The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 318 - Not Everyone Can Enter Here

Chapter 318: Not Everyone Can Enter Here

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“Sorry, Miss Lu. You are not allowed in here,” the bodyguard said coldly.

Lu Chuxia looked incredulously at him, “Why not? Didn’t Lin Che and Gu Jingze just go in?”

“Only Gu family members can go in. Outsiders are not allowed. That was Sir’s instructions.”

“You… Even I can’t go in? I’m a close friend of Gu Jingze.”

“Sir instructed so,” the bodyguard replied.

Lu Chuxia spoke more angrily, “And Lin Che can simply go in?”

“Young Madam is a member of the Gu family. Of course, she can enter…” the bodyguard said.

Lu Chuxia was stopped outside. She felt people around starting to look at her and she felt even more ridiculed.

( NovelFull )  But seeing that everyone was watching, she quickly turned around and acted as if she didn’t care. She scoffed.

Only Gu family members could enter…

Everybody watching all thought the same thing. Indeed, not just anybody was able to go in there. If even Lu Chuxia was stopped, what was the chance that others could go in?

Gu Jingyan sat forlornly inside.

The long wedding gown was originally translucent and white. Now, it looked rather bleak.

She heard someone entering and raised her head slightly.

Looking at everyone’s worried expression, she only said plainly, “It’s alright. I know where he is. Nevermind… If he’s not coming… He doesn’t have to come. Anyway, everything was already done and we have signed the papers. Today was just a formality.”

As Gu Jingyan spoke, she stood up alone.

“If he’s not coming, I’ll run this wedding myself.”

Everybody looked at her in shock.

Mu Wanqing got up and said, “Jingyan, that’s not good. If the Lu family is not sincere about this marriage, we can forget it. You don’t have to marry. It’s not like nobody wants you. Let’s cancel the wedding.”

“No,” Gu Jingyan turned and said. “I’m already his wife. The wedding can be canceled, but not the marriage.”

Mu Wanqing wanted to say more but Gu Jingze pressed Mu Wanqing down.

Mu Wanqing’s lips moved. She only felt injustice for her daughter.

But Gu Jingyan only looked out the window.

So many people were here. So many reporters were waiting.

How could they simply cancel the wedding like this?

Her mother didn’t want her to get hurt, but as the daughter of the Gu family, she couldn’t let her family become the laughing stock because of her.

They were definitely going to be laughed at now, but the only thing she could do at this moment was to not run away. This would at least help retain whatever dignity remained.

Gu Jingyan carried her own skirt and said to the flower boys behind, “Tell the master of ceremonies that the wedding is going to start.”


The wedding spectators were already talking amongst themselves.

The Gu family was powerful. Everybody was puzzled, but they didn’t dare to rush them.

Just then, the master of ceremonies was finally on stage, nervously announcing that the wedding was about to start.

Everybody then cheered and applauded.

It was finally starting. All the uneasiness slowly disappeared.

But at this moment, they saw only Gu Jingyan walking out on the red carpet.

The groom was nowhere to be seen.

The crowd probably wouldn’t be able to forget such a special wedding.

Gu Jingyan was glamorous. She stood there alone and said plainly to everybody, “Sorry to keep everyone waiting. Thankfully, the food is all prepared and the drinks are being served. A big thank you to all of you for coming to my wedding. It’s just that Lu Beichen can’t come now as he is too busy with his work.”

The crowd was stunned.

What was the meaning of this?

The groom… was not attending his own wedding?

And the wedding… was still proceeding?

Gu Jingyan smiled slightly and spoke elegantly, “But it’s okay. I’ll run this wedding myself. I hope that everyone will enjoy today’s event, music, and dance. Everyone must be excited about this wedding party!”

Everybody was really shocked.

But nobody dared to object. They looked around at the Gu family’s bodyguards and quickly started moving to the music.

The audience could only look at each other in confusion. When the Gu family members were gathered and talking, they began to discuss among themselves.

“What… What is going on?”

“Only the Lu family can do this to the Gu family in a wedding.”

“Lu Beichen is so daring. But why does he suddenly not want to marry her anymore?”

“It may be a marriage, but Gu Jingyan is as strong as she is pretty. Which man wouldn’t like a gentle, small woman? Marrying such a tigress would be bad for the home. With Lu Beichen’s power, he doesn’t need to marry the Gu family. He can easily find any woman he wants to serve him however he pleases. Looking at Gu Jingyan… Haha, who would dare to make Gu Jingyan serve them?”

Everyone looked over, then at the Gu family’s bodyguards surrounding them. It would already make a person tremble, much less expect her to serve…

Meanwhile, inside…

Gu Jingyan sat alone and stared out the window. She picked up her phone.

Once again, she called Lu Beichen but could not get through.

“Miss.” Behind her, someone came in to report to her.

“Say it,” she asked plainly without turning her head. “Where is Lu Beichen?”

“Fu Chenxi came back… Sir, he… When he found out, he seemed to have gone looking for her…”

Indeed… Indeed it was like this.

Fu Chenxi was back. Yes, she knew it long ago and seemed to have a hunch. Her sudden return would ruin everything that she worked so hard for during the past few years. However, she was not going to end the marriage.

She chose this path and would crawl if she had to. She, Gu Jingyan, had to follow through this marriage that she chose herself.

She gestured for the person to leave, grabbed her phone again and called Lu Beichen.

This time, it actually went through…

After the dial tone, that man finally answered.

Gu Jingyan spoke over the phone, “Lu Beichen, today is our wedding. Do you dare to say that you forgot?”

“Gu Jingyan, when Chenxi suddenly left that year… It was you. It was you who drove her away, wasn’t it?”

Gu Jingyan paused, “What are you talking about?”

Lu Beichen laughed coldly, “Gu Jingyan, don’t you have a heart? What did Chenxi do that you had to do such a thing to her? What did you say to Chenxi that made her suddenly leave that year? Gu Jingyan, I didn’t think that you would be such a vicious woman. Wedding? I’m not going. You can go ahead yourself.”

“Ha… Ha, fine. Fine, Lu Beichen. That’s right. I’m that kind of a vicious woman. Is this your first time knowing? How strange. When you slept with me, you were calling my name in bed. When you wanted me, how come you never said that I was a vicious woman? Isn’t it too late to call me a vicious woman now?”

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