The cave is long and winding, and the temperature is much lower than the outside. Du Ze finally recovered a little from the heat and began to think of the original plot of “Mixed Blood.” Regarding the protagonist’s battle with the Flame Lord, Ye Zhi Qiu only used one and a half paragraphs to describe the fight, then half a chapter was devoted to the loot. Therefore, in Du Ze’s mind the Flame Lord gave the impression of a cannon fodder with a fighting capacity of 5 (extremely low). Its main skills are flame spray, summon rock magma, and lava rebirth. Only the rebirth skill was troublesome for the protagonist since the Flame Lord can always renew its body with magma, but when it runs out the poor creature is helpless.

Suddenly, he realized a serious problem. The problem was so serious that he had to ask: “Is this an extinct volcano?”

“The fire element here is very active,” Violet replied. “It’s alive. It looks like it will take a few years before it will slowly ‘die.’”

It’s alive, a few years later … These words emptied Du Ze’s blood tank in an instant. In the original plot the protagonist fought the Flame Lord in a dead volcano, but right now the volcano was still active, meaning the flame elemental had an ample supply of magma. Time difference, don’t be so oppressive!

Du Ze didn’t have time to talk to the other people about this cruel reality before a huge pool of molten magma suddenly started to seethe, emitting an astonishingly intense wave of heat.

It seems that someone was aware of the uninvited guests that appeared. A huge body rose from the magma. It was a bright red molten giant. Its body was made of magma, its hair was made of flames, and its eyes were as bright as the sun. It rose from the pool of magma while it’s lower body stayed submerged in the molten rock. A bit of hot magma splashed out and fell sizzling on the ground.

When the Flame Lord saw that Du Ze’s entire party was smaller than his forearm, it spoke, voice echoing inside the volcano: “Leave here, Demons! Undead!”

The small and weak human Du Ze was completely ignored. Violet stepped forward: “Can you give us a flame crystal soul?”

The Flame Lord answered by trying to flatten her with one huge fist. The young demon was drunk with fighting spirit and raised her sword. Du Ze felt the familiar sensation of someone grabbing the back of his collar as he was pulled back several paces into a corner of the lava tunnel where the battle wouldn’t reach.

After Xiu made sure Du Ze was safe, he went back to site of the battle. At this time, Violet had cut off the Flame Lord’s arm. The Flame Lord howled angrily, and as it roared the pool of molten rock started slowly expanding until it had almost reached Violet and Xiu’s position.

Chapter 24.2 – Author: The Flame Lord’s fighting power is only 5

Xiu began to chant a magic spell. The Flame Lord took a deep breath and sent a spray of ferocious fire in Xiu’s direction. Violet jumped in front of the Lich, her blue battle aura covering them both with its protection. The fire spray smashed into her battle aura and split in half.

Hot air blew back Xiu’s black curls. In the crimson light of the magma and fire, the Lich’s pale face was a bit ruddy, giving him a more decadent beauty. Xiu held the death scythe in his hand and continued to chant the words of the magic spell calmly.

At the bottom of the lava tunnel, Du Ze felt a kind of wordless admiration as he watched their actions. As a male he also felt the excitement of the fight and would have liked to join, but he can only humbly stay in a corner to watch everything, not only because he is weak, but also because he is only a reader.

The role of the reader is to watch the protagonist perform the play, and then offer flowers or bricks outside the play.

With the increasing intensity of the fire spray and the attack of the magma monster, it became more and more difficult for Violet to endure. Xiu seemed to be casting a very strong magic spell so the chanting time was very long. Right when Violet is about to collapse, Xiu fixed his dim, silent eyes on the Flame Lord and in his hoarse voice spit out the last words of the spell: “… Bone Spear Array.”

There were ripples in the void and countless bone spears emerge from the transparent ripples. The bone spears adjusted their direction to the Flame Lord and the magma monster then suddenly shot out.

“Boom -”

The magma monster was almost wiped out in an instant, but the Flame Lord withstood the attack. The void rippled again and a second round of bone spears charged. This time the Flame Lord was unable to resist and was shot full of holes. The huge body smashed into the magma pool and suddenly disappeared.

But Xiu’s face still showed a tense expression. The lava pool was quiet for a while, then suddenly started boiling. The Flame Lord rose, its body complete. Even its arm had grown back: “Die!”

The third round of the bone spear array destroyed the Flame Lord’s body, but the monster rose again from the pool of molten rock. Xiu gazed gloomily at the magma pool. This was similar to his fight with the constantly regenerating stone giant in Halphas City. The difference was that he only needed to destroy the stone giant’s body once, whereas the Flame Lord could use the magma pool to make a new body for itself. If he were still in his demon form he could destroy the whole magma pool in one fell swoop – but he couldn’t do it in his Lich form.

The fourth time the bone array activated, the Flame Lord didn’t even have time to straighten its body before it was destroyed. Violet noticed this and was a little worried: “We must find a way to bring him out. While in the molten pool, he will continue to revive.”

Xiu looked at her then turned away. Violet was stunned and asked in a panic, “What’s wrong?”

The protagonist went to Du Ze’s side then faced Violet, calmly asking: “How far are we from the sea of undead souls?”


Du Ze felt that he would never forget this scene in his life.

Under the purple sky, hundreds of millions1 of skeletons rose from the sea of undead souls, staggered into the endless ranks before marching towards the lava pool. From afar, it was like a white river flowing out of a white ocean into the red and black land. The scene was so magnificent that the Du Ze shuddered from the depths of his soul, feeling an extreme, electrifying delight and a deep awe.

Everything in this world can be broken down into elements – not the chemical elements of the Earth, but something entirely different – a special energy. They are the foundations of this world; all objects in the world are made out of elements. This is the “world rule” of “Mixed Blood.” The world is flooded with elements that take on the form of physical objects or energy. Elements can also freely float in the air. The ability of magicians, in essence, is to force these elements from the free state to the physical state.

The first skeleton jumped into the crater and was soon engulfed in lava, but countless other skeletons followed. The whole volcano was covered in white by skeletons, as though they were eroding the volcano with their lives. The Flame Lord was enraged and roared again and again when it found that it could not prevent the undead from devouring it. More and more dark elements spread through the volcano; the magma began to cool and the density of the fire elements gradually decreased.

The “white torrent” from the sea of undead souls quenched the volcano’s fire.

The one responsible for all this, the Lich, leaned on Du Ze. Xiu seemed very tired. There was very little color left on his already-pale face. Du Ze wanted to express his admiration and excitement to the other person but he remained silent and just allowed Xiu lean on him, striving to make him more comfortable. Behind them, Violet’s face was also pale.

-This person is terrifying.

They waited at the foot of the volcano for one night, and in the evening a line of people climbed up. By this time the volcano was dead, and the undead were now as strong in here as they were in the sea of undead souls. The magma pool was now a pool of bones. In the midst of the innumerable bones, they found the huge body of the dead Flame Lord. Violet ran towards it to look for a flame crystal soul while Xiu, who had not yet recovered his strength, rested in a corner. Du Ze decided to help the protagonist by finding all of the good loot.

According to “Mixed Blood,” Du Ze should not have much trouble finding what he wanted from the Flame Lord’s neck. He took the treasures, wanting to give it to Xiu, when he suddenly noticed a pair of hate-filled eyes glaring at him.

The Flame Lord stared angrily at Du Ze. He was just pretending to be dead when this puny human took his treasures away! The Flame Lord could not control his fury; his dark body turned red and began to swell.

Violet opened her eyes wide in shock. “Be careful he wants to explode -”

“Boom!!! ”


The author has something to say: The Fire Lord’s Fighting power is only 5.

Reader/Protagonist: … ← Misleading Intel! Total Party Wipe Out2


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