Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1180 - Beautiful City, Gradual Prosperity

Chapter 1180: Beautiful City, Gradual Prosperity

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Mo Yue City had the resources and future of Pill City but was ten times – no, 100 times prettier than Pill City. The management was thousands of times better as well. In Pill City, low level cultivators had to move aside respectfully when they saw high level cultivators and weren’t allowed to contest valuable things with them, but in Mo Yue City everyone was equal.
Now, it was too hard to settle in Mo Yue City. There was no way to cheat the citizenship system and the price of land was not something ordinary cultivators could afford. Even hollow spirit state and body condensation state cultivators could only rent a place.
But those foundation establishment state and even chi gathering cultivators who stayed in Mo Yue City before had their own place. Their land couldn’t be taken away as in Mo Yue City, even a truth realisation state was equal to an ordinary citizen.
Those chi gathering cultivators who knew business all rented their land to high level cultivators and now didn’t need to look around for resources. They just had to rent a place together and could cultivate.
As time moved on, more and more cultivators came to Mo Yue City and all sorts of resources, materials, and spirit herbs flowed to Mo Yue City. Mo Yue City’s commercial streets became more and more developed and the city grew prosperous.

At this moment, Ye Mo was walking side by side with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue by the river outside the city. After separation and running, they were finally settled.
No one spoke now, this warmth and peace was what they’d always been seeking, and now that they finally got it, they felt how precious it was.
“Husband, I really like it here. If possible, I really want to live here my entire life. We can cultivate together and walk out together…” Luo Ying raised her pretty face and her eyes were full of anticipation.
She was a little older than Ning Qingxue but her heart was younger than her. Her request was simple, to be with the person she loved in the place she liked. Everything else came second.
Ye Mo nodded and pulled their hands, “When things end here and Mo Yue City is stable, you guys can stay here and cultivate. Qingxue can help me look after Mo Yue City.”
“Are you going to go again?” Luo Susu felt her hands shaking, she feared Ye Mo leaving them again the most.
Ye Mo embraced Susu and said softly, “I don’t want to leave you guys as well, but it is a long time past the date I promised Song Yangzhu I would come for her. I’m afraid they’re getting worried, so I want to bring Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu as well as Jingwen all here. Then we can all live in Mo Yue City and never separate.”
But Ye Mo didn’t say that when his power was strong enough, he would get revenge at Infinity Sect.
Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying didn’t speak, they didn’t want Ye Mo to leave but it wasn’t right to leave Song Yangzhu and them in North Far State.
Ye Mo sighed, “It’s a pity I’m only a level eight formation grand master now, if I’m one day a level nine formation grand master or even higher, I will set up a teleportation formation between Mo Yue City and North Far State.”
“And also there’s Yimo, ask about her when you go,” Ning Qingxue said sadly. She thought about her parents, who knew if little Yimo would miss her parents? Ye Mo never mentioned it but how could she not know?
Ye Mo was worried about Yimo the most.
Luo Ying suddenly blushed as though she wanted to say something.
Ye Mo embraced Luo Ying tightly and said, “Susu, what do you want to say? There’s only us three here.”
Ning Qingxue suddenly grabbed Luo Ying’s other arm and said, “Sister Susu asked me last time why she still wasn’t pregnant…”
But then Ning Qingxue also said quietly, “Actually, I want to know why we’re still not pregnant after being with you for so long…”
They’d long been wanting to ask this but they were too shy and were with other people.
Ye Mo held them softly and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just that I don’t want a child now. When we’re stronger then we can think about it.”
Before Ye Mo didn’t really understand, but he had realized now that if a female cultivator wanted to get pregnant, she needed to stop cultivation for at least a few years. Ye Mo knew now was the time for them to improve their cultivation, they couldn’t stop.
The higher the cultivation level, the longer the lifespan, why even worry about having offsprings now? Ye Mo was already very happy with Yimo.
Suddenly, a red flying sword landed on Ye Mo’s hand. Ye Mo saw it and his face changed drastically, he quickly took Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying flying east.
“What happened?” Ning Qingxue asked.
Luo Ying also looked at Ye Mo in confusion.
Ye Mo gave the flying sword to the two and said, “It’s Cheng Nana who messaged me, she’s Zifeng’s wife. I didn’t expect her and Zifeng to be in South Peace State as well. But Zifeng left her because he couldn’t cultivate, I only knew this because I saw her in Truth Fall City once.
“Zifeng is here too?” Ning Qingxue asked in shock.
Ye Mo nodded and before he spoke, the sound of fighting came. Ye Mo saw Cheng Nana being attacked by two golden core state cultivators.
They were wearing Eternity Sea uniforms. Ye Mo knew without asking that Cheng Nana probably heard he came to Mo Yue City and wanted to come, but she was found by Eternity Sea cultivators. She was quite capable to be able to escape to the outskirts of Mo Yue City.
Cheng Nana saw Ye Mo and them come and her face immediately rejoiced, she knew her life was saved.
The two Eternity Sea cultivators saw Ye Mo and immediately recognized him to be Mo Yue City’s city lord, Ye Mo. Their face grew bad, Ye Mo’s story of killing hollow spirit state level seven Ming Wujian was spread everywhere.
Even nascent soul state cultivators were just one slap for Ye Mo, much less them golden core state cultivators.
“We greet city lord Ye.” The two quickly bowed.
Cheng Nana quickly came up respectfully. “Big brother, sister in law Luo Ying and Qingxue…”
The two greeted back but didn’t have a deep impression of her.
“What’s going on?” Ye Mo asked Cheng Nana.
Cheng Nana said, “After I knew big brother came back to Mo Yue City, I immediately wanted to come, but the sect knows about me seeing big brother at Truth Fall City and they suspected Wu Yu’s death has something to do with big brother. They’ve been watching me constantly, I found an opportunity and escaped here, but I was still caught up by them.”
“Qian bei, this has nothing to do with us, we were following her but we didn’t try to kill her. We’re just responsible for bringing her back to the sect,” one Eternity Sea cultivator quickly said.
Ye Mo sneered. “You heard her, she calls me big brother and from now on, she’s no longer an Eternity Sea cultivator. On her account I won’t kill you today. Go back and tell your sect leader, if he still wants to scheme against me, go for it.”
“Yes, yes, wan bei will leave,” the two quickly said and ran off without daring to coming back.
“Sorry big brother, I brought trouble to you again,” Cheng Nana said worriedly.
Ye Mo waved his hand. “Come back with us to Mo Yue City first, don’t worry about Zifeng, I will look around for him.”
“Yes big brother,” Cheng Nana quickly said.
Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue saw Lin Yiban rushing over from afar and immediately knew he had business with Ye Mo. So they said, “We’ll take Cheng Nana back first, do what you need to do.”
After the three were gone, Ye Mo looked at Lin Yiban and asked, “Brother Lin, is there something?”
“Silver Moon Pill King is here too and he has some business with you,” Lin Yiban quickly said.
Soon, Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing came together. Ye Mo quickly bowed and asked, “Is there something urgent for the two qian beis to come find me suddenly?”
Shen Guanqing smiled, “Can’t we come to you even if there’s nothing? But we really do have something. Mo Yue City is very stable with your formations and three truth realisation state cultivators. Martial brother Yue and I will help you find some people and bring a few old friends to settle here, otherwise, we would be too lonely.”
Ye Mo rejoiced, he knew these two pill kings were doing this for Mo Yue City. How could cultivators feel lonely?
Just as they were about to go, Ye Mo suddenly thought of one thing and quickly said, “Two qian beis, please stop, I have something to ask.”

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