The 99th Divorce

Chapter 42: Not Her…

Chapter 42: Not Her…

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Walking out the door, Su Qianci did not ask Yang to follow her around but took a taxi to a law firm half an hour away from home, according to her memory.

Sheng Ximing, one of the best lawyers in Kingstown. In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had set her up multiple times to be in legal troubles. Each time, Sheng Ximing was the one who had saved her.

It was the city center of Kingstown. In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had once taken her shopping around this area. And during lunch time, she had met Sheng Ximing. Walking into a restaurant near the law firm, Su Qianci found the spot that she remembered. At this spot, a man in his forties wearing a pair of wire-rimmed glasses was sitting in front of a laptop. The delicate food in front of him remained untouched. The man's eyebrows were knitted. Clearly, his case was not an easy one.

In Su Qianci's last lifetime, Sheng Ximing mistook her for a friend of his. Because Su Qianci looked like that friend, Sheng Ximing had done everything possible to help Su Qianci. Before the day Su Qianci had been set up to be the murderer of Captain Li, Sheng Ximing had told her that he had good news for her. She never had the time to hear the good news. What was it that Sheng Ximing was trying to tell her?

Feeling sorry, Su Qianci gazed at Sheng Ximing. Feeling Su Qianci's gaze, Sheng Ximing looked up at her sharply. It only took a glance for Sheng Ximing to be confused. A waiter carried a tray over and served a cup of coffee to Sheng Ximing. "Mr. Sheng Ximing, your coffee."

Sheng Ximing reached for the coffee but took his hand back because of the heat. Accidentally, he tipped the cup and spilled the hot liquid on the floor.

The waiter became pale. "Sir, are you okay?"

Sheng Ximing shook his head and quickly cleaned himself up. He subconsciously looked to the direction of the girl. However, she was already gone. Was he delusional? Feeling incredibly sorry, Sheng Ximing looked down. However, as he turned his head, a slim figure had already appeared in front of him. The girl had bright eyes and flawless skin. Her face looked exactly like the person he had remembered at first glance.

However, with a closer look, they were quite different. The woman he remembered was elegant but warm. The girl in front of him seemed to be smiling, but her eyes were cold and distant. The girl's features were also more delicate than the woman he had remembered. Despite their difference, Sheng Ximing was still dazed.

Looking at the middle-aged man with a smile, Su Qianci greeted him politely. After all, for him, it was their first encounter. Looking at her smile, Sheng Ximing could not help comparing her to his old friend. They were so much alike. Feeling excited, Sheng Ximing's eyes lit up.

"Hello, my name is Su Qianci."

Her words made his excitement go away immediately.

It was not her…

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