Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 627 - Everyone Under the Throne is a Lackey

Chapter 627: Everyone Under the Throne is a Lackey

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After Lu Shu entered, he realized that there was a stage similar to the Dragon Stage, but was much bigger than the Dragon Stage.

But what made Lu Shu shocked was that there was nothing on the jade green stage. It was clear that there was nothing there. Lu Shu asked in a low voice, “Did you get that small silver fish from here…”

The Deep Sea White Sand emerged from the ground. “Yes, it was on the stage. I have no idea who put it there.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

Lu Shu did not produce any distress points. He could only praise Lu Xiaoyu’s luck. She had somehow settled the strongest being in the remains…

From the Puppet Master’s tone, the Small White Fish was not very strong. After all, back then when the Puppet Master was talking to a Class A Blood Devil, he did not have an imposing tone. Such a tone only surfaced when he was talking to a Class B Blood Devil.

Looking at the empty palace, Lu Shu had a feeling that the Dragon Stage was a relic. But he did not touch it and end the remains. He ran out again and waved at the Puppet Master. “Orders from the Majesty! Attack him!”

Chen Baili had rushed over. To be honest, Chen Baili was quite surprised. He had thought that the Puppet Master was on good terms with the beings in the remains. Furthermore, he had heard the Puppet Master’s voice from far away. He thought that he was warning the beings in the remains. But in the end, they had an internal conflict? This did not make sense…

Lu Shu did not end the remains because he wanted to fight the Puppet Master in the remains. If he ended the remains here, the Puppet Master and Chen Baili would fight outside. This would result in many injuries, as all the Daoyuan Class students would be there too.

With Lu Shu’s command, the black armored soldiers came together and soared in the water. The Puppet Master laughed coldly. “You all are looking to die. I see that the Small White Fish has forgotten the honor of our master. Wait until master comes back. Everyone under the throne is a lackey! You will never enter samsara!”

Lu Shu was puzzled. Who was the owner of the Puppet Master? Wasn’t he, a Class A expert, a lackey too?

The Puppet Master seemed very loyal. The Class A expert’s only wish for his entire life seemed to be drawing in former subordinates for his master.

The iron-clad puppet rushed towards the black armored soldiers. He punched the ripple of defense that the 52 black armored soldiers had formed, causing it to bulge inwards.

But one could die from the bites of many ants. The combined defense of 52 mid Class C’s was too much even for the iron-clad puppet.

Lu Shu was lucky. Thankfully, he had not gotten rid of all the black armored soldiers yet. If not, he would be at a loss.

The Puppet Master’s black robes were tangled up with Chen Baili. As the two Class A experts fought, the water above the crystal palace churned. Chen Baili’s green flying swords circled the Puppet Master, waiting for the opportune moment to attack. The horsetail whisk in his hands got hold of the undercurrent and he attacked the Puppet Master.

Suddenly, more than ten wooden puppets flew out from the Puppet Master’s black robes. They flew towards Chen Baili.

The joints of the wooden puppets were connected, like dolls in a puppet show. They did not seem to have much destructive power.

But the next moment, Lu Shu was shocked. Red threads appeared from the arms of the puppets and headed towards Chen Baili. They were so fast that even Lu Shu could not dodge them!

The red thread was very thin. Chen Baili quickly dodged the thread. Lu Shu saw that there were many holes in Chen Baili’s Taoist robes. The red threads from the puppet dolls were very sharp!

The puppet dolls laughed and surged towards Chen Baili. They surrounded him and produced more thread. The puppet dolls stretched out their arms and held on to the red thread from their fellow dolls, creating a net to trap Chen Baili!

Chen Baili’s green swords quickly launched a counterattack. They were like bullets that cut through the web. The web was completely destroyed!

“What an insignificant skill,” Chen Baili said and laughed coldly. He threw a talisman. An ancient hero in golden armor and holding a long sword appeared in the water. The ancient warrior appeared in front of the Puppet Master in the blink of an eye!

The Puppet Master had no choice but to retreat backwards. The ancient hero’s voice was loud and clear. “I am Liu Ling. I will slay any scoundrels with my sword!”

The water was split with a slash of his long sword. Even the Puppet Master did not dare to fight the ancient hero head-on.

If the iron-clad puppet was by his side, they could work together to kill this ancient hero. But the iron-clad puppet was being held back by the 52 black armored soldiers!

The Puppet Master had planned to include that Small White Fish in his forces. The two of them would kill all the humans in this remains. But he did not expect that the Small White Fish would change sides and attack him…

The Puppet Master’s black robe flew behind. The lower hem of the black robe was cut by the ancient hero.

The Puppet Master suddenly rushed towards the main palace. The first to be affected was Lu Shu, who was in front of the gate…

Lu Shu hurriedly hid at the side. He did not plan to fight the Puppet Master head-on. When the black armored soldiers saw this, they prepared to go over and protect him. Suddenly, the iron-clad puppet let out a sudden burst of power, breaking the already distorted ripple of defense.

Without their defense, the black armored soldiers were defeated by the iron-clad puppet as easy as burning dry weeds and rotten wood. With a punch, their armor did not break, but the soldiers inside the armor were badly battered by the impact.

Lu Shu ran far away from the main palace. Chen Baili suddenly felt that this… was familiar!

The Puppet Master came to the gate of the main palace and laughed. “Small White Fish, I will kill you on behalf of our Master, you traitor!”

The next moment…

“Small White Fish! Where are you hiding!” The Puppet Master was furious. He did not see Small White Fish in the palace.

He suddenly realized that a small accident may have happened. Didn’t that black armored soldier enter the palace to report to Small White Fish? No, wait. There was something wrong with that soldier!

The Puppet Master went out and looked at Lu Shu. “You are not Small White Fish’s guard. Die!”

Lu Shu turned and ran. “Save me!”

The Deep Sea White Sand attacked the Puppet Master in an attempt to block him. The ground of the palace formed a giant stone hand that went to slap the Puppet Master. With a wave of his robes, the Puppet Master turned the giant stone hand into powder.

The iron-clad puppet tried to intercept Lu Shu. But it did not expect that the ancient hero would come to it. Chen Baili had come to protect Lu Shu too.

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