The Great Thief

Chapter 37: Escorting As a Party

Chapter 37: Escorting As a Party

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“Yes, yes.” Dou Dou who had just been scolding Lu Li suddenly became eager, as she was actually the one who respected him the most. Even though she wasn’t an Elf, she knew that Lu Li had sold a skill book worth 20 gold on the first day and even more equips last night.

He had even gotten the first clear of the Elite-difficulty Instance Dungeon, as well as the wild Boss. This had made global news and he had become a well-known name on TV.

If she knew that the first PVP video on the forums was about him, she would be even more surprised.

“I don’t think I’ll be joining your studio, I don’t have plans like that at the moment.” Even with the beauties before him, Lu Li was clear and straightforward with his rejection.

“What about the rooms? Have you decided?” Huan Huan looked at Lu Li, wholeheartedly hoping that he would choose to stay. This was a gaming god, one that ranked among the best in China and perhaps even the world.

Even if he didn’t join their studio, a few tips here and there from him would be greatly beneficial.

If Lu Li still thought it was too expensive, the rent could be further reduced.

“I can pay for the first month’s rent, but the rest of the initial 6-month payment will have to take a little longer.” Lu Li didn’t plan to stay for free, but he had to find a way to earn 60,000 for the Star Moon Union by next Wednesday.

“Of course, that’s not a problem. You guys can pack your stuff and move in today,” the three sisters all nodded in agreement.

Moving out didn’t take very long as he and his sister didn’t have much; they only brought their clothes and daily necessities, leaving the rest behind to be taken by their neighbors.

Lu Li stayed in the bigger room on the second floor, which was farther away from the girls, while Lu Xin stayed in the smallest room, which was closest to Dou Dou. The landladies had already warmed up to her and had dragged her out to go window shopping in the afternoon.

Lu Li turned down their offer; he still had a very important Quest to complete in game.

When he logged in, it was already 3PM. The sky was sunny today in Moon Shadow Valley and the sunlight rested on the green grass, reflecting a golden light. The valley didn’t look dark at all.

After sending a message to tell Azure Sea Breeze to come over, Lu Li looked for a few monsters near Moon Shadow Valley to try out his new network connection and equipment.

The IV-6 game network had instantly made him more powerful. His original 80% Skill Completion on Shadowstrike had been increased by 2-3%. This was with the worst game helmet as well and when he upgraded to the best helmet, there would be a further increase.

An independent player like him needed the best equipment he could get.

He had already used the skill book he had obtained from the day before. While Backhand Backstab dealt a lot of damage, the hardest aspect of the skill was the required positioning.

However, Lu Li had read guides about this in the past and had PVPed with other independent Thieves, so executing it wasn’t hard. He would have to spend a long time practicing though, if he wanted to increase his Skill Completion.

“I’ve been waiting for a while,” Azure Sea Breeze said as he walked up and patted Lu Li’s back with his shield. “Why did you only just come online? I’m almost level 7 now. Doing Instance Dungeons last night to level up was just too good.”

“I was looking for a house to move into this morning and only managed to find the time to log in now,” Lu Li said.

“I’ve already done what you told me to do yesterday. Many of them are interested, but I chose Drizzle Court because they offered us 3 Jade Spider Webs and any Steel equips if they’re dropped. The only thing is, we will need to join their Guild,” Azure Sea Breeze said.


“Don’t you know? This morning several Guilds were established. Within the Chinese region there are currently 7 which are on our side: Drizzle Court, Gangnam Royals, Blood Red War Flag and Seventh Heaven. On the evil side, there is Glory Capital, Gale Legion and Stellar Union. The first one to establish their Guild was Glory Capital.”

“They really are quick; this is not a simple task.” Lu Li didn’t think that so much would have changed in the one morning he was gone.

“Boss, your equipment is a little overpowered don’t you think? These people only just gathered enough money to establish their Guilds today and your equips are already worth several gold coins,” Azure Sea Breeze cried out loudly, causing people around them to look at him.

“Shh keep a low profile. Don’t help them farm yet, I still have a quest I need to complete.” Lu Li turned on his communication device and called Moonlight, the Warrior that had traded Steel equips with him.

Moonlight was currently doing an Instance Dungeon. However, when he received Lu Li’s message, he left and ported home, appearing before them.

After mutual introductions, Lu Li told them about the Quest, “This is probably not unique and you guys should be able to get it as well. When we complete it, we’ll see if there are any follow up quests.”

“Is it okay if we don’t have a healer? I don’t have many potions left.” Azure Sea Breeze’s face was bitter; the Boss from yesterday had taken up way too many potions. If it weren’t for the rewards, his bag would be empty.

“Check your friends list to see if there’s anyone suitable; we can get a few more people. But just tell them that it’s an escort quest and not about the materials and rewards,” Lu Li said.

Lu Li said that with a certain truth in mind. When asked to help with a quest without the promise of a reward, most people would come up with an excuse. Azure Sea Breeze was one of the few friends that was here without a reason.

As someone who was proud to have such a large social network, he didn’t realize how many were fair-weather friends. Azure Sea Breeze looked hurt and squatted to the side, not saying anything.

In contrast, Lu Li’s friend list was small, but there were quite a few people who were willing to join.

March Rain the Priest and Lonesome Flower the Mage were the ones who had completed “Pet Escape” with Lu Li. Upon hearing that Lu Li needed help, they had asked for his location and immediately headed over.

In his friends list, there was also Holy Thunder the Mage, Water Fairy and three people from the Grand Hegemony. Lu Li decided against contacting them as he wasn’t very close to them and didn’t want to trouble them.

Finally, his eyes stopped on one name - Remnant Dream, who was the one who traded the skill book with him. After receiving the news, the little hunter obediently presented herself. Her skill was average and she was unsure if she could be of any help.

Lu Li was looking for an opportunity to compensate her for the skill book, so he planned to take her.

With many monsters on the way, the experience gained would not be much different from those that were training in parties. As for the danger level, they would be completely safe as long as they stayed together.

Dawn’s parties had no max number, so the 6 of them could form a group.

Azure Sea Breeze and Moonlight were level 6, Lonesome Flower and March Rain were level 5, and Remnant Dream was level 4. They were all young people so they quickly warmed up to each other and went on their merry way.

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