The Great Thief

Chapter 1082 - Prison

Chapter 1082: Prison

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High Interrogator Gerstahn finally dropped Legendary gear.

Greaves of Withering Despair: Healing Armour.

There was only one person who could use it, and that was Jade Flower Lover. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

“Thank you so much, beautiful lady!”

Jade Flower Lover did not bother to hide his excitement. He did not care that this piece of equipment was only on par with other Legendary grade shoes, but was excited because he was the first one in the squad to receive the Legendary item.

“Haha! Finally, there’s a Legendary item. Otherwise, I would’ve felt so unlucky today,” Wendelian sighed in relief.

High Interrogator Gerstahn was only a minor Boss in this Instance Dungeon, so when she dropped a Legendary item, Lu Li was extremely surprised. He realised that taking the First Clear probably greatly affected the drop rate.

The remaining materials that dropped were all fairly common, so everyone just rolled for them.

They also received a key for the prison from Gerstahn.

After defeating Gerstahn, it was time to enter into the prison of Blackrock Depths. There were people from the Horde and Alliance, as well as many other races and aristocrats, such as Karan Mighthammer, an associate of Moira Bronzebeard, and Commander Gor’shak of the Kargath Expeditionary Force.

As such, this quest affected both Horde and Alliance people.

The reason behind calling the Horde to complete this quest was also surprising.

They reasoned that this was an opportunity at an alliance. After all, helping the dwarves here would mean building a positive relationship with the Dwarven Kingdom and Eastern Kingdoms. Thrall, the Chief of the Horde, did not want the Princess to be hurt, so he devised a plan to return her back to Ironforge.

Then, something completely unexpected happened.

In the end, it was a tragedy. The Princess fell in love with her kidnapper and ended up pregnant with his baby. This was the brunt of the jokes that the Horde made while making fun of the Dwarves.

Lu Li was not that interested in this quest, since it was a misunderstanding anyway. However, he met someone that he knew.

As the others went to talk with Karan Mighthammer and Commander Gor’shak, he went exploring elsewhere.

“Master, long time no see!”

“Ah, it’s you.”

Many people in the prison recognised Lu Li quickly. The owner of the voice walked out of the shadows and let everyone see him clearly. He already had white hair and did not have clothes on him besides underpants.

Marshal Windsor!

Previously, when Lu Li was at the Burning Steppes, he met an old knight. This old knight was also part of the unveiling and defeat of Major Samuelson, who was a Faceless One. Later, he returned to remind his King of the problem within the castle. However, his words went unbelieved, since the King determined that there was no evidence.

After parting with Lu Li, Windsor left Stormwind.

Around the same time, the Blackrock Orcs at the Burning Steppes were getting closer and closer. There were also rumours that there was a black dragon, so Windsor could not sit still. He realised his own mission, and voluntarily asked to go to the Burning Steppes to help with the defence of the Blackrock Orcs and Dragon threats.

Lady Katrana Prestor, who had a great influence over the ruling committee, greatly opposed his proposition.

The Lady’s influence was strong enough to shake even Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. After a great conflict with her, Windsor went alone to the Alliance camp at the Burning Steppes to help with the war against the Blackrock Orcs.

Truthfully, he could be considered to have been banished from Stormwind City.

Stormwind City did not send any reinforcements to the Burning Steppes, so Marshal Windsor was defeated and captured by the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Now, he could only sit there and ponder upon what had happened to him.

When he was about to make sense of it all, he realised the warning that Lu Li had given him, which was the mysterious appearance of Lady Katrana Prestor immediately after the disappearance of the King.

Unfortunately, he had no evidence.

Now, he had met Lu Li once again. Lu Li was an extremely mysterious player to him.

“That’s right, it’s me. I hope you still have some of that fighting spirit from before,” Lu Li sighed, then realised the tremendous influence of history.

It was lucky that he was an adventurer.

Unforgettable Maple found Lu Li talking to an NPC, so he came over.

“Lu Li, who’s this?”

“A friend.” Lu Li did not plan on revealing Marshal Windsor’s identity, since it would not be beneficial to know anyway.

“Hmph…Fine then.”

Unforgettable Maple then tried to make conversation with Windsor, but realised that he was just getting ignored, so he left.

“Bolvar Fordragon is scum. You were right. The King had a problem. However, the biggest problem was Lady Katrana Prestor,” Windsor said in a sad tone as he walked to the corner once again. It seemed like he did not want people to see him naked.

Unforgettable Maple was listening in on their conversation, and kept hearing mentions of a Lady, Highlord and even the King. He was extremely desperate to understand this situation.

He reasoned that this NPC must have had a massive questline about the World. It was unfortunate that he could not get close to the NPC, and it was obvious that Lu Li and this NPC knew each other already.

Every Alliance player knew of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. He was the Regent of Stormwind City, a Highlord, Leader of a Camp and a Commander of the 7th Legion.

How strong would a person need to be to say that Bolvar Fordragon was scum?

“What do you have planned?” Lu Li asked as he looked at the lock of the cell and realised that he could unlock it.

“I have been collecting information about ‘it’ to utterly destroy it. It’s unfortunate that Bolvar is a brainless idiot. There is already so much evidence, and yet he can’t see it. If only I could find Ironfel and escape this place, I could return to Stormwind and split that garbage in half.”

“I’ll try my best to find the evidence for you,” Lu Li offered. After all, he had not received any quest like that, so maybe he had to initiate more.

“I can also help! I can!” Unforgettable Maple was shameless indeed.

“I have misunderstood you.” Windsor still ignored Unforgettable Maple and continued to converse with Lu Li.

“Await my good news.”

Lu Li finally received a System message that said that he had received a quest from the main questline, Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information.

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