The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1119 - A Play

Chapter 1119: A Play

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“What an excellent control over the timing of your move! Aren’t you worried that these two might wet their pants out of fright? As expected of the Heartless Douluo!” Zhang Huanyun laughed.

The Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi chuckled, “I’m not the one who sentenced them to death. They’ll only be grateful towards me after this. You’re the bad guy here.”

Zhang Huanyun said pointedly, “This clearly is your mischievous scheme, but I’m the one that has to take the blame. You’re a truly wicked person, you know that? However, I can’t help but think if there’s really a need to do this? Our reason was actually quite farfetched. The identities of those two are actually easily verifiable, especially when they had just participated in the competition.”

Cao Dezhi nodded and said, “It is needed. With their natural talents and by their performance in the competition, they have completely displayed their wild personalities. If we don’t give them some trouble at the start, it might not be a good thing for them to follow Wulin in the future. Without a doubt, Tang Wulin will be the most outstanding person of this generation. However, two heads are better than one. His companions from Shrek Academy aren’t the only ones that can help him. He still needs some comrades who’re very powerful and he can put his trust in.

“That Sima Jinchi’s martial soul should be compatible with Tang Wulin’s. Their martial souls complement each other. A Ruheng is his senior disciple brother from Body Sect. Both of them can be trusted. We’ll take some edge on them first. Then, they’ll be much more helpful for Tang Wulin.”

Zhang Huanyun deeply looked at Cao Dezhi. “At first I wasn’t satisfied. If you hadn’t picked Tang Wulin first, I might’ve have brought him over to my side. Now it seems that you had this planned all along! You’ve meticulously planned this out for them.”

Cao Dezhi chuckled, “You’re overthinking things. No matter what he wouldn’t possibly follow you. Don’t forget that he’s a Tang Sect disciple. He’s already been on Tang Sect’s higher-up’s radar for a long time. It’s not something that has happened recently. When he became one of the Shrek Academy’s Seven Monsters, he has become an individual that Tang Sect will have to nurture.”

“The enemy’s ambush was truly sudden this time. They’ve caught the Shrek Academy and even me off guard. We’ve suffered great losses. If they thought that they could uproot two of the continent’s great forces that have been around for ten thousand years and dominated the continent, they couldn’t be more wrong. Tang Sect and Shrek Academy didn’t fight back for the first time. This is because we have been accumulating our strength and waiting for a new generation of leaders to emerge. Now the time is ripe. The new generation of leaders will emerge with a bang and move forward while being polished. In the future, they’ll surely be able to lead the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy and recreate their glories. Even surpass them if possible. I never thought that Shrek Academy will just fade away after taking a heavy blow. In my opinion, Shrek is a phoenix that’s waiting to be reborn. When it rises up again, it’ll only burst forth with greater brilliance.”

After hearing Cao Dezhi’s words, Zhang Huanyun could not help but change his expression. Although he never believed that Shrek Academy could be destroyed this easily, he did not have complete confidence in Shrek like Cao Dezhi had.

“Let’s wait and see. Your decision of letting the Blood God Army come onto our side won’t be wrong. You’ll surely rejoice in the future because of this decision. The Blood God Army’s glow will surely grow in brilliance.”

Zhang Huanyun nodded his head lightly. “If you had this told to me a few days ago, I might’ve even snorted at you. But when I felt that the young man’s spiritual power to have already broken through Spirit Domain, I can’t help but agree with everything that you’ve said. The only worry is that the pressure he has to bear on his shoulders isn’t light. The improvement in his strength is important undeniably, but I think we’ll still have to help him out in nurturing his mental state.

“Yes, that’s what I’m worried about as well. But there are some things that can only be settled by him on his own. I believe that Tang Wulin can do it. He’s a proud son of the heavens who was born at the right time. He won’t be defeated that easily.”

A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were both already shuddering two hours ago.

The normal temperature for the Blood God Army’s camp was negative thirty degrees Celsius. When the biting cold wind came the temperature might even feel lower by another twenty degrees.

If they were under their normal conditions, this low temperature would not have meant anything to them. Their cultivation bases had already surpassed the level where they would be affected by cold or heat.

However, their cultivation bases had been sealed currently. They could only rely on their own body’s qualities. Under such circumstances and being in the cold environment for such a long time, even a man made of iron could not bear this!

The soldiers who guarded them were in full attire. However, they only wore one layer of clothes. Since the middle-aged man went to negotiate for them, six hours had passed. Icicles had already formed on their eyebrows and mustache. If they were ordinary people, they would have been frozen to death already. Even if their body qualities were powerful, their faces had become ghastly pale.

A Ruheng was in slightly better shape. He was a Body Sect expert after all. His own body’s quality was valiant enough. Sima Jinchi was also a person with a powerful body. However, even he was on the verge of breaking down right now.

“Can you go and ask about our situation…” Sima Jinchi asked one of the soldiers with a shaky voice.

However, the soldiers stood there like statues, they did not show any reactions. They completely ignored them.

A Ruheng smiled wryly. “Don’t waste your energy. These people are no different than robots. Tell me, what wrong have I done to deserve such suffering? If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have come. I don’t even know where my junior disciple brother is!”

Sima Jinchi rolled his eyes. “Are you stupid? You didn’t even contact him before you came here. You’ve brought this onto yourself.”

A Ruheng angrily said, “I’m stupid? So you’re the smart one now? Did you contact him before you came? Aren’t you in the same situation as me right now? Let’s see who’ll buckle under the cold first. I know I can still take more.”

“F*ck!” Sima Jinchi cursed angrily. “Just how much better are you compared to me? If we’re shot to death, we’ll end up the same!”

A Ruheng rolled his eyes again. He suddenly said to the soldier opposite him, “Hey! do you know the Golden Dragon King? It’s the person who won the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge from your army. He’s my junior disciple brother! Why don’t you call him out here for me? If I can talk to him, he can verify my identity. I’ve competed with him just recently. Don’t tell me you guys never watched the competition?”

The soldiers were still unmoved. It was as if they had not heard his words.

“I’m playing the lute to a cow.” A Ruheng’s expression was furious. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. He turned and looked around him.

Blood God Army’s barracks were built on a mountain’s peak. Although the area was vast, the barracks were built more compact for better protection and to better keep the inhabitants warm.

A Ruheng drew a deep breath, his chest slowly puffed up. After all, he was the most outstanding disciple of Body Sect. He also cultivated the Innate Secret Technique. With the passage of time, the restrictions Zhang Huanyun placed on him seemed to have loosened as well.

He drew a deep breath like a whale sucking in water and his entire person swelled up.

Sima Jinchi quickly noticed that something was not right with him. However, he did not know what A Ruheng was planning to do.

In the next moment, A Ruheng suddenly opened his mouth as he shouted with all his might. “Tang Wulin, senior disciple brother is here! Come and save me!”

Although he could not utilize his soul power at the moment, with his extraordinary lung capacity, his furious yell was like shocking thunder. Even the soldiers in front of them took a few steps backward when he yelled.

“Tang Wulin, your big master brother is here! Save me, quick! save me.”

A Ruheng yelled madly. ‘That was right, Tang Wulin must have been in the barracks! How could he not have thought of such crude but possibly effective way to ask for his help?’

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