Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1243 - Framed

Chapter 1243: Framed

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This was a spirit sense cultivation method, Yin Sha was completely shook. He started burning his essence blood without hesitation and forcefully shattered the spirit sense blade.
*Thud thud thud*
Yin Sha’s Yin Yang lock swirled, clashed with the purple ray, and instantly let off a terrifying cultivation essence explosion. The sea water below was parted by this explosion.
Although the Yin Yang lock broke Ye Mo’s domain and blocked most of Ye Mo’s purple ray, a small part of the purple ray still slipped through.
A blood light flashed and his arm was taken away by the purple ray. Yin Sha lost an arm because he underestimated Ye Mo and didn’t use a defense magic artifact.
Ye Mo didn’t feel that well either, the powerful cultivation essence swirl knocked him flying back and he also spat a mouthful of blood. Ye Mo knew that although he wasn’t afraid of Yin Sha, the difference in power was too great. Yin Sha was much stronger than that Yong Yan.
“You dare to injure me….” Yin Sha was furious.
But Ye Mo didn’t go back to Blue Moon, instead he used two more lightning arcs.
Hearing two thuds, Yin Sha was dazed. The two lightning arcs didn’t attack him but his broken arm., which was instantly disintegrated. Yin Sha was so angry he spat blood again. He could reattach the broken arm previously, but how could he do that when it was turned to dust? Without a powerful spirit herb, he would have to stay one-armed forever.
Spirit herbs that could grow back lost limbs were rare even in the cultivation realm. The Immortal Curl Flower could do it, but could he get that? The 9-color Lotus could as well, but he couldn’t get that either.
When Ye Mo flew back to Blue Moon, Yin Sha woke up. He indeed only had one arm now. As his fury grew, Blue Moon flew again.
“Chase, I’m going to kill him…” Yin Sha had lost his reason.
But the two other disaster transformation state cultivators he was with were calm and that disaster transformation state peak stage cultivator said, “Brother Yin, you’re too impetuous and underestimating, otherwise that cauldron filling state level six wouldn’t be able to injure you. Indeed we need to chase up and kill him, if that cultivator reaches disaster transformation state, ordinary disaster transformation states won’t be a match for him.”
The disaster transformation state level eight also nodded, “That’s right, that cauldron filling state cultivator is too terrifying, he’s only cauldron filling state level six but his domain is in initial completion. His lightning style attacks are also too terrifying. Once he’s disaster transformation state, no one in disaster transformation state would be able to take him on.”
Yin Sha calmed down now too, he realized he was too careless. But any disaster transformation state cultivator wouldn’t take things seriously when they fought a cauldron filling state cultivator.
“I must kill this person or my mental state won’t be calm,” Yin Sha said word by word.
The disaster transformation state peak stage smiled. “Their flying cultivation artifact may be extreme grade, but it’s not fast enough. We’ll be able to catch up in about half a day.”

Ming Xin didn’t know Yin Sha’s power but after Guang Wei told her, she began to worry. Now, Ye Mo had cut off one of Yin Sha’s arms with only cauldron filling state power, Ming Xin was very shocked. She had seen too many cultivators fighting people above their cultivation level, but not someone as absurd as Ye Mo.
Everyone else didn’t seem surprised at what Ye Mo did. Teng Yi asked again, “Ye Mo, we should hurry up and go now?”
Ye Mo shook his head. “No need, wait another half a day.”
Ye Mo didn’t know if the city lord estate’s people were watching him, but he had a feeling they wouldn’t let him go.
Half a day later, when Yin Sha’s top grade flying cultivation artifact appeared before them again, Ye Mo said, “We can go now.”
Then, Ye Mo put 8 extreme grade spirit stones on the Blue Moon and activated its max speed.
Those three disaster transformation state cultivators thought they were about to catch up to Ye Mo, but before they could make a plan, they saw Ye Mo’s flying cultivation artifact suddenly accelerate more than ten times faster than before. It flew away like a Blue Moon, not leaving behind a single mark.
The three were dazed and subconsciously stopped their flying cultivation artifact. How could they chase at this speed? Ye Mo had already disappeared from their sights.
“Fuck, this bastard has been playing with us!” the disaster transformation state level eight cursed. He came to help Yin Sha because he was interested in Blue Moon, but now he couldn’t see Blue Moon at all.
“It’s actually a half-immortal flying artifact, so powerful…” the disaster transformation state peak stage said.
Yin Sha murmured, “So he wasn’t afraid of us chasing. Such a calculated cultivator.”
“Wait.” The disaster transformation state peak stage suddenly stared at Yin Sha.
Yin Sha and the other cultivator subconsciously looked at this disaster transformation state peak stage.
The disaster transformation state peak stage asked coldly, “Brother Yin Sha, he has a half-immortal artifact, can we chase up to him?”
Yin Sha subconsciously shook his head. “Of course not, we only have a top grade flying cultivation artifact. ”
Suddenly, Yin Sha thought of something and took out that jade box. “You mean…”
The disaster transformation state peak stage nodded. “Yes, if he can get away, why give something as precious as the blue lightning source bead to you? Don’t you feel it’s strange?”
“That cultivator is very decisive, he destroyed your arm after severing it. Do you think someone like that will kindly give you the blue lightning source bead?” the disaster transformation state peak stage asked.
Yin Sha also recounted how cruel and calculated Ye Mo was in the trade hall. He immediately began to sweat.
Just when he was hesitating, two figures flew by and landed in front of them.
The three immediately stopped their discussion and looked at these two with respect.
They were truth realisation state cultivators without any doubt.
The man at the front seemed very charismatic and wore a mask. The cultivator behind him was like a ghost.
The masked cultivator saw the red jade box and his eyes turned frigid. He took the jade box and opened it.
One blue lightning source bead laid in there, the Kun Scale was gone. His spirit sense mark was on the bead.
The masked cultivator’s hands were clearly shaking due to excitement, he stared coldly at Yin Sha and asked, “Where did you get the jade box?”
Yin Sha told everything, not daring to hide anything.
“You’re saying he has a flying half-immortal artifact?” the masked cultivator asked emotionlessly.
The three shivered and just kept nodding. They finally realized why Ye Mo gave them this jade box, it was a huge trap.
The masked cultivator was so furious that he was shaking. He was worried about the Kun scale and came to kill Ye Mo personally, but he still got away.
“Master, we can chase them now. Even without the mark, we might not fail,” the shadow said.
Yin Xu nodded and looked coldly at the three. “Kill them!” He hated these three insects for ruining his plan.
“Yes,” the shadow said and loomed over the three. Even the disaster transformation state peak stage just managed to take out his magic artifact before he was frozen by the shadow’s domain, then they were all crushed to nothing.
“Chase!” Yin Xu said, looking in the direction Yin Sha had pointed at.

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