The Great Thief

Chapter 1182 - Fire Resistance Recipes

Chapter 1182: Fire Resistance Recipes

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“Is the next step to find the fourth Boss? How about we take a break? This Boss was quite tiring,” Azure Sea Breeze suggested.

What was important was that they didn’t focus on what had just happened. Anyone who dwelled on how they had been wiped seven to eight times would feel tired.

“We don’t need to rest. We won’t fight another Boss yet; let’s just clear some mobs.”

Lu Li observed the terrain before bringing his team to the other side. There was a winding road with monsters scattered along the path which were obviously optional.

“Will these monsters drop something good?” Azure Sea Breeze asked, his spirits suddenly lifted.

He had always felt that doing Instance Dungeons with Lu Li was very enjoyable. Lu Li always brought extra surprises along instead of just doing the regular run.

“Recipes,” Lu Li answered simply. He had no intention of explaining further as he was too lazy to do so. If his teammates asked him how he knew that these monsters would drop these, he wouldn’t have an answer either. He probably would have said that he learned the information from an NPC.

In fact, everyone had become so accustomed to these surprises that they didn’t even ask at all.

“Recipe? What kind of Recipe?” Sesame Rice Ball and March Rain were both now excited as well. Jaweika, who was invested in Enchanting, had also spent a lot of money on his Trade Skill. If it weren’t for the support of Ruling Sword, he wouldn’t be where he was right now.

However, as time went on, the number of Enchanting recipes and materials would increase and players would become more willing to spend money on Enchantments. The golden age for Enchantments was still to come.

“There is a powerful Fire Resistance Potion Recipe and a Mage robe blueprint. The robe is a Dark gold item and a single blueprint can be used to make five copies of the item, but the drop rate is relatively low. We are doing a First Clear on Nightmare Difficulty, so we have the best chance now,” Lu Li said.

“Let’s do it,” Remnant Dream declared as she clenched her fist.

In his previous life, Lu Li had spent some time here. Although he couldn’t find a team to enter the Instance Dungeon with, he didn’t actually need to fight any Bosses to get these items. There were two kinds of monsters that could drop these fire resistance items here.

He still remembered the value of the fire resistance recipe and the mage robes. At the time, they sold for 380 gold and 100 gold in the Exchange Hall respectively.

However, the former could be sold at an even higher price as there was great demand for it in the market.

Unfortunately, while he was there, the drop rate of the recipes had been significantly lowered. Even after farming for three days, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to get the recipe. His equipment wasn’t that good either, so he would sometimes accidentally die here. Although he wouldn’t lose any EXP because he was in an Instance Dungeon, it would still cost him a lot to repair his equipment.

Right now, he had both the initial higher drop rate and a strong team.

“Kill the phantoms first. Don’t get greedy; the monsters are quite strange here,” Lu Li reminded Azure Sea Breeze as he pushed ahead.

These so-called phantoms referred to the patrolling monsters. These monsters would patrol an area according to a fixed or random route. If a group of players unexpectedly ran into them, it was not unusual for the team to fall into disarray. There was even the small possibility that the team would get wiped.

Here, the monsters were part of the Firebrand. There was the Firebrand Warrior, Firebrand Darkweaver, Firebrand Mage, Firebrand Warlock and Firebrand Invoker.

Among them, the Firebrand Warlock could drop the powerful fire resistance potion recipe and the Mage robe blueprint. The Firebrand Invoker could drop the fire resistance potion recipe. The other monsters couldn’t drop either of those items.

However, the Firebrand Mage had a certain probability of dropping a Devout Skirt, which was a pair of T0 Priest Pants.

If they were able to find those, they could sell them for a lot of money.

If he was just a single Thief, he would only be able to kill the Warlocks because they were in a three-person team. The Firebrand Invoker was part of a team of five. There was no Thief that would be able to fight five monsters at once, no matter how well-equipped he was. Even Lu Li couldn’t do that right now.

Flame Mark – Increases fire damage taken by the target by 200 points. 120 second cooldown.

Offering – Ignite the target to deal continuous fire damage every 3 seconds for 21 seconds.

Flame Shock – Combusts the target to deal fire damage followed by additional fire damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

Because of these three skills, the players were almost always losing HP at a rapid rate. As such, it was no surprise that Azure Sea Breeze was constantly yelling for someone to heal him, but there wasn’t actually that much risk of him dying. After all, he was currently the strongest Main Tank in all of Dawn.

The fire wave of monsters contained a Firebrand Invoker, but nothing was dropped.

Remnant Dream pouted sadly at this outcome.

Lu Li smiled bitterly. How could these items be dropped so easily? When he was here in his previous life, the market price for these items were 380 and 100 gold. Right now, these items didn’t even exist on the market. These prices wouldn’t make any sense unless it was really hard to acquire them.

There were several Instance Dungeons in the Blackrock Spire. One of them included the Onyxia Lair where you could kill the Black Dragon Princess. In these Instance Dungeons, Fire Resistance was a very important attribute.

A fire resistance potion recipe increased a player’s fire resistance stat by the same amount that a piece of equipment would, so its market value was fair.

“There are more of them in the tents, let’s go have a look,” Lu Li said as he directed the wounded party to the nearby barracks.

“Wow, it smells so bad in there. Let me turn off the smell first,” Azure Sea Breeze gagged. If Lu Li hadn’t made the recipes sound so precious, he wouldn’t have gone into the tent just to drag a few monsters out.

Recently, Dawn had added some characters that were like old and weak soldiers. These monsters could drop some items, and were much easier to fight. They were good for the lone player with poor equipment that needed to complete a killing quest. He was better off picking off these weaker individuals.

Remnant Dream looted the bodies and seemed to have finally found something.

“A blueprint!” she announced.

“What kind of blueprint? Oh, it’s the Mage robes.”

Lu Li was obviously quite disappointed. Although this item was useful, it wasn’t as useful as the powerful fire resistance potion recipe.

If they could get this potion recipe, then Lu Li might even dare to get the team to fight Highlord Omokk.

“I will definitely get this recipe,” Remnant Dream said with determination. She started praying to the system gods, asking for a particularly lucky draw today.

After the monsters were cleared out, a T0 item was dropped, which made everyone happy. Lu Li had looked forward to getting the fire resistance potion recipe, but the items they had acquired today were already more than what he could have gotten himself if he farmed for two days.

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