Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 818 - Teaching the Princess.

Chapter 818: Teaching the Princess.

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As a failure, Achilles was not in the mood either. The way the team was built made him feel helpless. When Achilles was in the Solar System, he had the power to change the natural order of things. Together with his family’s support, it was indeed convenient in everything he did. For example, during the IG, there were the most people from the Moon, and each of them was strong. However, when he arrived at the Elite Academy, he couldn’t make something out of nothing. However, Lear had his ways in such an environment and was doing very well. Truthfully speaking, this made Achilles feel a little defeated. In this aspect, even Wang Zheng was much stronger than him. Working together with Lie Xin was also the last attempt by the two proud ex-leaders to achieve something.

Lear saw Achilles’ expression. He knew that the huge mountain that had been weighing down on him previously had finally been moved aside. People like Achilles were never his match. This was because he was too proud, too cultured and attached too much importance to those emotions. One should be more practical when living. Winners got to decide things while the losers had no rights to. After this battle, no one would argue about who was stronger or weaker between Achilles and him.

Lear looked at the Aslan’s group and specifically at the Highness of Aslan. He did not have any interactions with Aslan. Lear obviously wanted to build good relationship with Aslan regardless from the Academy aspect or the Federation’s aspect. However, Lear also knew that it would be pointless if they gave him the cold shoulder. It was especially so as Wang Zheng had a rather unique relationship with Aslan.

However, it would seem that there was an issue between Wang Zheng and Aslan now. If that’s the case, it would be a different case. Lin Huiyin smiled faintly and stood up. “Student Lear, that was truly an interesting match. The Dynasty battle team is great. We hope that there would be opportunity that you would interact with our Aslan’s battle team and learn from each other.”

Lear was a little surprised. If he didn’t grab this opportunity, he would not be Lear.

“Your Higness, Princess, you have overpraised us. Aslan is the number one country in terms of strength. I would have many areas where I could learn from you. Senior Hocatolin is also my role model. If he could give us some guidance, it would be great.”

Lear’s words had praised the two of them to the sky. His expressions were sincere and not fake. Hocatolin’s expressions were a little stiff initially but had revealed a smile after hearing Lear’s words.

“Fast responses and accurate grabbing of the opportunity. The Dynasty battle team is very strong. We could have a sparring from time to time.” said Hocatolin.

Lin Huiyin was using the side of her eyes to glance at the side of Wang Zheng. Indeed, although Wang Zheng’s expression did not change, his gaze wasn’t kind.

Huiyin was elated in her heart. She finally found his weakness. Who asked him to not care about her?

“Student Lear, do you have time at night. I wish to understand the building process of the Dynasty battle team and how did you formed a new battle team with such battle prowess in such a short period of time.”

Lin Huiyin replied with a smile. Even the people of Aslan were surprised at her words. Your Highness rarely issued such personal invitation. This was really showing Lear a lot of respect. The surrounding students had all revealed gazes of envy. This Lear was truly going to become well-known.

Wang Zheng had originally wanted to leave. After hearing what Huiyin had said, he shook his head faintly. He had wanted to say something about it but decided not to.

“Your Highness, I have nothing on at night too. Let me go with you too.” said Angela.

Huiyin smiled faintly and replied, “There’s no need for it. I wish to speak with Student Lear in private.”

Even Lear, who didn’t show his emotions typically, couldn’t hide his joy. This was an opportunity from the heaven. If he could establish a friendship with Lin Huiyin, or even going a step further, he would be able to achieve a lot in one go!

When he heard this, Wang Zheng still stopped in his tracks. This brat was playing with fire!

Seeing that Wang Zheng had stopped in his tracks, Lin Huiyin was smiling even more happily. Hmm, who asked you to ignore me!

It was just that when she saw Wang Zheng’s gaze as he walked over, the little princess immediately felt afraid… Wang Zheng seemed to be very angry.

Lin Huiyin felt a little constrained. The others wouldn’t see Wang Zheng as something. It was especially so for Lear. He wouldn’t wish Wang Zheng to tarnish his great opportunity. He purposely blocked Wang Zheng off.

Wang Zheng stopped. “Huiyin, come over.”

Wang Zheng’s voice was calm but had slight sense of anger.

What was this tone? What was this attitude?

Who did you think he was?

The people from Aslan were enraged. Lear’s was even sniggering in his heart. Wang Zheng, this brat, must be dumb and had seen himself as someone big. However, this was great too. He had completely offended the people of Aslan and cut off his options. Truthfully speaking, without Aslan, Wang Zheng would be nothing.

Angela and Lu Die were also enraged. No one dared to speak to the princess in such a way. Lin Huiyin was someone that everyone in this place was afraid to offend and hurt.

Seeing that a conflict was building up, Lin Huiyin immediately lowered her head and walked over. He could feel that Wang Zheng was really angry.

Wang Zheng also didn’t say a word. He turned around and headed directly towards the training room next door. As for Lin Huiyin, she lowered her head and followed.

Lear was stunned. What… was this all about?

The next moment, he suddenly understood. Lin Huiyin was clearly using him to anger Wang Zheng… he had been used?

Hocatolin and the rest wanted to follow. However, Olivios had brought over the people of Arbiter and stopped them.

“This is the Elite Academy and isn’t the palace of Aslan. Don’t make yourself look like slaves.” Said Olivios faintly.

Hocatolin frowned. Olivios was too rude. However, the people of Arbiter didn’t care if they had offended the people of Aslan.

“Didn’t Marzu teach you how to talk to others?” Hocatolin’s gaze wasn’t friendly.

A cold smirked appeared on the side of Olivios’ mouth. He didn’t wish to engage in a quarrel. Going against Aslan was just a habit of the people of Arbiter. Obviously, he was also doing Wang Zheng a favor and make Wang Zheng unable to back off from the battle with him in the future.

Olivios knew about the personality of a person like Wang Zheng.

When the door was closed, Huiyin looked down and seemed just like a child who had done something wrong.

Wang Zheng didn’t speak a word and left Huiyin at a side. People outside the room were stretching their head trying to look inside. They didn’t know what was happening inside and their hearts seemed to be tickled by cats.

Seeing that Huiyin’s was on the verge of crying, Wang Zheng still yielded. He recalled that this simple-minded brat had ran all the way to Tita Star to save his life. He also recalled them causing a commotion on Marzu. As an adult, he shouldn’t be so petty. However, Huiyin had gone too far this time.

“Say it, why were you throwing a tantrum this time?”

It was then that Huiyin lifted her head. “I don’t like that you were together with Snow Li.”

Wang Zheng was taken aback and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Who had told you that we are together? We are both friends and comrades. That’s all. What did a kid like you guess we were doing?”

Instantly, Huiyin was happy again. “Are you saying the truth? You’re sure you’re not lying to me?”

Wang Zheng was speechless. What was this brat thinking all day long?

“What is there to lie about? Could it be that you were throwing a tantrum because of this small thing? Since when were you so gossipy?”

“I wasn’t. I… I was a little more rebellious recently and you weren’t willing to coax me.” Huiyin’s face turned slightly red but she was happy in her heart just like a hundred flowers blooming at the same time.

“Even if you are rebellious, you can’t be so rash. If you do it again, I will hit your butt!” laughed Wang Zheng. He really didn’t know how to deal with this brat.

Lin Huiyin immediately jumped and leapt to hold on to Wang Zheng’s arms. “Huiyin is the most well-behaved person and was rebellious for just a short while. Brother Wang Zheng, let’s have dinner together tonight.

“Oh, what about Lear?”

“Who is Lear? I don’t know of such a person.” Huiyin’s large eyes looked completely clueless.

The door had opened and Wang Zheng and Lin Huiyin came out from it. It seemed that nothing had happened. Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan and the rest left. The Princess had reinstated her princess’ demeanour and her expression that ignored all others.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Huiyin faintly. When it came to putting on a front, the Princess Highness didn’t have to learn about it.

However, Lu Die and Angela could clearly feel that Her Highness’ mood was very good.

Lear felt that he had been neglected. He coughed a few times. “Your Highness, Princess, we…”

“Senior Hocatolin, Student Lear wishes to interact with Aslan. Please arrange someone to attend to it.

After finishing her words, Huiyin left freely. Hocatolin nodded his head. This would be the best. A person like Lear had actually wanted to climb up using the circumstances. He could dream on.

Lear unknowingly clenched his fist. However, he relaxed it again while maintaining a nonchalant smile on his face.

It was Wang Zheng again!

“Wang Zheng, is everything resolved?” When he just came back, Zhang Shan could no longer hold back and keep asking.

“Resolved what?”

“Obviously it’s about how you had angered the little princess that she would resort to using such a method to deal you a blow?” laughed Lia.

“She’s a kid and was just throwing a tantrum from time to time. There’s nothing more.” said Wang Zheng. The others couldn’t not see Lin Huiyin as a princess. However, Wang Zheng wasn’t the same.

This type of confidence and strength were something that others couldn’t have learnt.

There were too many people around and Zhang Shan couldn’t gossip about it. However, when they had returned, he would definitely grill Wang Zheng. This was one of his few hobby.

Although Lear had won, his expressions just before they left were truly exciting. Although he was smiling, he looked worse than he was crying. Zhang Shan was on the verge of bursting into laughter.

“Oli, have you told Olivios?” asked Wang Zheng suddenly.

Oli’s face turned red. Since Olivios’ appearance, Oli had been watching silently. However, Olivios had not pay attention to her all along.

“Not… yet.”

“Are you intending to leave it till graduation? However, Oli, Olivios isn’t interesting and isn’t suitable to be your boyfriend. This brat should just find a blow up doll.” said Zhang Shan without reserve. The girls immediately criticised him. However, Zhang Shan was really thick faced and just accepted everything.

“The Dynasty battle team is truly powerful. The key was that the Mayans are great counters to the human’s mecha.” said Ai Xiaolu. “To win against the Dynasty battle team, we need a deeper understanding of the Mayans’ mecha.”

“It would be difficult. The Mayans’ mecha are classified as confidential and we would need the cooperation of the Mayans. Otherwise, we would not have any detailed data at all.” said Eisen. Collecting information was his job. However, such confidential things couldn’t be obtained at all.

“Vincent’s Golden Wheel can counter the Mayans’ mecha very well.

“It isn’t really a counter but the opponents wouldn’t be able to perform well.”

This match was completely rolled over by one side. Wang Zheng also feel a little emotional. This was probably an extremely huge blow for Achilles.

The proud Sun God had surprisingly been defeated in such a despairing manner. Moreover he had been suppressing the grievances that he had suffered as well as Lear and yet he had lost in such a way. He had no one to tell his grievances to.

The truth was the Fiery Moon battle team wasn’t weak at all. It was just that the tempo had been controlled firmly by the Dynasty battle team all along and this had made it seemed that the difference was so great. One had to admit that the Dynasty battle team was really strong now. Moreover, this battle team had many members where they could control well.

Lear could control the battlefield and so could Luo Fei. A Mayan could be on the offensive without concerns within a specific range. Also, Wang Zheng even knew about the true strength of Luo Fei, the fatty.

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