The City of Terror

Chapter 313 - Defend Someone Despite Their Mistakes?

Chapter 313: Chapter 313 – Defend Someone Despite Their Mistakes?

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 What? Stand straight? 

At this moment, Benjamin understood that he had been thrown out by Wei Xiao Bei. Moreover, the technique was so ingenious that Benjamin had actually been able to stand straight on the ground, making him even more shocked

Just this move alone was enough to make Benjamin speechless.

He did not even know how it was done.

 Was the difference between us this huge?

Wei Xiao Bei had thrown Benjamin out in one move. In truth, this was already quite shocking.

However, after seeing Benjamin land steadily on the ground, everyone’s thoughts differed.

They believed that Benjamin was only caught unprepared that was why Wei Xiao Bei was able to do all this. After all, Benjamin had easily landed steadily on the ground.

This meant that Benjamin was not a lot weaker than Wei Xiao Bei.

As long as one was more careful and not let the opponent catch you, the chance of victory would be bigger.

Because of this thinking, two of the inner disciples strove to get up the stage first and not give way.

Seeing this scene, Li Kun Yang could not help but frown at the thought that he might be too easy going with his disciples.

Li Kun Yang had decided that once Wei Xiao Bei left, every inner disciple would train for two more hours per day, preventing them from having thoughts of fighting each other.

“Stop fighting, why don’t both of you come up at the same time?”

Wei Xiao Bei had stood on the stage for a while and felt quite bored as he watched Li Kun Yang’s disciples argue with each other.

Wei Xiao Bei was trying to be kind, but the two inner disciples felt humiliated.

They felt that him asking them to fight two against one was simply a slap at entire France’s face. Especially once this was transmitted out.

After a bit of hesitation, they finally decided to duke it out with the most ancient method: rock, paper, scissors.

Although this method was old, it was very effective. After two rounds, the taller of the disciples had won as he proudly got up the stage. He completely ignored how ugly the manner he used to climb up the stage.

“Xingyi Dojo disciple, Zhang Tian Li, asks martial uncle Wei for pointers.”

No matter how bad his performance was below, Zhang Tian Li had still shown a bit of manner once he was up on stage.

However, the stage became silent in the next instance.

Wei Xiao Bei played the identity of the martial uncle and did not take the initiative to attack. On the other hand, Zhang Tian Li was extremely cautious. He had clearly seen the misfortune Benjamin encountered while below the stage.

In his mind, taking the initiative to attack was courting death so he stayed inactive.

In the end, he had delayed the time as he stood on the spot.

Thirty seconds passed, and Zhang Tian Li had moved without making any attacks. He only circled around Wei Xiao Bei, trying to find an opening.

This made Wei Xiao Bei speechless.

You should have learned Xingyiquan and not Baguazhang, right?

Naturally, this did not mean that Zhang Tian Li’s countermeasure was wrong.

Compared to Benjamin, Zhang Tian Li ha truly stood on the stage for a longer time.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was also quite bored, making him take a step forward towards Zhang Tian Li.

This single step caused Zhang Tian Li, who was nervous to the points of collapse, make a sudden move. He immediately strode forward like a tiger coming down the mountain as he charged at Wei Xiao Bei.

Wei Xiao Bei’s impression of Zhang Tian Li was a lot better than Benjamin. Thus, he did not immediately throw him out as he let him attack while he defended and retreated back step by step.

After sending out a few fists and seeing that Wei Xiao Bei was continuously retreating to a corner, Zhang TIan Li became even more confident as his fists became even fiercer, wanting to send Wei Xiao Bei out the stage.

Wei Xiao Bei was only giving way. It was impossible for him to let his opponent send him out.

Youths nowadays did not understand the meaning of ‘win an inch want a foot.’ How could Wei Xiao Bei not know Zhang Tian Li’s thoughts? He simply wanted to use Wei Xiao Bei as a stepping stone to increase his fame.

Although Wei Xiao Bei did not care about this fame, and he even believed that he did not have this fame, he would still be incredibly displeased if he had let such a younger generation humiliate him.

It must be known that he was still a guest in the Xingyi Dojo.

It could be said that Li Kun Yang’s business was not bad, but in terms of disciples, they lacked maturity.

Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei stopped retreating, formed a fist with his right hand, and broke through from the front!

 Three Emperor Cannon Fist!

His fist was like a sledgehammer as it struck out.

When the fist was in front of Zhang Tian Li’s eyes, it appeared to have expanded by countless times, as if he was enveloped by it.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s punch and the might that was coming out from his body, Li Kun Yang who had just picked up the teacup, immediately stood up and shouted, “Fist aura!”

This so-called fist aura was the might displayed by someone who had reached a deep profound martial understanding when fighting.

This thing was very hard to describe, but the enemy would be able to feel it. As for those on the side, only Guo Shu experts like Li Kun Yang could faintly feel it. Other people would simply be unable to feel it at all, causing them to only look at Li Kun Yang, who stood up without a care of the teacup falling, with shocked expressions.


With a light echo, Zhang Tian Li was not able to react at all as he was sent flying by Wei Xiao Bei. In an instant, he had been flung towards the group of people. Luckily, those watching still knew martial arts as they safely caught Zhang Tian Li.

Wei Xiao Bei did not land a heavy punch, but this punch had stifled Zhang Tian Li, causing his expression to become purple. Only after coughing a bit, was he able to regain a bit of energy.

“Martial uncle Wei is truly strong. Disciple Zhang Tian Li admits defeat.”

At this moment, Zhang Tian Li’s delusions had been destroyed as he came to his senses. Then, he cupped his hands towards Wei Xiao Bei and dispiritedly stood below the stage as if he was thinking about something.

“Xingyi Dojo disciple, Ted Cruz, ask martial uncle Wei for pointers! Please take care of me!”

At this moment, a blond-haired, blue-eyed caucasian youth climbed up the stage and cupped his hand towards Wei Xiao Bei.

However, ever since Wei Xiao Bei had thrown Zhang Tian Li down the stage, he had shut his eyes and stood without moving.

From the previous punch, he felt that something was slightly different from his fists compared to before.

It was not that his Three Cannon Emperor Fist was different from his Bajiquan, but the difference was difficult for him to describe with words.

In simpler terms, he felt as if he gained control of everything in his surroundings in this punch. Even the light bump that sent Zhang Tian Li flying was finely controlled by him.

For Wei Xiao Bei, he could feel a sense of extreme comfort that he had never felt before.

Just like that, Wei Xiao Bei was appreciating the subtle feeling when he pulled back his fists, attempting to gain complete control over the feeling.

Towards Ted Cruz who had just got up on stage, Wei Xiao Bei was simply not in the mood to pay attention to him.

However, this boy had thought that the reason why Wei Xiao Bei was standing on the spot and closed his eyes was due to receiving an injury during his fight with Zhang Tian Li. He became greedy and attempted to punch Wei Xiao Bei.

This Ted Cruz was Li Kun Yang’s 12th disciple.

When Li Kun Yang saw that this naive boy was throwing out a punch at Wei Xiao Bei, he could not help but sigh. He felt that his disciples were inferior to Cheng Bi Wu’s and decided to clean up of the dojo.

However, before this, the more they suffer the better.

When this thought had just floated to his head, this Ted Cruz could not even react as he was sent flying basketball. In an instant, he had knocked against the wall with a loud bang and landed on the ground.

Everyone was immediately sent in an uproar. The distance between the stage and the wall was 30 meters!

Although they could not see how Ted Cruz was sent flying by Wei Xiao Bei’s attack, being able to send someone flying with just a punch or a kick was very terrifying.

On the contrary, Li Kun Yang had seen through one thing. When Ted Cruz punched out, Wei Xiao Bei did not open his eyes and formed a fist with his right hand. And then with a quick punch and withdrawal from Ted Cruz’s chest, Ted Cruz was instantly sent flying.

What power strength! What exquisite skill!

Li Kun Yang could not help but sigh in his heart. He felt that Wei Xiao Bei was already in the upper levels of neutral jing. This was something that Li Kun Yang knew he would not be wrong about. The passion for battle within him floated up again.

After Ted Cruz had been sent flying by Wei Xiao Bei’s attack, no one dared to challenge him.

After inspecting Ted Cruz, he did not have any serious injuries. He had only fainted from the impact and fractured two ribs.

For martial artists, breaking two ribs while fighting was a normal thing.

Li Kun Yang let someone send Ted Cruz to the hospital and walked to the side of the stage. He lightly pressed on it and jumped up.

Compared to those disciples that wanted to have a dramatic way of going up the stage, Li Kun Yang was much calmer.

When he got up, Li Kun Yang cupped his hand towards Wei Xiao Bei.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was a bit displeased at the moment due to Ted Cruz breaking his train of thought.

“What is the meaning of this brother Li?”

Since he was displeased, his tone was a bit bad at the moment.

Li Kun Yang was also a bit embarrassed. He originally wanted to use his disciples to test Wei Xiao Bei, but he never imagined that they were useless and only stayed on the side of the oppressed.

The worst part was that none of them were self-knowledgeable at all. When they could not win against Wei Xiao Bei, they attempted to take small advantages, making him a bit ashamed.

In truth, if Li Kun Yang was only a bystander, he would also be disdainful at those disciples.

However, he was their master.

Defending someone’s wrongness was in truth not based on one’s nature most of the time.

Many straightforward people would also defend others despite knowing that the person was wrong. If they could not defend them, then it would be impossible to raise the person under them.

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