The Great Ruler

Chapter 268 – The Visit

Chapter 268 – The Visit

Demon’s Gate Headquarters.

The place was clearly livelier than usual. The courts outside the ring of pavilions was jam-packed — there were people on the ground, in the sky, and even standing on rooftops. Even more were on their way.

In five days, the news about Mu Chen and the Demon’s Gate had spread far and wide. Mu Chen had already gained a reputation for his pact of three moves with Li Xuantong. That event had astonished everyone and engraved his name into the minds of many upperclassmen.

But even still, everyone believed that he was a long ways away from someone like He Yao, who was a genuinely powerful figure.

The pact of three moves had displayed Mu Chen’s potential and talent; however, it didn’t represent his true strength. Without that restriction, there was no way Mu Chen could’ve competed against a powerful expert like Li Xuantong.

Even though He Yao was only ranked number 4, there was no doubt that he was strong. Many even felt that He Yao was strong enough to take Rank 3, but was just being patient.

But, either way, Rank 4 was enough to show how powerful He Yao was. And now, Mu Chen wanted to pay a visit to the Demon’s Gate to repay a blood debt. It wouldn’t be an easy task.

Hundreds and thousands of Demon’s Gate’s members were already gathered in the spacious plaza in front of the Demon’s Gate headquarters. Most of them were laughing and joking with each other, without the slightest care — in fact, many of them had mocking sneers plastered on their faces. They wanted to see how this loudmouthed freshman would come and stir up trouble on their doorstep.

He Yao sat, expressionless, in a tall chair at the very front of the headquarters. His face was stone-cold, except for the brightness of his pupils.

Behind him stood the core members of the Demon’s Gate, and Yang Hong, who was towards the side. That guy was no longer arrogant or overbearing. True, his talent wasn’t bad, but he was still only a freshman. There was no way he could compare to He Yao, and he knew that — so he made the wise decision of joining He Yao.

By borrowing the Demon’s Gate’s fame, he could break free from Mu Chen’s shadow. As long as he worked hard to cultivate, he’d definitely surpass Mu Chen once again!

Flames lit up in Yang Hong’s eyes. He will endure it, for now; but one fine day, he’d stand at the top of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Whether its Mu Chen or He Yao, he’d stand above them all!

The sky above the plaza was filled with countless students who’d come to observe. When they saw Demon’s Gate’s formation, they inwardly tsked. It looked like all of the Demon’s Gate core experts were present. They were waiting for Mu Chen to arrive.

“Is the Demon’s Gate using their formation to try and scare Mu Chen from coming?”

“Tsk, tsk. At the front of that group is He Yao, Rank 4 of the Heavenly Ranking. Chen Hou and the other two are ranked in the top 20s, and there are quite a few others in the top 50s. The Demon’s Gate’s strength is formidable indeed.”

“Looks like Mu Chen kicked an iron panel this time.”

“That guy really likes to stir up trouble. I heard he also got into a fight with Xu Huang. And now, it’s with He Yao.”

“But this time, that lucky guy is doomed.”

Based on their whispers, they’d already decided on today’s outcome.

A particular group of people stood on the roof of a building, looking towards the plaza. The one leading them was Xu Huang, and next to him was Xu Qingqing. He sneered, “That Mu Chen still causes trouble everywhere he goes. The moment things get peaceful, he goes and knocks on the Demon’s Gate’s door. Does he really think He Yao is that easy to deal with?”

“Big brother, do you think he’s actually going to turn up?” Xu Qingqing asked him.

Xu Huang knitted his brows and looked around, but couldn’t pinpoint Mu Chen’s figure. However, his expression remained the same. “Mu Chen will definitely appear. Don’t underestimate him. If you give him a another year, there will definitely be a spot for him in the top 5 of the Heavenly Ranking.”

Xu Qingqing snorted, unconvinced. That brat wanted to enter the top 5 of the Heavenly Ranking? How was that be possible? His pact of three moves with Li Xuantong wasn’t even a genuine fight.

“He’ll definitely appear. But as to whether he can actually deal with this situation… that’s an entirely different question.” Xu Huang scanned the surroundings again. He really didn’t understand what Mu Chen could possibly do in this kind of situation, with his current ability.

A few rooftops away were Su Xuan, Su Ling’er, Li Qing, and Guo Xiong, who’d clearly rushed over after hearing the news.

“Big Sister, why hasn’t Mu Chen appeared yet?” Su Ling’er anxiously asked as she kept looking around. “Really! That guy just got back to the Academy and he’s already at it again. But this time, there’s not going to be a pact of three moves.

“I heard that He Yao was the one who caused this. After Mu Chen left, he sent his soldiers to stir up trouble with the Goddess Luo Association. Luo Li defeated them all, though I heard she also suffered some injuries,” Guo Xiong explained.

“Mu Chen and He Yao haven’t really crossed paths before. It seems He Yao’s hatred is because the spot for that mission went to Mu Chen.” Li Qing offered with furrowed brows. Her tone implied her impression of He Yao.

Su Xuan nodded. She’d known for a long time that He Yao was a narrow-minded sort of person. But she never expected him to hate Mu Chen for something that small.

“Big Sister, you must help Mu Chen if anything happens.” Su Ling’er pleaded.

Su Xuan lightly nodded. “I’m also responsible for this, so, of course, I won’t sit by and watch as He Yao bullies him. However, we can’t underestimate Mu Chen, either. He’s not someone who speaks rashly. Since Mu Chen announced it, then he must have some confidence in dealing with this matter.”

“He’s the sort of guy who doesn’t even fear someone like Mo Longzi. If He Yao wants to pressure him, that’s ridiculous.”

Li Qing and Guo Xiong also thought the same way. After that period of getting along with Mu Chen, they’d come to understand just how many unexpected tricks that youth had up his sleeves.

They still didn’t know how today’s events would turn out.

“The Goddess Luo Association is here!”

A disturbance started in the skies, and everyone’s eyes turned towards the plaza’s main road.

Several hundred figures were quickly rushing down the road. Most of them were freshmen. Their formation was a bit weaker than the one they were confronting, but each of them had their jaws set.

Leading them was a young woman in black with exceptionally exquisite features. Her clear and diamond-like pupils were deep and calm, and her long hair was bright like the Milky Way as it draped down her slender waist.

Everyone looked at the woman in black with alarm in their eyes.

Even Su Xuan couldn’t help praising her temperament. “She’s Luo Li? Not a bad woman. No wonder even Mu Chen fell for her.”

Su Ling’er was pouting again, but even she couldn’t deny that Luo Li was exceptional. Not only in appearance, but but also in the way she carried herself.

The members of the Goddess Luo Association followed Luo Li’s leadership and marched into the vast plaza.

The moment Chen Hou and his allies saw Luo Li, they quickly averted their eyes. Their previous fight had been enough to publicly shame them once — and the worst part of it was that they still hadn’t gained an advantage.

Their fight had made them understand that among the freshman, Mu Chen probably wasn’t the most formidable one — it was this beautiful girl who’d kept herself hidden.

He Yao stared at Luo Li and something stirred in his eyes as he took in her composure and features. In the past, he’d believed that Su Xuan was the loveliest woman in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. But this girl standing before him was even lovelier than her.

That bastard had such great luck with women.

He Yao narrowed his eyes as he swept his eyes over the new arrivals. “What about Mu Chen? Didn’t he send a message that he’d pay our Demon’s Gate a visit? Why is he hiding in his turtle shell when the time has come?”

Luo Li replied with a calm and clear voice. “He said he’d come, so he’ll come. All you need to do is just wait.”

He Yao angrily laughed at Luo Li’s calm reply. “Wait? What arrogance. Just who does he think he is? Is he worth our Demon’s Gate’s time to wait?” Had that guy even thought about what He Yao’s reputation was, and what his reputation was?1

Luo Li’s long eyelashes slightly fluttered down as she replied, “If you’re that impatient, then I can entertain you awhile. But be careful not to lose your standing as the Rank 4 of the Heavenly Ranking.”


Shocked exclamations instantly burst out in the plaza and expressions filled with disbelief were aimed at the young woman in black. The crowd clearly hadn’t expected such a beautiful girl to say such threatening words.

Su Xuan smiled. “It’s a little similar to the way Mu Chen speaks.”

He Yao’s face drained of colour as he slowly stood up. “What big words. If you want to seize my standing, then we’ll have to see if you’re qualified!”

When he finish speaking, a frightening Spiritual Energy pressure exploded from his body, like a tsunami. He was clearly enraged by Luo Li’s words.

Ye Qingling, who stood behind Luo Li, paled when she saw that.

There wasn’t a single ripple in Luo Li’s eyes as she stepped forward and prepared to take action.

“Let me handle today’s matter.”

Just as Luo Li was about to act, a clear and bright laughter rang throughout the plaza, causing a huge commotion. Everyone quickly searched for the source.

The voice came from one towering construct at the edge of the plaza — a young man had been sitting there for who knows how long. His eyes were ice-cold as they became fixed on He Yao and his followers.

1. He Yao’s reputation and Mu Chen’s reputation

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