The Card Apprentice

Chapter 596 - Hustling Wind

Chapter 596: Hustling Wind

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The area in which The Dark Tribe inhabited was the area with the most abundant resources in House of a Hundred Depths; for the past few centuries, it had been the West Mountain King Tribe’s territory. The Dark Tribe had occupied that place ever since they wiped out the West Mountain King Tribe.

But the managerial skill of The Dark Tribe was worse than the West Mountain King Tribe. When compared to the past, resources were dwindling and the environment was deteriorating. But no one in The Dark Tribe cared. It was a paradise compared to where they used to live. And since they had slaughtered the West Mountain King Tribe, the different forces from House of a Hundred Depths were extremely fearful of them and didn’t dare to offend them. But that peace was finally broken.

Leaders of The Dark Tribe gathered and looked at the report with a long face.

Hazak died! He died in Aguda City!

“It’s Zara; she’s the sole survivor.” Deschamps solemnly commented. As the head of the five commanders, Deschamps had always been calm and seasoned. He had a square-faced with broad brows, his lips were thick, and his blonde hair was like a blaze of fire.

Wesley whistled lightly in a frivolous manner, “Hazak was too careless and got killed by a woman. Tut-tut, Zara’s figure is really hot and memorable.” His black complexion gave him a seductive charm, which attracted people’s attention like a magnet. He was lean and tall, wearing a long windbreaker, he rested his chin upon his hand, always wearing a light smile.

Sol frowned and chided him, “Wesley, we’re talking business.”

Sol didn’t have the typical appearance of The Dark Tribe; he had fair skin and a babyface. People who were unfamiliar with him would regard him as a teenager of fifteen or sixteen years old. But in The Dark Tribe, they were terrified of their fourth commander.

Wesley wasn’t angry; he laughed and replied, “Alright, let’s talk. Come on, let’s go on.”

Deschamps ignored him and continued, “Mose has suffered heavy losses, and he has been seriously injured. Sword and shield sect were annihilated. Zara has an ace with her. It is said that Zara was able to kill Hazak was largely due to this ace. From our investigation, Zara and this fellow first appeared in Hundred Depths. They massacred the Nine-tails Bandits and are said to have many top-notch weapons with them.”

Deschamps glanced over to Wesley; he was listening attentively with a pair of sparkling eyes. That fellow was a mania for weapons! Sol and Deschamps looked at each other and readily understood each other.

“We’ve confirmed that they have Golden Ring Woodspear, White Midges Bone, Lotus Leaf Shield, Blood Eyed Dart, Serenity Incense Crown, Painted Graphistemma, Soft Golden Vine, tail feather silk of the Spotted Peacock, and Black Silk Vine!”

Wesley was staring wide-eyed, “That, that… Where did they get so many good things?”

Deschamps snickered in his heart, but didn’t bat an eyelid; he turned to Sol and inquired, “What do you think?”

Sol murmured, “Zara alone isn’t worthy of our attention. Mose is our greatest enemy. Now that Mose is seriously injured and has suffered heavy losses, this is his weakest time now. Why don’t we attack him in the name of revenge for Hazak?”

Wesley applauded and laughed, “This is a great idea! Hazak died for a good purpose!”

Deschamps was in deep thought. Sol’s proposal struck him as well. He sighed in his heart that if Hazark wasn’t dead, he would have the most devious ideas. After pondering for a moment, he hesitated and said, “Shall we ask for Sir’s opinion?” As soon as this was said, everyone stopped talking; the silence was deafening.

After a while, Sol smiled bitterly and said, “Sir has been suppressing his injuries. Who’ll be responsible for the unexpected, if he is distracted by this?”

The atmosphere was oppressive. Hedrat led everyone to where they were today and was the spiritual leader of The Dark Tribe. Everyone was agitated and distraught that he wasn’t taking part in any decision-making process.

“If we had known, we wouldn’t have wiped out the West Mountain King Tribe. We should have left out a few for interrogation purposes. We’ve been searching for so long, and there isn’t even a shadow of Green Mark!” Wesley was frustrated.

Sol coldly replied, “All we have to do is capture Zara. We’ll ask her then.”

When this was said, everyone’s spirit was in full swing. Wesley said, “Three out of the four could go. We still have to keep a guard in our area so that we don’t get attacked from our backs.”

Deschamps nodded, “I’ll stay.”

Sol and Wesley didn’t have any objections. Among the few of them, Deschamps was the most seasoned and composed. Sol turned to an empty space and asked, “Yuan Di, what about you?”

“Agree.” An erratic voice sounded in the room, followed by silence.

In the main palace of Aguda City, the tumbling ground fires flickered, illuminating Mose’s face. Ground fires from the earth’s core were the most common energy source of House of a Hundred Depths and the necessary condition for the formation of a city.

“They have already set out.” Mose’s henchman, Sorren, reported. Sorren had been with Mose since he was fifteen years old and was his most trusted aid.

Mose sighed heavily, straightened his waist, and swept away the hesitation on his face. At that moment, he wasn’t in his usual self; the fat man who was excessively indulging in alcohol and delicacy. His fierce and ferocious eyes made even a master like Sorren avoid eye contact.

“Go as planned, don’t make any mistakes.” Mose murmured, “This battle determines our success or failure.”

He turned to see the hesitation on Sorren’s face and smiled, “What’s wrong? Do you lack confidence?”

“Isn’t it risky to bet on these two people?” Sorren thought about it and decided to clear the doubt in his heart.

Mose wasn’t angry, he laughed, “I’m not betting on them. We can’t avoid this battle with The Dark Tribe. Sooner or later, there’ll be war. I ask you, is it better for us to fight when Hedrat is injured, or when he is in good condition?”

“But the news of Hedrat’s injury hasn’t been confirmed…”

“Ha-ha, I was dubious at first. Zara said that Hedrat was suffering from ‘Imprinting Vine’, and Hazak didn’t deny so that should be true. I was still unsure then—until a moment ago—now I firmly believe that Hedrat was injured!”

Seeing that Sorren was confused, Mose patiently explained, “Hazak was one of the five commanders who died in another country. This time, the other three commanders came for the battle. There was no news from Hedrat, and at that moment I knew. I’m sure that Hedrat is injured. And he’s certainly in bad shape.”

Immediately his expression turned cold, “I’ve been worried about our lack of aces for the battle. These two people are the best opportunities that God has ever given me. Whether we win or lose in this battle, if we could kill one or two commanders, it would be a victory for us!”

“A tiger without its claws and teeth would have a harder resurgence and slowly lose its power.”

* * *

In the vast ash stratum, several shadows were running, and there was a dog beside them. Two people were running on the ground, while the other two were flying in mid-air. The most peculiar thing was the dog; it ran like a piece of lard rolling, but its speed wasn’t in the least inferior to the rest of the group.

This was Wei-ah’s group. They came out almost every few days.

Four people and a dog stopped to rest. Little Bu Mo pampered the fat dog who, half-squinting like a grandfather, enjoyed itself. After running for so long, the overweight dog wasn’t panting at all, which surprised Sue and Yangshan Fei.

Little Bu Mo was much taller than before. As a successor of Wei-ah, his strength was much stronger. He had great determination and handled stress well. Wei-ah never discounted his training plans for Little Bu Mo. Little Bu Mo’s temperament was increasingly similar to Wei-ah; both were stoic and adored their fat dog. The fat dog, with squinting eyes, suddenly raised his head. Before Little Bu Mo could respond, the fat dog gave a low roar and shot out like an arrow.

Yangshan Fei muttered, “Is this fat dog hungry?”

The eyes under Sue’s dark gold mask revealed a tinge of surprise, “Something’s going on.”

Wei-ah and Little Bu Mo had followed the fat dog closely, Sue and Yangshan Fei looked at each other, and the two hurried to catch up. That direction was towards the transit window to Mohadi. They had been to Mohadi many times; it was a familiar route. The unusual behavior of the fat dog made Sue thought of a possibility.

Did someone dive through the transit window into the ash stratum? Thinking of this, Sue and Yangshan Fei were startled.

If that window was no longer a secret, it would be a terrible thing for them. In the vast ash stratum, there was no tenable defense position; their enemy could attack them from any directions.

Sue regretted that she hadn’t suggested Bogner send someone to guard the transit window to Mohadi, or they wouldn’t be so passive now. In fact, except for the four of them, no one else knew about that window.

Nobody knew where Wei-ah and the group went every time. Although Bogner had a rough guess in his mind, Wei-ah didn’t take the initiative to say, and they didn’t ask. Wei-ah had a unique position in their hearts.

The closer to the transit window, the more vigilant they were. The fat dog was extremely intelligent; his movements suddenly became very light, as if quietly approaching its prey. At the same time, Wei-ah and Little Bu Mo suddenly revealed their killing aura.

Someone was there!

Sue and Yangshan Fei looked at each other; they found the enemy too. A team of fifteen people was following a rift, approaching them. Not needing any action, four people and a dog lie in ambush quietly. Sue sighed softly in her heart, worried that the base would face more troubles in the future.

* * *

House of a Hundred Depths had been in the spotlight. The most popular were the two supervillains; Chen Mu and Zara! When they slaughtered Nine-tails Bandits, they earned their name as supervillains. The annihilation of sword and shield sect followed by the death of Hazak, the commander of The Dark Tribe. Lastly, Mose was seriously injured; all pushed them to the cusp of public opinion.

They were indeed the supervillain!

Powerful—they had a series of top-notch equipment which made one’s hair stand on end. Some estimated that if their weapons were all discounted, it was still enough to exchange for a few cities! They had numerous top-notch equipment, but those who were jealous dared not snatched it from them.

Fearless—there was no one they didn’t dare to kill. The Dark Tribe which all feared for and the savage Hazak were all butchered by them.

Fierce and malicious—the annihilation of Nine-tails Bandits and sword and shield sect were examples of their brutality.

People were discussing these two villains everywhere. Some were excited, worried, or jealous of their top-notch equipment; there were all forms of commentaries.

When the two figures appeared at the entrance of Huoyun City, the flexsters guarding the city gate looked ashen and were trembling as they approached. No one dared to say a word. The unprecedented suffocation nearly made them faint. Panic, like a plague, spread throughout the city within an hour!

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