The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1062 - Sinner of the Heaven Reverse Universe

Chapter 1062: Sinner of the Heaven Reverse Universe

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“Lu Li!”

It had been a long time. Yan Gu believed that Lu Li must have woken up. After a round of attacks, Yan Gu shouted, “If you don’t want to see hundreds of millions of people die, come out and talk to us!”

Lu Li could hear the words from inside the Wicked Bead. Yan Gu’s words made his pale face even more ghastly.

Yan Gu resorted to such despicable means and threatened with the lives of humans from the Great Land. If Lu Li refused to hand over the Wicked Bead, the humans would be murdered group after group.

Lu Li said nothing. Even so, Yan Gu was convinced that he had come back to his senses. The print stone Yan Gu had glowed, and an image showed up in the sky—civilians crowded outside of the City of Heaven’s Roars. Every thousand feet stood an armed warrior. In the sky, Fang Rui and the other twenty-some Semi-God Realm warriors were glaring with homicidal intent…

The civilians were confused and terrified. Some children were crying in their mothers’ arms and the elderly were trembling out of fear. Looking at them, Lu Li felt as if his heart was being stabbed.

He was the Grand Master of Demon-slaying Hall which was the guardian of humans of the Great Land. In other words—he was the king of humans of Great Land. They were all his children.

Now, his children were in the midst of disaster which was brought upon because of him, Lu Li. How could Lu Li not be sick at heart?

“Lu Li!”

Yan Gu continued, coldly. “You should be clear about our goals. Those civilians are innocent, and we do not wish to see their demise. However, if you are so stubborn, we will have to kill them. I am not afraid to tell you that our warriors have spread out and soon, they will gather billions and even tens of billions of humans. Come to your senses or else, humans of the Heaven Reverse Universe will die because of you. You will be the sinner of the Heaven Reverse Universe!”

“Sinner… sinner…”

Yan Gu’s voice echoed wild continuously. Lu Li seemed to be in more pain. He almost had the desire to hand over the Wicked Bead now.

Handing over the Wicked Bead—so that the enemies would leave and when he studied the Map of Fundamental Principle, he could become an immortal and went to the nine universes for revenge?


Lu Li shook his head. Those warriors would not let him off the hook. The hatred between him and Jun Hongye and Yan Gu was deep-seated. Who was to say that those warriors would not put on a killing spree at the Great Land to vent anger upon the demise of Lu Li?

Make them take an oath?

Truth be told, Lu Li was not a firm believer of such things. Jun Hongye for once swore to wipe out the Lu Family. He did not have to do it himself. He could allocate the work to his subordinate families or ask other powerful warriors to enter the lower four levels of the Prison of Primordial Chaos or resort to conspiracy. In any case, Lu Family would be gone.

What if Lu Li did not hand over the Wicked Bead?

Then what other ways did Lu Li have? Turn to Emperor of Heaven Reverse for help again? Some capital cities at the Great Land did have Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s statues but there were no altars for avatars to come together. Even if there were, those enemies could keep their distance and just slaughter the civilians. What should Lu Li do in such a case?

Stall for some time?

Lu Li dismissed the idea soon. Yan Gu and the others were not idiots. Lu Li might be able to buy a month or two, but longer than that, Yan Gu would resort to killing for sure. What could Lu Li achieve in a month or two? It would be another story if it were a few years. He could learn the Map of Fundamental Principle which could lead to a drastic improvement in his realm.

“No other options?”

For the first time in forever, Lu Li felt powerless. He was like a beast trapped in a dead-end. He roared and he struggled, but he could not find a way out.

“Lu Li!”

Yan Gu was shouting angrily again. “You have one day to think about it. If you don’t give us the Wicked Bead after one day, I will let the killing commence. Every additional day will see the death of one hundred million humans. I am willing to find out how many days people of the Great Land have.”

One hundred million per day!

One hundred million people. They were people, not livestock, not beasts. Just like Lu Li, those were humans with hands, feet, with souls and spirit, with families and friends and they were innocent. However, they were about to be murdered because of him and it was possible that they would not even have a complete body upon death…

Lu Li’s pain grew more excruciating as he pictured dead bodies lying around the City of Heaven’s Roars, the girls trembling in fear and the children who had not grown up to appreciate the world.

“He Yue!”

He opened his eyes and asked He Yue who was near, “Are there really over one hundred million humans gathered at the City of Heaven’s Roars?”

He Yue had been staying in the Wicked Bead. She was Lu Li’s eyes because her subsidiary bodies were everywhere. She nodded her head with a heavy heart. “Yes, now there are at least two to three hundred million humans. The Palace of Heaven’s Roars’ warriors should be controlled by the Semi-God Realm warriors. There are about 10 Semi-God Realm warriors and the others have spread out, presumably to control other humans.”

Lu Li’s heart was aching. Looking at He Yue, Lu Li asked, at a loss, “He Yue, what do you think I should do?”

Even though He Yue had been staying inside the Wicked Bead, she could feel the situation outside via her subsidiary bodies. She asked, confused, “Master, you can use that blood again. Everything will be fine once you kill those out there, right?”


Lu Li wished he could. However, with the Slayer’s blood gone, he would never be able to use the Slayer’s move again.

“The Slayer’s move?”

Lu Li was inspired. Could he stall for some time? He had used the Slayer’s move so many times previously. Maybe, he could learn the move within a short time!

This thought made him cheered up a bit. He flew up the Wicked Bead toward Yan Gu and the others.


Yan Gu was taken aback. He thought Lu Li was going to dash out to use the Slayer’s blood and that horrible move to kill them all.

The four of them spread out and stepped back while Yan Gu shouted, “Lu Li, think it over or I will inform my team to kill the two to three hundred million humans at City of Heaven’s Roars immediately and I will order a purge, city by city.”


Lu Li snorted with contempt. He stopped the Wicked Bead in the air and said, “Yan Gu, aren’t you a timid group. Aren’t you afraid of the wrath of heaven by killing so many humans? Or that I will go to the nine universes and murder your people?”

Yan Gu stopped, three miles away from the Wicked Bead. His face was clouded. Nevertheless, he did not show weakness in his words. “I have killed many civilians in this lifetime and I have been living quite well. If you have the ability to go to the nine universes, it is your own business. Now, waste no time. Will you give up the Wicked Bead or not? If not, I will order them to start.”

“I can give you the Wicked Bead!”

Lu Li replied, coldly. “But given that I am injured seriously, I will not survive if I go out now. I am not a fool. Give me… three months and I will hand over the Wicked Bead. How about that?”

The first half of his response made Yan and the other’s eyes glow, but the second half made them hesitate.

Lu Li needed three months? What was he up to? Any plot? Was he setting them up?

Yan Gu had been living for hundreds of years and he would never make such a rookie mistake. He refused without giving it a second thought, “It is not possible. You have three days at most. If you don’t give us the wicked Bead after three days, we will give the orders. End of conversation!”

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