The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1005 - Initial Success

Chapter 1005: Initial Success

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“This is quite good!”

Lu Li memorized the methodology of the Stone Golems. He spent some time to study it. Just one attempt and he realized that this skill was sophisticated and must be powerful. Taking account of God of Sorcerer’s explanation, Lu Li’s excitement grew.

At the first stage, the Stone Golems could be comparable to Earth Immortal Realm warriors, which was not worth mentioning. What mattered was that at the second stage, the Stone Golems could be as powerful as Semi-God Realm warriors. When Lu Li learned the second stage, he could produce many Stone Golems that were practically in the Semi-God Realm. He was aglow in excitement just to picture the scene where thousands of Semi-God Realm Stone Golems encircling warriors from the nine universes.

Of course, Lu Li did not get carried away just because he had acquired a new skill. He said nothing for a while and then asked, “Are you sure that I can learn this skill? Have you left anything out? If I cannot learn it because of something in this methodology, you should know I will kill every one of the Voodoo Race all the same.”


God of Sorcerer was speechless and he was sulking again. “I am a real immortal. I will never do such a thing. Since I have decided to teach you this, I will not be so petty. Believe it or not, I don’t care.” He roared.

“Fine, God of Sorcerer, you have lived for such a long time. Why is your temper still so short?” Lu Li said while smiling, “If the skill is okay, then we have achieved initial success in our deal.”

God of Sorcerer calmed down a bit but then he flew into another fit of rage at once, “What do you mean initial success? Punk, don’t cross the line. Be kind. You might need it someday. Or else, when you come to the Divinity, trust me, I will chase you down till you are dead.”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Lu Li burst into laughter and ridiculed him, “God of Sorcerer, I just said that you need to control your temper. You are not young anymore. I don’t even know if I can ascend to the Divinity or not. If you want to chase me down, how about you send someone to the Heaven Reverse Universe and do it now?”


Before God of Sorcerer flipped out again, Lu Li continued, “I am just asking you of something, something that is trivial to you. I have some enemies in this mortal world and they will come to me soon, just a couple of Semi-God Realm warriors. If… I cannot deal with them, please help me kill them. If, however, I can take care of them myself, I will not trouble you. It is a small matter, right?”

“Killing people?”

God of Sorcerer restored some calmness. Killing some mortals was not a grave matter. He would have to use some divine energy and that was it. This was not a huge task.

“I don’t think so!”

God of Sorcerer remembered something and shook his head, “I cannot do it. When you draw our enemies to the Voodoo Land of the South and one or two get out, my people will be massacred. Without them, I will have no more energy of faith. We cannot do it like this.”

“That is a problem!”

Lu Li said after some thought, “Okay, here is what we are going to do. I will move your statue to our land. You can teach me how to build an altar and how to communicate with you. When my enemies come, I will lure them to your statue. In this way, your people will not be involved. This can work, right?”

Though not as powerful as God of Wings, God of Sorcerer was an immortal nonetheless. An avatar of him would be threatening and would be able to kill most Semi-God Realm warriors. If used well, God of Sorcerer could offer much help. Lu Li would not want to let go of this leverage.

“This can work!”

God of Sorcerer nodded and added solemnly, “I need you to take a blood oath. If I help you, you have to do your best to protect the Voodoo Race’s civilians. If you are to break your oath, you will be killed by an almighty god. Nobody at the Divinity dares to break this oath.”


Lu Li answered readily. Killing the civilians of the Voodoo Race would not do him much good. He did not murder civilians of the Asmodians and the Feather Race, either.

Per instructions of the God of Sorcerer, Lu Li took a blood oath. But he was tactical in choosing his words. For example, he said he would try his best to protect civilians of the Voodoo Race, instead of saying he would not kill anyone of the Voodoo Race. Another instance would be that he stressed that this deal would be scrapped together with the oath if the skill God of Sorcerer gave, was problematic or he refused to kill warriors of the nine universes.

Blood oath was a play on the words. Lu Li was being vague. Of course, if God of Sorcerer was sincere, Lu Li would do his best to let civilians of the Voodoo Race survive.

After the oath was taken, God of Sorcerer began to teach Lu Li how to build the altar. Lu Li knew nothing of this sort and had to commit everything to memory first. He would ask Ke Mang to build it.

“Alright now!”

After God of Sorcerer taught Lu Li how to build the altar and establish communication, the shadow of God of Sorcerer above the statue began to vanish. The last words he said was, “Lu Li, I have agreed to your terms. If you dare to break your promise, the almighty god will end you. Even in some ways, you find a loophole, when you come to the Divinity, I will hunt you down till you are dead.”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Lu Li laughed. He was not worried at all. For one thing, him going to the Divinity was not a sure thing yet. Even if he could, the Divinity was a vast place. Would the God of Sorcerer find him so easily?

Say God of Sorcerer could find Lu Li. The latter had Emperor of Heaven Reverse as his mentor. Would God of Sorcerer, who was weaker than the God of Wings, offend Emperor of Heaven Reverse?

Of course, if God of Sorcerer kept his end of the deal, Lu Li would not break his promises. When the avatar of God of Sorcerer disappeared, Lu Li took the Dragon Demon back and went back to the Wicked Bead. Then, he flew it toward the direction the Voodoo Race warriors went to.

At the foot of the mountain outside the Lu City of Voodoo crowded many warriors, standing around the mountain which the Lu City of Voodoo was built on in circles. Since Qi the Voodoo ordered them to wait here, nobody dared to come up to the mountain.

Those warriors were both fearful and excited. Just now, they felt the presence of an immortal and they saw that column of light. Had God of Sorcerer presented himself? There was so much noise on the mountain. God of Sorcerer must have ended Lu Li.


The sudden appearance of the Wicked Bead stunned the warriors. How could the Wicked Bead still in one piece after what happened? Was God of Sorcerer unable to kill Lu Li? Did Lu Li get out?

An hour passed since the Wicked Bead flew away. Nothing happened on the mountain. The warriors were losing patience. A patriarch snuck his way up to the mountain to find out what was going on.

When that patriarch went up, all he saw was a flattened city and many appalling cracks, along with the ripped bodies of… Qi of Voodoo and the other warriors. There was no sign of Lu Li and the statue of God of Sorcerer remained the same.

When he told what happened, the warriors were stupefied. Their Master and the powerful warriors had all died. They were without a leader. God of Sorcerer must have come but Lu Li escaped easily. Master of Voodoo was killed. What did it mean?

It meant that the end had come to the Voodoo Race. Half a day later, scouts that went after the human warriors noticed that they were coming back. The Voodoo Race warriors sensed all their hopes had lost.

From today on, the ruler of the Voodoo Land of the South would be the humans…

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