The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Chapter 499 - Tang Yu’s Sin VI

Chapter 499: Tang Yu’s Sin VI

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 “You are still alive?”

Hearing this, Tang Yu’s face darkened a few shades as she stared disdainfully at Feng Ruqing.

‘Since your cultivation ability has been crippled, your life is worse than death, Even if I die, you are no better.’

“Mother, get her to pay back everything that she has done to you all these years.”

Naturally, Feng Ruqing did not know what was on Tang Yu’s mind. Her spirit was growing as she walked slowly toward Tang Yu.

Tang Yu’s sneer vanished in a flash. Her body shook violently, her eyes widened. A look of shock and disbelief crept into her face.

‘No way! Feng Ruqing’s cultivation has been crippled! She is nothing but a waste of life! Why does she still have such great strength?”

Even if Tang Yu refused to see the truth, she could feel dense spiritual qi from Feng Ruqing. It was so dense that it could take her breath away. At that moment, she knew that Feng Ruqing had not lost her cultivation. Tang Yu felt as if her faith was crumbling—her entire world collapsing.

Tang Yu could endure all the pain as she thought that Feng Ruqing too was suffering great pain. Little did she know that Feng Ruqing was not hurt even the slightest bit.

Tang Yu’s face darkened. She closed her eyes in despair. She could feel the bitterness in her mouth that was full of blood.

“Tang Yu, tell me honestly! You didn’t give the Five Spirit Grass to Fengyun clan, am I right?” Tang Si regained his focus and rushed up to Tang Yu. He tugged at her robe forcefully as he snarled.

If not for Tang Yu, the Tang family would never hesitate to give Tang Yin the Five Spirit Grass back then.Read the next chapter on our

After all, the people of the Tang family were too greedy. Not only did they want to ally themselves with the Tian Shen clan—the Mu family, they even wanted to get more spirit herbs from the Fengyun clan.

They thought that no one was more important that the Tang family in Tang Yin’s eyes. Little did they know, Tang Yin left the Tang family because of Feng Ruqing.

In the end, Tang Yu did not even need the Five Spirit Grass.

Tang Yu merely sneered but could not utter a word.

“Tang Yu, you have dug the Tang family into a big hole!” Tears streamed down Tang Si’s face. He was wrong! He was truly wrong! He had always been acting in the best interest of the Tang family for his whole life. He had even messed with the Fengyun clan and Young Master Nan Xian because of Tang Yu and the Tang family.

Now that the people of the Divine Herbs Sect were treated like dogs, the Tang family was nothing in Nan Xian’s eyes.

It was all Tang Si’s fault! Now, even if he died ten thousand times, he was not capable of saving the Tang family.

Tang Luo got up from the ground slowly. He glanced at Nalan Yan before fixing his eyes on Feng Tianyu before breaking into laughter.

“Feng Tianyu, do you know what happened to Yan’er in these ten years?”

Feng Tianyu furrowed his brows as he stared at Tang Luo with a hint of cruelty in his eyes.

“I slept with her. She is mine. She is nothing but a rattled old sandal! Do you still love her?” Tang Luo smirked.

‘Rong Yan, since I can’t have you in my life, no one will! I want to put a thorn in his heart. One day later, it would hurt you. You will realize that I am the only one who could love you with all my heart even if you have slept with another man before.’

Nalan Yan did not utter a word while Feng Ruqing’s face stayed nonchalant.

Both of them stared at Tang Luo in disdain.

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