The Great Ruler

Chapter 299 – Might of the Thunder God Physique

Chapter 299 – Might of the Thunder God Physique

The entire world seemed to turn dark and gloomy. Violent and wild sounds of thunder rippled throughout the skies, causing the might of thunder the fill the world.

Three resplendent and wild arcs of lightning ripped the skies with incomparable power, enveloping a thousand foot radius around Mu Chen.

They were simply undodgeable.

An Ran and the rest were startled by Wang Tong and his brothers till their faces turned slightly pale. It’s no wonder why these three fellows dared to challenge Li Xuantong. With such a terrifying attack, the only thing a Heavenly Transformation Late Stage expert could do was dodge!

Not far away, Chen Peng and the other two squads climbed up and hurriedly fled the area, all afraid to be affected by such a terrifying attack. At the beginning of the hunting battle, they had some confidence in themselves. However, not long after it started, they had already met up with so many ferocious people.

They knew that the appearance of such a ferocious person was only just an omen. At the later stages, there might more and more of those kinds of people, black horses that had concealed their strengths this whole time and were biding their time to show a brilliant feat.

As for them, they would drown under the surging waves of black horses.

After looking at each other’s astringent expressions, they could only bitterly shake their heads. They had assumed that they had pretty good strength. They never thought that once those hidden black horses truly showed up, they would become so normal and plain.

Their gazes converged on the youth that was surrounded by thousands of lightning arcs. Facing such a terrifying attack, exactly what outcome would he end with…?

At this moment, it was obvious that Mu Chen did not have any spare energy left to care about their gazes. Raising his head, he looked towards the lightning arcs running across the skies. A sliver of icy graveness started to condense within those black pupils of his.

“Blade glows that contained the might of lightning?” he muttered to himself. It’s said that the trio had been bitterly training in the Lighting Territory for a very long period of time. This had resulted in their Spiritual Energy having the might of lightning mixed within. At the same time, the divine art that they trained in had connections with thunder and lightning. When fused and displayed, their might had turned even more wild and violent.

The glow from the lightning reflecting on his pupils, Mu Chen suddenly clenched his fists tightly. The next moment, a faint glowing layer of silver had, unexpectedly, started to gradually appear on the surface of his body.

Under the silvery glowing skin, there seemed to be the same lightning light sparkling within.

This was the “Thunder God Physique”, the reward that Mu Chen obtained from the mysterious bald old man after he successfully received a single strike from him. This “Thunder God’s Body” was obviously a part of an even stronger body refining Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Although it wasn’t complete, Mu Chen could already feel how extraordinary it was.

Mu Chen’s mind sank as a ball of light, which appeared to be a lightning pearl, started to flow along his meridians. This lighting pearl was refined by Mu Chen within the Eighth Level of the Lightning Territory.

Floating on the surface of the silver lightning pearl was a black-coloured lightning pearl about half the size of it. Compared to the silver lightning pearl, it appeared to be very plain, with its surface full of potholes. However, Mu Chen knew just how terrifying this black lightning pearl was. This black lightning pearl was the end result of the condensed might of lightning from the divine black lightning.

Naturally, while helping the Nine Netherbird resist the last remnant of the divine black lightning, he had also crazily displayed his Thunder God Physique to its limits. Absorbing the strength of that divine black lightning, it had condensed within his meridians into this small black lightning pearl.

However, after successfully condensing it, till now, Mu Chen did not dare to casually utilize it. He knew that once he displayed the strength of the divine black lighting contained within, he would incur some rather big troubles.

Forming a lighting pearl within one’s body was a result of training the “Thunder God Physique”. Yet, Mu Chen did not dare to casually utilize it.

Mu Chen scanned the black lightning pearl with his mind, before locking onto the silver lightning pearl. With a thought, the lightning pearl suddenly turned in a scorching sun as it released an resplendent lightning light.


Within a seemingly deep and muffled bang, the silver lightning pearl violent shattered. When it shattered, the respondent might of thunder exploded like a raging tide, flowing wildly and crazily along Mu Chen’s meridians.

Chi! Chi!

Mu Chen’s body seemed to instantly sparkle with a silvery light. The crack of thunder appeared within his black pupils.

“Thunder God Physique – Indestructible and Unextinguishable!”

A low roar resounded within Mu Chen’s mind as the lightning light around his body exploded outwards. He felt the wild frightening power that seemed to want to shatter him apart. Unable to bear it, he faced the sky and roared. His roar was akin to the thunder, going so far as to mask the peals of lightning striking in the skies.


With a step forward, the entire world seemed to instantly shatter and collapse. Gigantic fissures rapidly extended from under his feet. Within a dozen short breaths, an area of three thousand metres in circumference was scattered and smashed apart.


As the world fissured apart, Mu Chen had explosively shot forward, like a bolt of lightning. Under the astonished and shocked gazes from the surroundings, he dashed head-on towards the gigantic lightning light blades!

Instead of adopting any method of evasion, he had actually used the most visually impactful way and rushed straight towards the lightning light blades!

Seeing such a vicious attitude displayed by Mu Chen, the mouths of Chen Peng and many other people were slightly agape. Isn’t this slightly too overbearing?

“You’re looking to die!”

The furious cries of Wang Tong and the other two could seemingly be heard above the horizon. Mu Chen’s actions were simply the greatest insult towards them.

Therefore, the peals of lightning turned more violent and wild.


The speed of the lighting light blades were too fast. Within a few breaths, they had already collided violently against the silvery glowing figure.

At the instant of the collision, the heavens seemed to tremble and shiver.


The lightning light blades expanded in an earth-shattering manner as if they wanted to split the heavens and earth apart. Within the lightning light blades that blotted the skies, the glowing silvery figure appeared extremely tiny and insignificant, as if it was struggling just to survive.

Creak! Crack!

The sharp lightning light blades sliced at Mu Chen’s body, however no slash wounds were formed. It was as if they were slicing against metal, only resulting in faint white lines.

Mu Chen looked at the wild lightning surrounding his entire body before slowly breathing in a deep breath of air. The glow surrounding him turned all the more resplendent and bright. As for the might of lightning that was sliced apart by the lightning light blades, all of them were sucked straight into his body with his utilization of the “Thunder God Physique”.

The mysteries of the “Thunder God Physique” was obviously something that was too farfetched for the trio to be able to understand.

Chi! Chi!

At this time, Mu Chen had already utilized the “Thunder God Physique” to its maximum capability. One his arms became as bright as silver while the lightning that seemed to have substance arc acrossed it. An indescribably wild and explosive fluctuation started to ripple and oscillate.


Within an indifferent expression, Mu Chen’s arm suddenly vibrated. In the next instant, a fist rumbled towards the devastation-causing lightning light blades.


The gigantic rumble of thunder cracking furiously resounded through the skies. Everyone could see the silvery glowing figure within the devastating lightning light blades suddenly turning extremely eye-blindingly bright.

This was followed by an exceptionally devastating fluctuation, which started to oscillate in ripples.

Seeing and feeling what had happened before them, the pupils of the brotherly trio suddenly contracted.

At this moment, the devastating lightning light blades suddenly froze. In the next instant, everyone was dumbfounded to see light waves, akin to cracks, completely running across each lightning light blade.


A sound akin to glass breaking, a silvery light akin to the thunder god’s spear piercing the heavens and earth; the lightning light blades were thoroughly destroyed, before the rumbling sounds of thunder crashing expanded out. Scattering about, they were, unexpectedly, thoroughly dissipating into thin air.

As the lightning light blades dissipated, a silvery light slowly started to converge and condense, before transforming into a tall and thin figure.

“How is this possible!?”

The trio had incredulous expressions as they looked at the figure that appeared. At this time, Mu Chen’s clothing had already been ripped to shreds. His silvery skin had arcs of lightning travelling across it while a frightening power radiated from him, as if his body was encasted in lightning.


Wang Tong was the first to regain clarity. Suppressing the shock he felt in his heart, he loudly roared.

As his words rang out, the trio explosively retreated, seemingly, at the same time. The power that Mu Chen possessed had exceeded their expectations. They never thought that their combined attack was incapable of dealing with him. With their current strength, it was already not enough to threaten the power that he possessed.

Since that was the case, it was better to quickly leave this place.

The trio’s fast and direct actions made quite a few people feel somewhat shocked and astonished. This fellow was truly firm and decisive.

“Leaving without even paying any price? Don’t you think walking off like this would be too discourteous?”

Mu Chen looked at the rapidly retreating figures. As that ordinary voice that held the roars of thunder rang out, he took a step forward. With the roar of a dragon and thunder resounding out, his figure instantaneously disappeared.


Wang Tong’s face violently warped as he noticed that Mu Chen’s speed had increased!

“Being careful is also useless!”

A cold voice rang out from behind Wang Tong. A startled expression flashed past his eyes, before the crescent blade in his hands instantly slashed out.


A palm that seemed to be formed by lightning extended out and directly grabbed and held onto the sharp body of the blade. In the next instant, a foot kicked out, carrying along an arc of lightning, before violently striking Wang Tong’s chest without any mercy.


Wang Tong spewed a mouthful of blood as his body rapidly shot down, before violently drilling into the ground with an enormous explosion.

“Big brother!” shouted Wang Lei and Wang anxiously.

“Since you two wish to accompany him, down you go!”

Lightning sparkled and flashed as Mu Chen’s figure appeared behind Wang Lei again like a spectre. Using the crescent blade in his hand like a stick, he violent swung down and furiously smashed it against the waists of the two men.

Bang! Bang!

Wang Lei and Wang Zhong sorrowfully shot down and created two new large holes in the ground.


Chen Peng and his group looked towards the three gigantic holes in the ground. There, the trio were lying down, spewing mouthfuls of blood. They were in extremely pitiful states, and there was not a trace of the previous brashness and arrogance from before.

“This fellow… is also too terrifying…”

All of them swallowed mouthfuls of saliva before raising their heads. In the air was the youth, sparkling with rays of lightning as he slowly descended. The lightning light dissipated, and his body started to regain its original colour.

This time, the gazes coming from them had an addition of respect and rejoice. Thank god they had not overly offended Mu Chen; if they did, their ending might have been the same as the trio.

Mu Chen ignored their gazes and remained indifferent as he descended. With a flick of his fingers, the crescent moon blade turned into a ray of light and violent impaled the ground before the trio, sinking over a metre deep.

The trio looked at the vibrating blade as their faces turned slightly pale.

Dusting off his hands, Mu Chen stared at them with a faint smile on his face. Except, that smile made the trio feel a chill all over their bodies.

“Next up, let’s have a nice talk about the so-called ‘price’.”

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