The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1004 - Stone Golems

Chapter 1004: Stone Golems

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The Dragon Demon was unnaturally strong. God of Sorcerer’s avatar could not defeat the Dragon Demon or take the Wicked Bead.

Lu Li was very clear about that. If he had decided to slaughter all at the Voodoo Land of the South, there was nothing the God of Sorcerer could do other than looking helplessly. Had God of Sorcerer been able to kill the Dragon Demon and break the Wicked Bead, would he negotiate?

He certainly would not!

The black shadow of the God of Sorcerer was fuming with rage, emitting invincible might, as if a demon was present. Average human beings and Voodoo Race warriors might have been scared to death alive.

But this was Lu Li, a man that once fought the God of Wings and could become Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s protégé, one that had a powerful Relic in his possession.


God of Sorcerer restored calm after a moment of silence. “There is strong spatial barriers between the mortal world and the Divinity. Ascending to the Divinity from the mortal world is relatively easy but the other way around is almost impossible. I have many Relics but to send some down is difficult. Even I cannot shoulder the burden. So… I cannot grant you this wish.” He said coldly.

“You swear you are telling the truth?”

Lu Li frowned. If bringing down a Relic was so hard, how did the Wicked Bead get here? Not only did Emperor Heng sent down the Relic, but he also returned in person.

“Why would I lie to you? If you don’t trust me, you can ask the venerable Master of Heaven Reverse!” God of Sorcerer remained indifferent. “Of all those years, have you ever seen venerable Master of Heaven Reverse gave you any Relic? He is a mighty warrior in the Divinity. Even he would have to pay the price to send down one Relic.”


Lu Li still had doubts. But Emperor of Heaven Reverse did not send back any Relic. There was only one Originator Artifact of Heaven Reverse which he once used before and now was damaged.

“Originator Artifacts?”

Lu Li remembered such artifacts of the Asmodians and the Feather Race. He took out a shield, the Originator Artifact of the Feather Race. He dashed out from the Wicked Bead, keeping the distance between himself and the statue, held the Originator Artifact high and asked, “Where did this weapon come from? This is the Feather Race’s Originator Artifact. You can see the divine energy. It is quite good.”


God of Sorcerer sneered. “This is nothing. Just some immortals used some divine energy to nurture it for a while and the artifact now has a trace of immortal’s breath. Here at the Divinity, this is called Pseudo Relic, not worth a penny. We usually use those things to win over the mortals. When we give them something, they will commit themselves to worship us.”

“No wonder!”

Lu Li went back to the Wicked Bead and asked again, “Then what can you say about my bead? One of the human pioneers brought it back from the Divinity. If he could come back and bring a Relic with him, why couldn’t you?”


God of Sorcerer smiled, “If I am right, this pioneer of yours… is dead, right?”

“Eh?” Lu Li was surprised, “How do you know?”

“It’s simple, really!”

God of Sorcerer curled his lips, “I can go to the mortal world if I want to. But, when I go pass the spatial barriers, the turbulences will inflict serious injuries. I will not be able to live long afterwards. It is highly likely that even mighty warriors from the Divinity will die when going across spatial barriers. Unless someone reaches the supreme stage, or else going down to the mortal world is virtually impossible. Has Emperor of Heaven Reverse ever returned? I don’t think so.”

“Okay, I see!”

Lu Li did not reply for he felt a bit down. It would seem unlikely to get the Relic armor and weapon from the God of Sorcerer. He had thought that if he could have Relic armor and weapon, he would be able to defeat warriors from the nine universes and he would readily get out of the current trouble.

“Since you cannot give me Relic weapons and armors!”

After a moment, Lu Li named other terms, “I want you to impart me some skills used in the Divinity so that I can defeat Semi-God Realm warriors. I think this is easy. Don’t you?”

It was rare to blackmail an immortal. Lu Li would feel sorry if he could not make the best of this chance to gain something.

“Skills used in the Divinity?” God of Sorcerer said with contempt, “What is the point of that when you don’t have divine energy? Also, the skills we use in the Divinity are abstruse. You are not an immortal yet and it will take you at least hundreds of years to learn. If you really want something, all I can do is teach you some skills of toxins and undead insects. Even that will be dependent on your ability of comprehension. If you are good and devote a few years or 10 years to it, you will have no enemies in the mortal world. But… since you have the Dragon Demon which after a period of nurturing can be as powerful as an immortal, it is already easy for you to beat warriors of the mortal world.”

“Toxins and undead insects?”

Lu Li pulled a long face. Was the God of Sorcerer trying to have him fooled? Lu Li would never learn about taboo skills of toxins and undead insects even if he could. When he was covered in toxins and became a strange creature, Jiang Qiling and the twins would be scared to death.

Furthermore, what if the God of Sorcerer was tricking him to get in touch with toxins and undead insects? If Lu Li was poisoned, he would become God of Sorcerer’s puppet.

Lu Li was getting angry, “Nothing works for you! You are an immortal and do you really have nothing to give to me? If so, why would I want to talk to you? I can ruin the altar directly and your avatar will disappear. Even so, I will still be able to rule this land.”

“It’s not like that!”

God of Sorcerer was sulking as well. It was natural since he, an immortal, was timidly talking to a human being and was constantly threatened.

God of Sorcerer continued, “If you were at the Divinity, I could give you 10 suits of Relic armors and weapons if you wanted it so badly. The thing is, you are in the mortal world. The cost of giving you such things is high and I cannot afford it. How about this? I will use my skill and help you find and nurture the most powerful undead insects, making sure that you are invincible in the mortal world.”


Lu Li would not get anywhere close to such demonic beings. If he was bitten, not even Emperor of Heaven Reverse could save him.

Lu Li decided not to waste more time. “God of Sorcerer, think hard. What can you offer me? I don’t do any toxins or undead insects. If you have nothing to offer, I will have to destroy the altar.”


God of Sorcerer flew into rage as Lu Li threatened him again. This was an act of straightforward blackmail. Lu Li would go the hard way if his wish was not satisfied.

God of Sorcerer spent the time for half an incense stick to burn in silence before he sighed. “Tell you what. I will teach you a skill which is relatively easy. If you can improve your realm, you will be able to use it, after some fashion.”

Lu Li was a bit excited. “Tell me. I am all ears!”

God of Sorcerer thought for a bit before he went on, “This is called—Stone Golems. When you learn it, you can use the element of earth to build Golems. There are three stages. At the first stage, the Stone Golems are not quite strong, just like your Earth Immortal Realm warriors. At the second, they can compare to Semi-God Realm warriors. At the third, the Stone Golems you make will be like immortals. Of course… without divine energy, you will not be able to use the skill even if you can understand it. If you can reach the second stage, you will not be defeated in the mortal world. This skill is valuable even in the Divinity. I came upon it in a tomb by accident. Consider yourself lucky!”

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