The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 962 - Crowds of Beasts

Chapter 962: Crowds of Beasts

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The Dragon Armor broke, but it already absorbed much of the force. Lu Li’s own body was strong which was accentuated by the release of Burning Blood skill. Therefore, while he was covered in blood, he did not sustain a heavy injury.

Lu Li did not say much. He sat up on a spot. He took some healing peals and tended to his wounds. As a strong warrior, he was quite resilient. In half a day, he had almost completely recovered.

“This trip to the Paleo-beast Realm is rewarding.”

Lu Li exclaimed. His defense had always been his weakness. Without the Wicked Bead, he would have lost his life many times already.

It was true that the Wicked Bead was strong, but he could not attack while he was inside the Wicked Bead.

The Wicked Bead was more like a shell where he could hide when he could no longer handle the situation. The Wicked Bead was not part of his own abilities. On the other hand, the Dragon Armor was a down-to-earth defensive mechanism.

“Will I have another Bloodline skill if I can obtain more blood of the Silver Dragon?”

Lu Li was eager to know. The Bloodline skills he obtained had become stronger. If he could have another one, he would be thrilled.

That being said, it was only his hope. It was not the time to step out. He did not have a clear understanding of his enemies or the number of Mythical Creature-to-be in the Paleo-beast Realm.

Lu Li decided to stay and cultivate here to finish the third line diagram. Then, he would try to reach the Earth Immortal Realm before he went to find the exit. He planned to kill one or two more Nine-clawed Silver Dragons on his way back.

Lu Li told Patriarch of Law Enforcement his plans and started to study the line diagram. At a certain point, the beasts would notice the Wicked Bead. He must use this short period of free time to cultivate.

He had studied 10 components of the third diagram, leaving merely five untouched. He focused his mind and was absorbed in a world of his own.

Patriarch of Law Enforcement and Ke Mang were cultivating as well. Though cultivation could not provide many benefits for such a short time, there was nothing to do in the Wicked Bead other than to cultivate.

While Lu Li cultivated in peace, the world outside was in disorder.

The formation was closed so all the beasts could go into the basin. They were scared out of their wits when they saw all the dead bodies. They just found out now that Bones of Tortoise was taken away by that human being.

Many Beast Gods were dead and some were missing. When the masters arrived, how furious would they be?

Those Beast Kings could not leave. They employed special means to send the message to all the major species in the Paleo-beast Realm.

Before they did that, the masters were already informed. The Masters of Silver Dragon, Blood Ape, and Ten-winged Wolf were the nearest. The Master of Ten-winged Wolf had arrived after six days.

Ten-winged Wolves were known for their speed. Their master came with a Beast God. Both were in black robes. Their faces were clouded. When they saw the dead body of a Ten-winged Wolf Beast God, the master flew into a violent rage.

Patriarch of Law Enforcement had cut up all the bodies and took away all the Mystical Materials from the dead beasts. The Ten-winged Wolf Beast God was in a tragic state. He lost his internal core and all of his wings…


The Master of Ten-winged Wolf cried into the sky. He then shouted while staring at the many Beast Kings in the distance, “What are you still doing here? Find those humans. I will tear them apart!”

The Beast Kings left out of fear. All the beasts outside the basin were dispatched to look for Lu Li throughout the land.

Dozens of Shadow Bats were sent to search for the humans as well.

A day later, the Master of Silver Dragon came with seven to eight Beast Gods. He gave a command upon his arrival. All the beasts of the Paleo-beast Realm should be dispatched to look for Lu Li.

Master of Silver Dragon and Master of Ten-winged Wolf stayed in the basin to wait for Master of Blood Ape. Because of Blood Ape’s clairvoyant abilities, they could see what had happened in this basin. They could find out what kind of human warriors had invaded the Paleo-beast Realm.

Half a day later, the Master of Blood Ape came with five Beast Gods. The Master of Blood Ape used his third eye right away and found out everything that happened in the basin when the battle broke out.

“Two humans?”

The Master of Silver Dragon was old. He looked quite lifeless. His hair was grey and his back was hunched. His beard was so long that it was already touching the ground.

He shouted when he heard what happened, and his eyes glared with murderous intent, “Only one of them is at the Semi-God Realm, yet they dare to invade the Paleo-beast Realm? He has just reached the Semi-God Realm no less. But… that bead is interesting. Is that a Relic?”

“Send a message to the Shadow Bats and let every one of them spread out to find the two humans. If they cannot find the humans, I will wipe out their entire species.”

The Master of Silver Dragon waved his hand and the Beast God went off to send the order. The master then said, “Tell all the beasts. Let them know that I will handsomely reward anyone that can find the two humans.

Master of Silver Dragon’s instruction was sent throughout the Paleo-beast Realm via a special communication channel.

As the absolute leader of the paleo-beasts, Master of Silver Dragon’s command could not be disobeyed. The entire Paleo-beast Realm answered to the call. All the Shadow Bats sprang to work to look for Lu Li around the world.

Once again, outside the basin gathered tens of millions of beasts. They all dashed out of the basin and started to find the two humans.

The valley Lu Li was hiding in was searched but it was just some beasts of the sixth rank in this area. Even though they were intelligent, they did not have psychic powers. Therefore, they looked past the Wicked Bead that was lying in the corner…

More beasts went past this area, including some Shadow Bats. However, since Lu Li was inside the Wicked Bead, there was no trace of a human’s breath. The Wicked Bead was not showing any movements. It was not surprising that the Shadow Bats could not find it.

More and more beasts passed by. Maybe it was because other beasts had come, or that they were only looking for signs of humans, none ever noticed the Wicked Bead.

Time flew by. The masters of the seven major species had gathered at the basin. Beasts were mobilized, and the Shadow Bats exhausted their resources. Half a month had already passed, but there was still no news of the humans being found.

The Master of Silver Dragon even turned to a special beast species with a parent and subsidiary body. The parent body could let the subsidiary bodies fly around and they were spiritually connected. Information could be sent very quickly in this way. All the information around the Paleo-beast Realm were delivered quickly after this species joined the search.

Another half a month passed and yet there was no sign of Lu Li. Master of Silver Dragon was fuming with anger and killed the Master of Shadow Bats who came to report in person.

“Master of Blood Ape, thank you in advance for your troubles!”

The Master of Silver Dragon could not remain calm any longer. He turned to the Master of Blood Ape. Reaching the stage of Beast King, all the Blood Apes could have their third eye open. But using the third eye constantly would exhaust their vitality. But the Master of Silver Dragon had no other option. He asked the Blood Apes to use their third eye to track down Lu Li’s runaway path to find them.

“Master of Silver Dragon, you are welcome. Sixteen of Blood Ape was killed as well. I will avenge him!”

A glare of violence flashed in Master of Blood Ape’s eyes. He ordered the Beast Gods and Beast Kings behind him, “All of you! Use your third eyes and keep tracking. You all must find those two hateful humans. I don’t care if all of you die of exhaustion.”

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